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  1. The problem is Marlins fans and Marlins ownership IMO look at “competence” in two totally different avenues. Fans want competence in terms of team success; ownership wants competence in terms of profit$$.
  2. JT was probably worth 15-20 mil per season for 4-5 years. That’s certainly not an overpay I don’t think.
  3. Late like the Marlins chances this season 🥁 😂 but thank you haha
  4. Tbh very hard to get behind baseball’s draft compared to basketball or football. This is one of the reasons. Also the fact these prospects won’t make an immediate impact on the pro team like Tua did with the Fins Or Tyler Herro with the Heat. I think Khalil Watson was a great pick, and it seems everyone is happy with the picks, as am I. But it would just stink to hype up a player you took then lose him possibly to college ball again. There should be a rule where once a player declares for the draft, you can’t go back into college ball. Isn’t that how March Madness and CFB works? My b just hella curious also.
  5. I think that’s a completely fair viewpoint, considering it’s year 4 of the rebuild. I would NEVER root for another team unless Marlins hypothetically relocate, which probably won’t happen in my dad’s or my lifetime, at least til the lease expires in 2045 lmao. Jeter can’t continue to hide behind the previous regime and I think most Marlins fans now realize that. And for the love of god, WHERE IS BRUCIE? 😂
  6. Not the free flow part my bad I think it’s the assigning of a parking pass to a specific license plate # that’s what I was referring to specifically. Should have been more clear my fault haha
  7. They NEED something there. Shit what about a casino if Florida legalizes sports betting? Restaurant? Maybe make it like a special all you can eat section or something? I’m sorry but that area needs to be utilized. It’s literally wasting space and 💰. I do love that the food is more spread out in terms of local type cuisine. Definitely love the Brewery. HATE the new parking procedure and entrance walkthrough at gate. But I agree the ballpark is missing that spark.
  8. At least he has that double tonight. Trying to generate some offense for the squad 😂
  9. This fucking sucks. So he may not be available til 2023 at the EARLIEST?! Jeter, or whoever the fuck has the most say on all transactions, needs to be smart this off-season/trade deadline by either resigning Marte at fair value, trading him for fair value, and also listening for offers on Aguilar as well. We need to keep stacking prospects, especially hitter prospects. I’m not convinced worth a damn about some of our hitters in the MILB. You’re telling me after 3+ years of the rebuild, your best prospect position player wise is Jazz Chisholm, a guy you had to acquire in a trade by trading one of your “surplus” of pitchers, arguably traded too good of a surplus? Now, I do want to play devil’s advocate by saying the Marlins have a top five farm system with a lot of great pitching prospects (Meyer, Sanchez, Cabrera off top of my head) but some of our better pitching prospects are more injury prone I feel like. Maybe it’s the way pitchers are being used today compared to past in terms of how they bend their arm, velocity, etc. Regardless, I forget who here said it, but he said this off-season could be the proverbial “last straw” with even the most loyal fans. While I’m not necessarily convinced of that and while it could be argued many fans jumped ship way long before this, I do believe it is fair for some Marlins fans to have concern about the team in the short and long term. Low key we still don’t know how much TV deal was? Was it less than 80 million which Jeter could have gotten through Samson at the time of sale, but didn’t sign that TV Deal because he wanted to negotiate a “higher one”? Forgive me I’m going off a little on a tangent, but respectfully, I just want the best for the Marlins in the SHORT and LONG term, not just the next game, you know? I’m sure I’m not the only fan who feels some concern regarding these points.
  10. Great insight on the comparison between Jesus Sanchez/Trevor Rogers between 2020-2021. Didn’t Jazz also have a bad 2020 and is having a much better 21?
  11. Their motto should be “fuck it, let’s party” cause that’s all FO seems to be doing during business meetings 😂
  12. Id rather create a bidding war at the deadline; wouldn’t y’all? Plus Marte is 32. Still producing but still technically not in his prime years anymore. Idk maybe I’m in the minority.
  13. I’m assuming this is how it is in private as well then. That’s why it’s hard to trust the Marlins FO. Sherman is like this mythical figure in some cave somewhere who just hides and barely answers any questions. I want to hear some accountability on his part, instead of blaming past ownership for his own failures. Obviously, Loria and Samson were pretty terrible, never cared about the MILB system, and made quick irrational decisions that in some cases would hurt the ball club (look at trading Luis Castillo or Chris Paddack). Traded 2 young controllable pitchers for some bad rentals. But I don’t want to sit here and act like this new ownership group is all sunshine’s and rainbows. I will always support the Marlins, but in my opinion, I can tell many of my fellow Marlin fans are frustrated. This is technically fourth year of the rebuild. We all know this team should be better. Yes, COVID has altered the timeline maybe a bit, but last place in year four of this? I’m predicting soon if the ship is not steered properly by July, I could see Mattingly out. And firing Mattingly could potentially be possible PR for Jeter because a lot of people have accused him of trying to run this team like the Yankees. Idk a lot of thoughts here, but I’m very curious to see what the rest of this season, and the off-season has in store. Will the Marlins spend any meaningful money in the off-season? I saw another member said Marlins could have had Tyler Naquin for less money than Duvall, and Tyler has been better. For a low budget team like the Marlins, that’s on the analytics and scouting department by not being able to identify the right talent for that value or a little less of that value.
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