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  1. to be fair he's also been squeezed with an abnormally jacked up strike zone both last year and this year. I'm not sure what's going on there but it's not just us that's noticed it. There have been tweets out there where it's been discussed. I think even Blaylock pointed it out for crying out loud. I also never saw Jazz as some dude who's gonna hit around .300 as much as I would love him to.
  2. wasn't there another tweet someone posted on one of the 17 threads we having going that basically said all of the rumored CF's are not happening for the Marlins. Who else is left as our "CF of the future"? I get the excitement over the Marte deal but other than that it's been a pretty ho-hum non-exciting deadline compared to what Mish was saying was going to happen originally. I was hoping for some new bats that would actually make me tune in to some games the rest of the season. I have a hard time getting hyped over watching a pitcher, save for a very few in my lifetime.
  3. if he turns into a decent cheap 4th OF i'll take that for Yimi. no issues there.
  4. Yeah, i haven't seen the arrogant side of him yet. Immature in some instances but not arrogant yet.
  5. out of curiosity where does Mad Monte fall on that list?
  6. I do appreciate they are basically ignoring Atlanta's request to get him back though. That's worth more than whatever it is they were offering.
  7. If I remember correctly, Stanton had a full NTC in his contract and Jeter told him he could stay in Miami and they'd have shit around him for the duration of his career or he could waive the NTC and go somewhere else and he agreed to waive it or be on a dead-end team. Would have kinda been interesting to see what would have transpired had he said nope, he wants to stay - how the new owners would have handled that year after year in terms of claiming they're trying to be competitive, etc.
  8. his shortcomings at the plate would also not be as noticeable if the lineup around him could get on at a better clip. the problem is half the lineup is like a black hole of offense. I would still hope they're not too attached to him to the point it would take some huge overpay to acquire him like they're stating with Miggy, etc.
  9. I live in AZ so I'm sure not going but I won't hate on G. I'll never forget that special month he had during his MVP season. For real I felt like a little kid again watching baseball. That was legit the best I've ever seen someone do over a month. It was utterly insane how hot he was. I can't even fathom some of the exit velocities we would've seen with the light ball they're using now. He squared everything up and it was LOUD. Such an amazing time.
  10. Wouldn't be that be a perk then in your book?
  11. I don't get the dig at white guys here - in particular since that seems to be a large part of why Aguilar is so beloved. I think it's moreso he plays a better than expected defense and is their only legit big power guy so despite obp being something like .270 he sticks around.
  12. I didn't understand why they want to keep him either. Makes zero sense to me. Dude can't get on base nearly enough for my liking and he's not gonna wanna get paid like a 4th OF on a thrifty team so what's the point
  13. So the huge exciting moves were adding a pitcher? What happened to acquiring our future CF and C or maybe both lol
  14. Who are they? Even Bender has been shitty lately
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