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  1. We'll likely never know unless Marte comes out and tells us what went down behind the the scenes if they don't retain his services. But it 'feels' like it could be true based on the JT thing.
  2. Joe west for sure woulda tossed him
  3. If it is true explains a lot why they didn't bother with JT too
  4. If he really just wanted 3/40 you sign that NOW and be elated.
  5. It has been 115+ here for almost a week
  6. Maybe Pablo's velo was up because the ball wasn't sticking to his hand anymore. That would also kinda be amusing if he was using something and now by not using it it makes him even better.
  7. Why do you do this? You KNOW he reads this board for advice!
  8. if the trend continues we should win 12-0 tomorrow
  9. Rojas is just special to watch in the field man. damn.
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