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  1. I like the expanded playoff idea but I wouldn’t mind if they tweak it a little. For example. 6 teams in per league, bye for top 2 seeds in each first round before division series, best of five game series first round before five game division series. Or top seven teams in each league, top team in each league gets bye, 3 other five game series in each league to determine who plays in division series. I just think most people right now don’t think there is enough incentive to win as format currently stands. But if it’s six or seven playoff teams per league, I think that is better.
  2. Yea but damn gotta beat the teams who stink. This isn’t 2018 Boston. But I say if Marlins win 5-7 more games I think they can clinch a postseason spot.
  4. well, expanded postseason is likely to stay. This is huge for teams like the Marlins who constantly struggle to make the postseason. Not sure if it will be this exact same format, but I love the idea. Unfortunately, Manfred is considering keeping that garbage extra inning rule. That’s the only rule I absolutely hate. I can live with pretty much anything else, even the weird 7 inning doubleheaders.
  5. Well, Marlins lost, but at least the Heat won. Still bad loss from Marlins, especially wasting a solid start from Sandy. This isn’t 2018 Boston Red Sox. Gotta win tomorrow.
  6. I think Marlins need to get a solid bullpen piece and get one more hitter to go along with Marte. Maybe trade Urena and some other minor pieces for a decent bat like possibly Miguel Andujar who is controllable through 2024 or Ketel Marte who I believe is a Free Agent around the same time. I know Andujar plays 3B, maybe he could DH or move Anderson to RF since I’m not too impressed with our OF prospects. Marte I think is a good choice cause he can play multiple positions. Someone suggested Liam Hendricks as a bullpen piece; I think that would be a great acquisition. But Marlins need to keep Six
  7. Lol Dolphins Heat and Marlins could maybe. But that’s a stretch. Panthers I’m losing hope with. I love them, but good lord they have the second winningest NHL coach ever, a 2x Vezina Award Winner, and multiple good young pieces. And they were the biggest disappointment in the league this year. Panthers lease expires sometime this decade. I hate to say this, but I could see Panthers relocating soon if they can’t win given all the resources they currently have. At least the Marlins are locked into Marlins Park til like 2047 haha
  8. Game is on FS1 as well, but Paul and Todd are on that feed as well. Kind of surprised they don’t have another crew on that channel, although I don’t mind hearing them on FS1 lol just thought they would have a separate team.
  9. JIMMY FUCK ITS JUST HAD 40! I CALL HIM THAT BECAUSE WHEN HE SHOOTS THE BALL, HE SAYS “FUCK IT BALL GOING IN”. Sorry for the all caps just very excited. Miami is up 1-0 in the 2nd round over the one seed Milwaukee Bucks. It’s nice to see the Marlins and Heat both as legitimate championship contenders! YES I SAID IT! 🔥
  10. Of course that is huge. And his .946 OPS last year was remarkable. I agree to have Jeff’s son in the organization is great, but his potential is the aforementioned icing on the 🎂!
  11. I won’t defend Villar but I didn’t think he was THAT horrible considering what some of our hitting prospects are doing. Villar’s OPS was definitely low at .688 and his defense was definitely a liability, but led the league in steals at time of the trade. I do think it was an interesting trade, but I want to be happy cause everyone else seems happy about this deal. Getting son of Jeff Conine is great. Griffin’s OPS was .946 last year in minors that’s remarkable.
  12. This is annoying. Probably gunna lose again on the bullshit extra inning rule. You can’t blow an 8-0 lead. I understand 18 Marlins may not be available due to Covid, and I love how much fight this team is showing, but they HAD this game. Also kind of random, but Paul and Todd should be showing more emotion, saying how bad it is to blow that kind of lead. I hope I am wrong about tonight’s outcome. Marlins are still over .500 though if they lose, but they need to go back on a mini winning streak. Or Jeter needs to angrily zoom some people after the game.
  13. I’m down for Puig if he is covid free.
  14. I think the umpires behind home plate have been horrific this year to the point where I want an automated strike zone. I know some traditionalists may think it’s extreme, but I’m willing to live with that and the other rule changes this year except the extra inning garbage.
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