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  1. i'm pretty sure we all thought of it...or i'll admit that I did anyway...but kudos to you for admitting it first.
  2. Kim is also a letter shorter than Mike so you win at slothfulness there too
  3. Literally, with her resume, there was zero reason she hadn't been hired yet (outside of the sad, obvious fact). I like seeing new faces being given a change to do something as opposed to a retread hire (see: LaRussa) for a role. Pretty stoked considering they have someone with her credentials at the helm. So, who do ya'll have to be the first person to tweet/say something ignorant and then back pedal and say it was misunderstood, account hacked, etc.?
  4. this hiring in conjunction with the Dolphins also having the NFL's only black GM/Coach duo is a nice thing for S. Florida sports - no coincidence that both those teams are trending upward either. Good for them and awesome for MLB and all sports in general!
  5. the fact he apparently repeatedly kept pointing out who he is in order to get out of a DUI tells me everything i need to know about him as a human being
  6. so they typically only cover Jarrod's exploits? I guess I can understand why they wouldn't have known what a great job Donnie did this year then.
  7. literally NEITHER voted for Mattingly for first, second, OR even third place.....wow..just wow and both were from the same region.
  8. not surprising. i literally only know one person in real life outside of my immediate family who likes baseball to ANY degree. (Granted, I only know like two people but that's beside the point)
  9. but as the weather turns colder soup season is upon us
  10. "Catch our GM-less moves" doesn't really sound catchy
  11. Agree. He served his sentence. That's kinda how the system works, or is supposed to? He served the amount of time his suspension was for and became eligible again. I don't have a problem with giving someone another chance. If I was a Tigers fan I'd probably be mildly excited just because as you said, he was looked at at one of the most promising managerial minds out there before his fall from grace. I also agree with you that the LaRussa hire straight reeks of cronyism and barring some drastic life-altering experience that changed Tony's managerial style while he was taking a nap - i
  12. Wes Helms would become the new hitting coach
  13. if T-Hut became the new GM each contract would have one
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