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  1. they're going to pencil him in as the #2 starter and see how he does over a full season before they reassess in the offseason again
  2. I'd love to know who it was that created that account lol Some valid points in there for sure though. They're clearly not idiots running the organization though, and that's coming from someone who still disagrees with how Jeter handled the whole taking over the organization including some of the trades. whatever, we've moved on from that point and can't change that now. They've done an admirable job with getting the minors built up with a lot of depth but nearly all the batters seem to be replacement level MLB talent at best,and many of them are getting to be a bit long-in-the-
  3. Reddick and Bark-at-the-Park would work quite well together
  4. i'm going to side with the Rays coming out on top in this trade aside from year 1 of the trade and possibly immediately if something happens to Snell like it did with Clevinger.
  5. can't say i've ever actually seen a dog take a full bath and sit there and soak - i've seen plenty IN the bath tub but they get sprayed/hosed/washed down. maybe after a night of poker?
  6. why is "i'm going to go hop in the shower..." a thing? I tell people all the time how dangerous that is and yet every year people slip and fall in the shower. Also...baths are for bitches
  7. Side note, the Dolphins, barring some awful injuries next season, are going to be uber scary if they use most of their draft assets on the offensive side of the ball to get some actual weapons Tua can throw to. Flores, so far, has proven to be one of those rare coaches who can actually take a guy and coach him up to not just be a starter, but a good one. They'd have 10 wins probably if not for having almost nobody to throw to and having nobody who's even average at running the ball. You gotta figure they're going to take one of the premium WRs with the Texan's first round pick and maybe a du
  8. Amen. I'm a pretty die hard fan of my chosen NHL and NFL teams as well but I'll gladly admit I'm a casual NBA fan when it comes to the Pelicans.
  9. yeah, i feel your pain. for anyone who's a real fan of a team, those types of people make your skin absolutely crawl when they start acting like superfan #1. I don't know if you or anyone else reading this also comes across this but man, I probably run into this fake fandom at work the most during that idle time before a meeting when people start rambling about shit. It's even worse if you're a transplant in an area where there's another local team and let's say the Marlins just got blasted by the Dbacks the night before and Sally Hoo talks shit and you sit there and take it because you don'
  10. When I still lived in Tampa many moons ago, I was friends with this chick who had a sister that proclaimed to be a Yankees fan (this was either '98 or '99). Sensing bullshit, I decided to be bold and ask which position Jeter played and she had no clue. She eventually guessed "outfield". Casual fan might even be too strong of a compliment
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