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  1. Didn't Mattingly nix the idea of Bleday coming up this season at all? I swear he said in Spring training that Bleday would not be up this year.
  2. and quite a few more in a Giants uniform
  3. sweeps of any team are just so damn hard to get
  4. wallach not looking like the wallach of '20
  5. i think they said McGee is on the IL actually after last night
  6. ehh that wasn't the extended one he usually has. that was just for a reaction to the vaccine. he needs to have his freak injury like usual
  7. he needs to complete his annual IL stint first
  8. Just played through Little Nightmare 2 this morning. fun game. back to this game now.
  9. Win win. Don had Pablo do that on purpose just to get wood out. Brilliant game managing
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