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  1. How amazing would it be if the Cubs would put a Steve Bartman cutout in his old seat
  2. every damn time he comes in I think of Father Karras' mother from The Exorcist and how she says his name.
  3. Without looking I'm like 98% positive Dietrich has his shirt off
  4. I'm not creeping outside his window so I can't today.
  5. No argument that he is captain for a reason. And although it's not fair he contracted COVID - he wasn't there for that entire stretch when they went 7-1 with spare parts (and stayed above .500) and if they didn't pull that hot start off, we aren't celebrating this morning.
  6. the problem with the "stretchy" version is that once they've attempted stretching to cover my Jupiter-sized head there's not enough 'depth' (for lack of a better term?) left and the hat either pops off or looks utterly ridiculous on me. They literally just do not make a hat that fits my head = ( I can't even wear one of the adjustable hats with the clasp thingy completely undone in the back
  7. Also, for as much as I'd love to get one of those postseason hats - they literally don't make a hat big enough to fit my head (and sadly an 8 doesn't even come remotely close lol). Not kidding. Sigh
  8. Who ya'll got for this season? I'm going with Aguilar for being there the entire season and being extremely consistent with his production. He was our big bat when it was the Miami COVIDS and he was just a key member the entire season in terms of both productivity, being a good teammate, and then saving the season last night? I got the feels for Miggy Ro and he was super positive while he was quarantined but I just feel Jesus really played his ass off all season for this team. Also, i'm a sucker for guys who clown around, whether it's in the dugout or when they do stuff like turn arou
  9. yep, i do NOT want the Padres first round. i guess i have daddy issues.
  10. to be fair, he's looked better than either Rogers or Garrett = )
  11. It'll be fascinating to see what Boras is going to ask for his clients. As you said, the days of the enormous market breaking contracts seemed to have been largely on the wane BEFORE covid hit...and now? I too see a nasty, NASTY strike and lockout looming.
  12. I also think teams are going to be very hesitant to dole out large contacts in the shadow of how this last year played out in terms of both real and potential lost revenue
  13. I don't think he'll get anywhere close to that (relatively speaking) unless he signs a much shorter contract than most of the premier UFA's sign.
  14. Good to know you're not the only one that feels like he's going to have at least one stupidly good season in his career. He certainly has the power and can hit some balls awfully damn hard WHEN he makes contact. I also feel like it wouldn't be fair to keep him on here as a backup if JT was signed as he's better than a backup catcher.
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