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    a lot of stuff is more poorly made and smaller now that it used to be so. in addition additives and/or extra fillers have become more of the norm rather than using higher quality goods. not fast food but i noticed the Quaker granola bars they have now are TINY and dry compared to the size i used to have in my lunch in school. I looked up the boxes on the old ones and those are the size of the "jumbo" ones they sell now. plus, they now taste not too far removed from what I'd imagine sucking on a piece of paper would taste like.
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    Other people I've talked to over the years also fondly remember the school pizzas as well. They were well loved for sure. There were some other very craveable eats as well like these steak nuggets, which looking back, were probably similar to bite sized chicken fried steak pieces. There was this peanut butter square dessert that was amazing as well. It had the thinnest layer of chocolate on top but goddam that was some good eatin'. Kids would trade you all sorts of stuff if you were willing to pony that treasure up.
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    This was the Tampa area in the late 80's. I'm going to venture out and guess it was just some generic stuff sold to public schools.
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    I don't know if it's just one of those hazy memories of my youth but damn, my elementary school had these rectangular pizzas that were amazing. they also had these hexagon shaped ones that were "mexican pizza" (i.e. different cheese, ground beef, and taco spices). I still crave them to this day.
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    In the late 80's/early 90's there was a program called Book-It that was sponsored by Pizza Hut and that was a real treat when I was a kid because you'd get a personal pan pizza and my parents would take me out to eat at the actual restaurant - which back then was dark with dark wooden booths and red accents. Probably looked like a bordello or something tbh. Pizza Hut now? TRASH. literally would go without eating than eat a slice of any of their shit. it's just an awful, awful product overall. Just no. They even managed to screw up that stuffed crust pizza somehow. Papa John's i
  6. solid deal for both sides. if he continues progressing this will be an absolute steal of a deal for the Padres in just a couple years. If this is his peak? still a solid deal overall. I don't like super long contracts like this but that's likely how they were able to lower the overall cost per season for a guy who could end up being a top 5 player in MLB. it's a risk, but it's not like Tatis came out of nowhere, he was highly touted as a prospect and he lived up to the hype so the odds are solid this will be a solid deal barring some catastrophic injury, etc. anyway, Padres fans
  7. maybe if you didn't say it with so many u's when asking
  8. why would i have been wearing ties with them in a group? i was social distancing.
  9. Ranch sauce/dressing/slop is disgusting in any form and needs to be banished along with the monster who thought honey mustard was gross. Seriously, I've never found someone who doesn't like honey mustard in some form. Polynesian sauce from CFA is bomb but so is their sriracha sauce which tastes like a slightly spicier version of their polynesian sauce. I hate say it's spicier because saying sriracha just ain't spicy in general (more vinegary than anything) but ya'll get my drift. maybe. Does anyone remember when blue cheese was spelled bleu cheese?
  10. I've found 3 people in my entire life who think CFA is garbage. Oddly enough, I've know these people for years and only through conversation last year did I learn their dark secret. I still remember when CFA was strictly a food court joint at malls.
  11. based on what he ended up taking i think they should have offered 125/5 to bring him back to Miami maybe even 130/5 if that didn't make him bite. that combined with the extra 3% he gets back from no state income tax would have likely swayed his mind. Yeah, we'll never know if an offer was extended or not and it's not happening now so moot point at this juncture. I'm still just a bit shocked he signed for 23mil a season and not for some crazy 10-12 year deal but a very reasonable 5 year deal.
  12. Precisely. Based on that deal that he ended up with, I am irked that Miami didn't offer that or a bit more even. Offering the same would have even technically been more since Florida doesn't have have that state income tax either. I think PA does? Regardless, they flubbed that chance to really improve the club at two crucial spots - assuming they didn't try to at least match that offer and it wasn't an issue of JT just not wanting to come back here.
  13. I don't think he's (JT) is naive enough to believe Miami isn't going to be a winner anytime soon and if he wanted more money then why wouldn't he have taken the bigger contract Mish said Miami offered versus what the Philthies offered? That just doesn't make much sense tbh. Regardless, can't change it now.
  14. That's my thinking anyway. I'm still irritated JT didn't get signed because he would have filled two giant needs (lineup and handling the young pitchers). I mean maybe he just didn't want to play back in Miami? We'll likely never know but I'm thinking they just didn't make an offer tbh. Yelich and JT in the lineup with the prospects and players from the JT, Ozuna, and Stanton deals? sign me up for that. wishful thinking
  15. brother-in-law claims to be a die hard bucs fan but his "die hard" allegiance only surfaced this year for some reason.....so going for the Chiefs. I wish Brady would just go away already.
  16. they could have traded JT too and just signed him again this offseason. he got a very fair deal that wouldn't have exactly been crippling financially for any team.
  17. How did the Marlins win the Realmuto trade exactly? Sixto had very mixed results and pretty much sucked anytime he face a team the second time around. Right now, Phils clearly have the best player by quite a bit out of this deal and to have clearly the best player at a given position in all of MLB for less than 25mil a year (and not to some crazy long contract)? sounds pretty good to me. If Sixto becomes a top 20 starter in MLB then maybe this conversation can be revisited. Kinda disappointing that Fish couldn't offer 5-125. I'm hoping it was more of an issue of JT just didn't
  18. they're going to pencil him in as the #2 starter and see how he does over a full season before they reassess in the offseason again
  19. I'd love to know who it was that created that account lol Some valid points in there for sure though. They're clearly not idiots running the organization though, and that's coming from someone who still disagrees with how Jeter handled the whole taking over the organization including some of the trades. whatever, we've moved on from that point and can't change that now. They've done an admirable job with getting the minors built up with a lot of depth but nearly all the batters seem to be replacement level MLB talent at best,and many of them are getting to be a bit long-in-the-
  20. Reddick and Bark-at-the-Park would work quite well together
  21. i'm going to side with the Rays coming out on top in this trade aside from year 1 of the trade and possibly immediately if something happens to Snell like it did with Clevinger.
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