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  1. Double plot twist, announced as Sixto and Max Meyer takes the start.
  2. but how will we know who gets homefield advantage in the 2013 Series?
  3. while I think it's better to just NOT have a season this year - if both sides truly want to play...10 games is utterly asinine to bicker over. that's not even two f**king weeks - and it'll take longer than two weeks to do any sort of counter proposal. At this point it appears as if each side just wants to "win" by making the other side blink first. What a sorry crock of shit this is overall.
  4. Yep. I remember saying something like this back in March or so on here and I know it was probably one of the few times most of ya'll agreed with me haha. Pushing for this now only potentially ruins the chances at having full, NORMAL, seasons in the years to come.
  5. Looks like the TB Lightning had to shut their down as well in addition to the Blue Jays. Florida and Arizona are blowing up with cases. Tampa's mayor just recently mandated masks to be worn indoors but people are harping about trampling of rights again. so on we go.
  6. and that's what's going to KEEP happening...the NFL is going to be a MESS if they proceed. part of me will be surprised to see them make it out of preseason games. i understand the burning desire to see sports again but man...it's just going to spread and spread and spread no matter what when you have people in locker rooms and in dugouts sitting near one another. There are tons of false negatives and a lot of people are asymptomatic so yeah, it's going to be a hot mess until someone figures out a vaccination.
  7. a 50 game season or whatever it was is stupid. I'm pretty sure players wouldn't even consider the World Series winning team to be a the true champ considering all it would take to get to the playoffs in that short of a season is one good hot streak. There's no real grind to it like a normal season. I still feel as if the players have plenty of blame in this as well though for refusing to budge off their full pro-rated salary demands when there is likely to be zero fans in the stands - I don't blame the owners one bit for not wanting to pay essentially full salaries on a per-game basis.
  8. Maybe they're limiting themselves to the number of guys who would actually be willing to sign with the Marlins?
  9. i didn't have any issues with them going all pitching in the draft. they have a ton of position players who they need to work out to see who's going to stick and who needs to go. Pitching prospects always command a premium and pitchers have a little more flexibility when it comes to not reaching their ceilings imo, a projected starter can instead become a closer or even a valuable middle innings kind of player. there's just more leeway overall with them. I still think it's a giant crock of shit that they reduced it to five rounds and then teams can sign as many guys as they want for 20k
  10. is it really a pay cut to pay only for games played though? Ignoring the further cut the owners wanted - is the initial idea of being paid a pro-rated salary really a pay cut? I know I only get paid for the time i actually work (aside from my two weeks of vacation) and i'm 100% certain there are LOTS of people like that out there in the US and beyond. Why should it be any different for baseball players? So the sliding scale for pay reduction based on current earning is the only real reduction here if you're going by games played. It still looks shitty for both sides and is going to do some s
  11. I'm wondering if that's what the ultimate result will end up being after a few seasons of baseball. Is it likely? No, but it's certainly going to be a much stronger possibility than pre-virus days. With the looming strike due to players and owners both coming across looking like greedy pigs - and honestly, i'm leaning towards the owners side here if I was forced to pick one - i'm not sold on teams, like the Marlins, Rays, etc. being able to resume and continue to attract any sort of fan base. There might be a small surge up front because baseball fans are so starved for actual non-KBO baseba
  12. weren't the results there the previous Spring as well? - and then he was putrid once the games mattered again. I almost want to say he was good the Spring before that too - but i'm not going back to dig that turd up.
  13. I'm guessing it's Conley so he can hang out with the rest of the turds.
  14. maybe Jeter can outdo Loria and tease them with hopes of a team spaceship
  15. I really like the idea of no mound visits and requiring pitching changes to be done from the dugout. I would have actually been far more in favor of that than the 3 batter minimum rule they implemented. I feel like those mound visits take up far more time overall. I'd really like to see the 3 batter min. rule removed and swapped with this one. Good luck banning spitting of seeds/tobacco lol. I mean, I get it, but good luck with that. No instant replay? I guess this would be more of an effort to speed up the pace again? I mean video guys can easily socially distance so that's the only way
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