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  1. yep, this falls in line with picking up Villar during last offseason - which, still resulted in netting a decent prospect in the end despite Villar's boneheaded plays and terrible base running while up with the team.
  2. Mattingly is going to be in charge of developing players and being an Uber driver now? I guess there's more than one way to drive a point home?
  3. I thought overall Elieser made some nice strides this season as a starter to the point I didn't cringe when I saw he was starting any longer. He looked a lot better this year than previous with my 'eye test'. Hoping he recovers nicely and picks up where he left off with his progress next season.
  4. I was really hoping he'd somehow be up to bat in the 9th with two outs in game 7 in the NLCS with the tying and go ahead runs in scoring position and then whiff on some trash.
  5. I'd argue Acuna's problem is also with himself since he fancies himself as the best player on the planet that nobody can seem to get out unless they bean him (which, I mean, still doesn't get him out either so he's batting 1.000 essentially right?) Hanley kinda let the hype get into his head too which ultimately led to him being a lazy piece of shit that relied solely on talent instead of combining effort with that talent and in the end, what started as a HOF career fizzled out to garbage. Everyone is different but I do see some parallels between the two for sure. If Acuna was on
  6. yep. Sixto should definitely NOT be a lock based on his body of work. after his first few starts dudes were hitting rockets off of him and he looked hittable. I think a really good offseason conditioning program will work wonders for him by the start of next season. Would really like to see him buy into that.
  7. so maybe a hybrid between the two former players? zillion dollar talent + 10 cent head
  8. anyone else think he'll end up being another Hanley? I kinda get that vibe from him
  9. Could just buy a TiVO set up and that will resolve the rental fees for the DVR for each month. You'll have to lease the cable card from Spectrum but that's drastically cheaper than the exorbitant fees cable companies charge for renting their DVR's for each room. I save literally around $65mo by using TiVO in conjunction with my cable company to bypass those fees. TiVO set up will run you a few hundred up front but their DVRs are way better than the shit cable companies rent out.
  10. Can't really say he's coming off a down year offensively as he's never even started a full season in his entire MLB career. he had one season (2019) where he was given 300+ ab's since he came in up 2016 so he's still kinda an unknown overall. It's possible he's amazing and just needs a shot at the fulltime gig but overall he's still a bit of an unknown in terms of what you're going to get offensively.
  11. we'll never really know how good/bad Hill really is all things considered....things changed under Jeter but again, he never had full control apparently so his tenure and ultimately, his ability to broker trades, will kinda be a mystery until he goes elsewhere I guess (assuming he gets full authority in his next stop). Seemed like a super nice guy though and he certainly did a lot better once Loria was gone.
  12. i pay around 145$mo for 1000mbps internet and cable through Cox here in Phoenix. I bought my own DVR so i don't have to pay their rental fees for extra equipment.
  13. that would be one way to break a lease if they didn't have a ground level apartment
  14. I don't think a combo of any of those guys would be enough to pry Lynn away.
  15. Maaaaan if Amazon won the rights somehow and it was included with Prime? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit that would be like Christmas Pro Christmas Tip : Tell the kids Santa didn't make it through the pandemic and pocket that extra $$$
  16. I think Jazz had the best showing of the minor league bats that were called up this season tbh. He was getting absolutely victimized for awhile there by shitty umps to the point it literally impacted his numbers and he was forced to swing regularly at trash outside the zone. I really want him starting on next seasons squad as i love his defense, energy, power, and speed. I'm sure ya'll think i'm nuts but I really fell off on the Sixto love. He became incredibly hittable after that hot start and just didn't look the same. I really don't know what to make of him. You look at him
  17. I still don't understand how in the hell it's cheaper to cut the cord overall as long as you're still subscribing to one of those services, Hulu, Youtube, etc.
  18. So Acunta went 2-11 with 7k's.....domination
  19. i don't think you'll have that problem bud
  20. Yeah, offensive juggernauts at the catcher position are tough to find but he has offensive upside for sure. It's there and you can see it. He really needs work on the game calling portion though. If they aren't signing JT they really should go invest some money into finding the best possible dude to coach him up as much as possible. Of course, he could turn into one of those guys who just never figure it out (he's good enough that he'll find another team easily though) but he still does flash a nice skillset at a position that's tough to fill.
  21. I understand the frustration since we're all feeling like this series could very well be 2-0 Marlins despite what Acuna believes. I kinda thought going into it the Braves would either win in 4 or the Marlins, if they got to game 5, would win in 5....just because that's kinda been their theme this season. Both outcomes are still plausible and I still believe, if they get to game 5 they'll take the series and my God nothing would be better than winning game 5 with bases juiced, bottom of the ninth, and striking Acuna out to win the after buzzing one past his noggin on the previous pitch to end
  22. FS1 was airing some random show and it was on the MLB network which I don't get as part of my cable package. I even paid for the full season from MLB.com's site but still couldn't see it. bullshit. zero excuse. side note - I see Acuna k'd 4 times today. I guess since K's don't count we still didn't get him out?
  23. game wasn't even fucking broadcast out here. literally couldn't watch it. bullshit - not that I missed anything apparently
  24. Acuna charges the mound and suddenly the cardboard cut out that everyone thought was Gaby Sanchez actually IS Gaby Sanchez.....
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