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  1. Isan will be signed to a long term deal
  2. now that he's cooled down they can say "well, he needs more time in the minors."
  3. but the next step would have required additional spending starting with the offseason when they were in sore need of a catcher and there were several out there. Similarily with Marte - we just get non-committal answers. I know we wanted Sanchez called up when he was red hot but it looks like they kept him down to manipulate service time to save money. Also, not signing a vet and forcing bullpen games - more money.
  4. if it includes out of market regions (or just the ability to select which region you want) i'd love that option over the piece of shit that the MLB app has become this year. I'd like to be able to see the pre and postgame wraps, etc. I actually used to get to see the postgame stuff when i had dish ages ago but unless there's a walk-off win mlb app cuts off the feed within about 30 seconds of the end of the game now lol.
  5. I don't know if it's really a deviation though because they've never really had to spend much money before this so we never got to see if they would in order to push the club. It feels to me more of a "ah, so they are cheap afterall" type of thing rather than breaking off from the norm. I'm sure you remember me being pissed off at how they handled the transition of ownership and I felt they were cheap then as well. Some things made sense, but others didn't but eventually I got on board with the rebuild/re-envisioning because they were doing things a little bit differently so whatever. This season does kinda show they are indeed cheap and unwilling to spend though. For all our sakes as fans, I really hope they aren't and it's truly a matter of being stubborn and sticking to their guns on the 5 year plan they originally drew up (being stubborn is bad too but i'll take that over cheapness).
  6. very similar to what i envisioned when i said the 5/100 would probably get it done too (slight overpayment but let's be honest they can A. afford it and B. Miami is not exactly a dream destination...yet). Solid structure on your side. I believe I said i'd prefer a 4 or even 3 year deal too - i was just saying 5/100 would get it done pretty easily without risking going to FA and if frontloaded, would make him easier to move at the tail end of the contract and also allow them more flexibility to sign some of our pitchers to extensions when tehy start getting pricier. It's all conjecture because none of us know how the FA market will shake out with the first full season without covid restrictions in stadiums, plus a (presumably) new CBA, and we also now have to worry about the Mutts with their incredibly wealthy owner who might want to take away the best player off a division rival and also be willing to overpay to do so.
  7. i ain't even gonna stress it. they beat Atlanta AGAIN! Still bitter we couldn't hold down the fort and complete that 4 game sweep last time tho lol celebrate!
  8. Are there any good catchers available this coming UFA season?
  9. Just depends if he prefers years over money I guess. It's all hypothetical and conjecture at this point anyway.
  10. I think you might be thinking of this past offseason in what he might receive and I'm trying to combine a little bit of this past offseason and a normal offseason - in addition to how much offense in general has been supressed this year - if he maintains his current pace he'll be a premier bat. Do I think 5/100 is an overpay? yes, but do i think he'll have multiple suitors lined up at 3/60? also yes - hence why i think it might take around 5/100 deal to secure him quickly (still prefer a front loaded deal so he's tradeable later on if needed) I'd be happy with a 5/100 or a 4/80 front loaded deal - they can afford it.
  11. yeah, kinda why I think 5/100 would not be an overpay for Marte - they have the money and it would lock down a spot for a few more years with a productive bat to boot. I mean you also dream of them grabbing a Freeman (highly doubt he leaves ATL though) or maybe even a Bryant but I'm not so sure about that. They have control right now with Marte though so that would be the easiest no-brainer step. With the whole Jesus Sanchez service time manipulation (for a dude who went what, 1-25??! in his brief call-up) thing though I have honestly yet to see them actually be willing to spend any money to win. They threw some into international signings and beefed up their analytics a bit but really, that just brings them up to par with other organizations. Like me, I know most of you will not quit being fans next year even if they don't resign Marte and don't spend anything on actual talent but there's at least no more excuses (the covid one was pretty thin this past offseason tbh as it was considering how cheap and perfect of a signing JT would have been) going forward. Literally, they have to put up or shut up this coming offseason. We'll know what type of owners they really are. So while I won't stop being a fan I for sure will stop wasting my time watching the bulk of the games. I'll follow the boxscores, etc. and maybe put a game on here or there if I'm bored but unless they show a serious commitment going forward I'll find something more entertaining to spend my time on until they are once again sold to someone else, hopefully someone who will spend for once. We deserve better!
  12. There's a bit of yes but also no in here. I think he's often overvalued by the fan base because he was one of the few bright spots during the shit years. Ultimately, he's not a middle bat though. He'd be great as a 6-7 type bat and I'd be thrilled to have him retained as such. His defense is better than his bat. He's another super streaky hitter and is not consistent week to week. This year, the whole team took a massive shit on the field offensively and he's been banged up so I guess we'll see how he handles it upon his return. I do NOT want them to overpay for BA though and I think Ng will let him go or move him for that reason. I'm ok with overpaying a dude like Marte a little bit but not BA.
  13. Would like to see more of Devers. He seems to be getting a little bit better each time out. Keep Isan away. Thanks.
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