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  1. I’m assuming this is how it is in private as well then. That’s why it’s hard to trust the Marlins FO. Sherman is like this mythical figure in some cave somewhere who just hides and barely answers any questions. I want to hear some accountability on his part, instead of blaming past ownership for his own failures. Obviously, Loria and Samson were pretty terrible, never cared about the MILB system, and made quick irrational decisions that in some cases would hurt the ball club (look at trading Luis Castillo or Chris Paddack). Traded 2 young controllable pitchers for some bad rentals. But I don’t want to sit here and act like this new ownership group is all sunshine’s and rainbows. I will always support the Marlins, but in my opinion, I can tell many of my fellow Marlin fans are frustrated. This is technically fourth year of the rebuild. We all know this team should be better. Yes, COVID has altered the timeline maybe a bit, but last place in year four of this? I’m predicting soon if the ship is not steered properly by July, I could see Mattingly out. And firing Mattingly could potentially be possible PR for Jeter because a lot of people have accused him of trying to run this team like the Yankees. Idk a lot of thoughts here, but I’m very curious to see what the rest of this season, and the off-season has in store. Will the Marlins spend any meaningful money in the off-season? I saw another member said Marlins could have had Tyler Naquin for less money than Duvall, and Tyler has been better. For a low budget team like the Marlins, that’s on the analytics and scouting department by not being able to identify the right talent for that value or a little less of that value.
  2. I’m confused what Bruce Sherman’s role is in all this. Isn’t HE technically supposed to be the Loria, not Jeter? Jeter is more the Samson type I would think as far as roles are concerned.
  3. at least he is not a Hanley Ramirez type diva. Lol
  4. I know most MLB teams really only care about the training staff at the big league level, but with the amount of resources the Marlins have used to invest in these prospects, the Marlins should hire a better Minor League Training Staff. That would probably do wonders if the MILB kids were getting close to the same treatment, nutrition advice, etc. as the big leaguers. Probably unrealistic, but IMO not a bad investment to make.
  5. I completely agree. Obviously domestic violence is wrong and a man should never do that. But I do think MLB should let legal process play out. Don’t be like NFL and judge too early. If all this is true, however, and Marcell was indeed instigator, I feel 80 game suspension is appropriate. Not a career ending thing, but a stiff enough penalty to possibly deter it from happening again. Different example, but judging Ozuna for his one bad action would be like judging Jose for his one bad action the night he passed. Is that a fair comparison or is it 🍎 and 🍊?
  6. I agree Yimi got kind of lucky, but I mean isn’t Citizens Bank Park known as a Hitter’s Park? I mean maybe another stadium would have been a HR, but I mean hey at least fish won. And Yimi has been pretty good most of the season I think.
  7. I kinda like the pinstripes, but I respect your opinion. I think at the very least they are certainly outside the box. To me It’s not some cookie cutter jersey, it’s something unique. Silver Bullet made great points though that the Marlins could have designed it in a way where it paid more tribute to the Sugar Kings.
  8. Personally I love them a lot and think they are pretty cool. Thoughts?
  9. Are you looking to add to your collection at all? Do you collect other things besides jerseys? My b, I only ask cause my dad and I have a lotta baseball cards lmao. Im more of a shirt guy cause florida is so hot to wear jerseys most of the time.
  10. I mean at the end of the day, the Marlins are a business. For the record, I know damn well they are not the only team in South Florida doing that. Panthers and Heat have done similar stuff in the past. But as far as fans paying for a bundle and not getting what they expected from the bundle, that’s a bigger issue than the lack of “freebies”. That can really hurt the team image or prestige long term 😔. If fans are paying $250 for example for a ten game package, it should be exactly what it says. $250 for a ten game package, especially if that is what it is being advertised as. Essentially, I don’t want Marlins getting in trouble for advertising false info related to ticketing or otherwise to sth or individual game customers. IK the pandemic has changed the state of ticketing and events and everything else, but teams also need to be fair to their fans purchasing tickets (shareholders) as well.
  11. Random af but Congrats to Marlins Fans on leading MLB in a statistical category. Fanbase most likely to drink when team is playing poorly. Don’t let other fanbases tell you Marlins fans never lead the league in anything 😂🍺
  12. Yessir I was there tn my first indoor sporting event in a year. Crazy. I can’t wait for Marlins games in April. 🔥
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