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  1. Random af but Congrats to Marlins Fans on leading MLB in a statistical category. Fanbase most likely to drink when team is playing poorly. Don’t let other fanbases tell you Marlins fans never lead the league in anything 😂🍺
  2. Yessir I was there tn my first indoor sporting event in a year. Crazy. I can’t wait for Marlins games in April. 🔥
  3. All good lol I’m just happy the Panthers are doing well. And I want the Marlins to perform just as hot out of the gate 🔥 they can with the pitching 👍
  4. My bad just that he was let go shortly after being hired. I actually really liked the hire at the time and didn’t understand why he was fired.
  5. I would be 100% on board with this if it meant the Marlins, Inter Miami, Heat, Panther, and/or Dolphins (possibly college fb teams) would be part of a “package”. Essentially, they could start their own sports tv network and profit off that as well as other teams in the area benefiting as well 🔥
  6. Let me make this abundantly clear. I love the Marlins, but during these three years, there have been some big misses on the business side. The Chip Bowers hiring was one. Small, but still bad look. The lack of a naming rights deal is another lack of progression on the business side, in addition to the TV Deal. Now, I do believe the Marlins on the Baseball side are improving with the much stronger farm system and should be good enough this season to at least compete for a playoff spot (in my eyes). Now, I know Covid has hurt the Marlins somewhat, but if the reports of $52-65 million are true, t
  7. How would you define it? Look at the Heat. Almost always a playoff team. Never rebuilding. Isn’t that what a winning culture looks like?
  8. So two things. First on the topic of Mike Hill, I was a little surprised his contract was not renewed. However, it was said an agreement did not come to fruition because of salary. Based solely on the Marlins performance this year, Hill should get another gig. Although Mike Hill will always remain one of the bigger mysteries in South Florida sports history because he didn’t seem to have any power under the Jeter regime, but had too much power under the Loria regime. We’ll never know the full story. Second, on Derek Jeter, not all of his moves have been home runs by any stretch. I can’t speak o
  9. Would you guys do Pablo Lopez and Alfaro for someone like Rafael Devers?
  10. Why do you say that? Unless they do some crazy shit in the offseason lol. My analysis of this year is a phenomenal one. Can’t really complain that Marlins made the playoffs for first time since 2003, had first winning record since 2009, and even won a playoff series! I do expect them to contend for playoffs next year, although not sure what playoff format will be. As far as free agency, Realmuto would be nice, not counting on it. Still holding out hope on Alfaro. For what it is worth, Marcel Ozuna and Dee Gordon (buyout option) could both be free agents this winter. Maybe we try and reunite wi
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