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  1. kinda helps to cut down the spikes when almost everyone actually gets vaccinated
  2. that was my thought the second i heard the suspension announced. probably also why they were willing to part with a prospect as high up the rankings as they did.
  3. Brinson, so far, has shown more pop in his bat this season and last as well. Shockingly, he's turned into a guy that appears to be a solid bench guy. He can play all 3 OF positions, has some pop in his bat, can pinch run as well - De La Cruz has some seriously sexy defense and is stupid fast but so far he hasn't shown much of anything with the bat except some infield dribblers he's legged out. Brinson is also out of options after this season I think? If Cruz missile has options left I'm sure they'll keep Brinson and have Cruz start out in the minors. Maybe have JP work with both Cruz and Brinson again heavily in the offseason? Man, Brinson is so hard to trust though at the same time. We've seen how utterly awful he can be and was for many years - do you give him yet another chance since he's been trending in the right direction finally? Or do you finally wish him well and see if he gains success on another team? (if the Rays sign him we know we're wrong - if the Muts sign him then hey, we made the right call). I'm seriously in love with Cruz's defense though and he obviously has some next level speed. Overall, I guess Brinson? If Cruz starts hitting though I think Brinson is gone.
  4. It's getting close to Fall so makes sense.
  5. Alfaro is no longer a catcher. He's our future LF. Down to 2!
  6. Hey, remember when the Rockies were WAAAAAY worse than the Marlins?
  7. Yep. I'm not trying to be a negative newt about the whiffs but if it's that high in AA ball then it'll be worse at the MLB level for sure. I want Niner 2.0 to succeed as a Marlin as much as any Marlin fan would.
  8. His strikeout rate gone down at all? Obviously he can still hit the long all but it was horrendous when he first came up. His power is def legit though.
  9. Him and Acuna are probably gossipping on the phone right now.
  10. Derek Jeter has 5 gold gloves. He was a defensive wizard!
  11. You have no idea (nor do you want to know)!
  12. This will likely be my favorite comment of the day.
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