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  1. this sums up how i feel about his two starts this year too. He's looked bad. I'm kinda surprised he's been able to strike out as many as he has in limited action. His stuff just seems soo...blah.
  2. that's some hot trash...another bomb and an 8 run lead almost gone in a blink of an eye
  3. Cheers, gents. Wife finished making some grub. Go Fish.
  4. That commercial they keep airing where Pete Alonso is mic'd up and he talked to Freeman towards the end.
  5. I really hope that when Freeman retires he starts calling Braves games so they're stuck listening to that whiny voice.
  6. Man, Cervelli has hit some balls hard this year that just don't fall in.
  7. Today I am thankful that Hollandsworth wasn't around to say the phrase "monkey testosterone"
  8. I think most of us on here believe he's destined for a middle innings relief role. Which, judging by his stats, would work out pretty well.
  9. Monte Harrison : "hold my Budweiser Zero"
  10. and it's on Mattingly to recognize that shit and pull him out when he started getting hit hard
  11. man....they better take advantage of that lucky break there. and yes, time for a pitching change.
  12. I know a few parents who used to give their toddlers some vodka to calm them down if they were pitching a fit or wouldn't go to/stay in bed. Same thing when it came to teething time.
  13. there are some drinks out there that I genuinely love the flavor of such as Moscow Mules and i make my own flavored tequila that is pretty damn good. I just don't like feeling drunk so I rarely drink. i also genuinely love the flavor of some IPAs out there but again, just don't drink that often because I hate feeling inebriated.
  14. how would you though?? You're going to have to rely on my elderly sage advice.
  15. this one has zero sugar too, can O'Doul's match that claim?
  16. i keep thinking this Budweiser Zero is some sort of prank and the commercial will stop halfway through to reveal some bullshit "FULL 'MURICAN FLAVOR" thing.... what is the point of that product?
  17. if only Todd were around to tell us the answer
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