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  1. I love the Marlins but Heat signed Kyle Lowry, P.J Tucker, and a Morris Bro, while Panthers also made moves this off-season in hopes of winning a Stanley Cup (Sam Reinhardt, re signed Duke). It’s also football season now. Marlins what are you doing? 🧐 and Corey Dickerson/Adam Duvall not cutting the cake 🎂 . Get Wilson Contreras. Or Correa. A ⭐️. Don’t say $$$. Every other team here makes it work.
  2. Leadership can only take Jeter so far. To be fair, what has he actually done as a positive BESIDES improve the farm system with amazing pitching depth that we as the fan base can point to as achievable success on the major league level, whether it be statistically or financially. I know some fans are not too interested in the business of sports, but it plays an integral role as the Marlins’ finances are more barren then other clubs, even with a new tv deal and naming rights deal. Marlins aren’t signing any $100-$200 million dollar contracts this winter, which is fine, but they need to make sound moves. Not including shortened 2020, in 17,18,19, and 21, Marlins didn’t do shit. Yes, players share blame, but ultimately, I believe it’s on Jeter for not establishing enough of a winning culture. I also am waiting to see when the Marlins are gunna ask the city to pay for improvements and maintenance of the stadium in the future as a “covid favor” for using the site as a testing facility/vaccination center. Just a thought. But hitters should be priority #1 in the off-season. High OBP guys for the cheap. Moneyball style if u have to. Just please have a good 162 for once 🙏🏼 If Sixto can hopefully come back at some point and we have better hitting depth with our current pitching depth, then MAYBE we can make an actual postseason push. Fair or foul? (no pun intended lol) the Mets situation is straight comedy 😂
  3. The Marlins payroll total is about $58 million according to Spotrac. I wouldn’t mind an 80 million floor at a minimum. No rebuilding designation. No waiver. Just a floor. And have the luxury tax be $190 million. No Hard Cap. Teams can pay $80 million a year, plus additional money for players and infrastructure in Minor League Baseball.
  4. This would obviously have huge implications for the Marlins and all involved. I wouldn’t mind this. A luxury tax threshold is not technically a salary cap, as teams can pay a certain amount in monetary penalties if they go over the luxury tax. This IMO promotes more competitive spending in MLB, but still keeps the idea of a free market league without a cap (still would be only league in US without a hard cap I believe). Curious to hear other opinions on this.
  5. I really like Lewis Brinson because he is a local guy who grew up watching the team. I feel like he wants to be here. And Marlins don’t have to pay him a lot. Idk I say for 22 he’s fine as a 4th OF but Starter? Not so sure. Definitely want him as the bench OF spot.
  6. So this is going to potentially be a very fascinating story. The US Department of Interior had 45 days to approve Florida’s gambling pact with the Seminole Tribe put forth by Governor De Santis. The Department of Interior sent a letter today, effectively taking no action (not approval and not denial). The state can go ahead with the pact despite the no action, but the pact is expected to face significant legal challenges in court. I am 100% for sport betting coming to Florida, I’m fine with the Seminole Tribe getting their piece of the pie, I just don’t think they should have ALL of the pie when it come to sports betting in Florida. Just my take but the main takeaway is legal sports betting in Florida seems closer to reality than fiction 🔥
  7. Imma have to agree 👍 key lime 🥧
  8. TBH we still don’t know how bad the Marlins got fucked by COVID, the true losses won’t be able to be accurately measured for years for sports teams. However, I believe the Marlins have to operate with some urgency this off-season. They need at least one outside hitter coming in. What they currently have isn’t enough. Now, granted, COVID and the upcoming CBA negotiations can change things quickly. But in the first year of a new tv deal and stadium deal, the Marlins should have no excuse not to at least spend a little bit. If they really pinch their pennies this off-season, ownership needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask “how long can we keep doing this and achieving these kind of results?”
  9. Damn just missed 5 innings but still an amazing performance! Pitching rotation possibly next year with him, Luzardo fully healthy, Sixto fully healthy, Rogers, Lopez, Sandy, plus other guys waiting like Max Meyer. Scary hours staff 😈 just need to beef 🥩 up the offense a bit. On a random note, Marlins catchers currently have the worst WRC+ of all teams in baseball, so maybe that’s why they got catching depth (Henry, Jackson) at the deadline.
  10. Their payroll is almost $100 million past the next closest team. I believe it currently stands at $290 million after the trades. 🤯
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Big G came back in 2018 to then Marlins Park. But he will probably get a standing O. Franchise’s HR leader, probably will be for awhile 😄
  12. Wait I feel the Marlins fleeced Astros and A’s so far. I don’t think the marlins GOT FLEECED to be clear. Got another controllable arm and a possible CF of the future. Now, catching!
  13. The problem is Marlins fans and Marlins ownership IMO look at “competence” in two totally different avenues. Fans want competence in terms of team success; ownership wants competence in terms of profit$$.
  14. JT was probably worth 15-20 mil per season for 4-5 years. That’s certainly not an overpay I don’t think.
  15. Late like the Marlins chances this season 🥁 😂 but thank you haha
  16. Tbh very hard to get behind baseball’s draft compared to basketball or football. This is one of the reasons. Also the fact these prospects won’t make an immediate impact on the pro team like Tua did with the Fins Or Tyler Herro with the Heat. I think Khalil Watson was a great pick, and it seems everyone is happy with the picks, as am I. But it would just stink to hype up a player you took then lose him possibly to college ball again. There should be a rule where once a player declares for the draft, you can’t go back into college ball. Isn’t that how March Madness and CFB works? My b just hella curious also.
  17. I think that’s a completely fair viewpoint, considering it’s year 4 of the rebuild. I would NEVER root for another team unless Marlins hypothetically relocate, which probably won’t happen in my dad’s or my lifetime, at least til the lease expires in 2045 lmao. Jeter can’t continue to hide behind the previous regime and I think most Marlins fans now realize that. And for the love of god, WHERE IS BRUCIE? 😂
  18. Not the free flow part my bad I think it’s the assigning of a parking pass to a specific license plate # that’s what I was referring to specifically. Should have been more clear my fault haha
  19. They NEED something there. Shit what about a casino if Florida legalizes sports betting? Restaurant? Maybe make it like a special all you can eat section or something? I’m sorry but that area needs to be utilized. It’s literally wasting space and 💰. I do love that the food is more spread out in terms of local type cuisine. Definitely love the Brewery. HATE the new parking procedure and entrance walkthrough at gate. But I agree the ballpark is missing that spark.
  20. At least he has that double tonight. Trying to generate some offense for the squad 😂
  21. This fucking sucks. So he may not be available til 2023 at the EARLIEST?! Jeter, or whoever the fuck has the most say on all transactions, needs to be smart this off-season/trade deadline by either resigning Marte at fair value, trading him for fair value, and also listening for offers on Aguilar as well. We need to keep stacking prospects, especially hitter prospects. I’m not convinced worth a damn about some of our hitters in the MILB. You’re telling me after 3+ years of the rebuild, your best prospect position player wise is Jazz Chisholm, a guy you had to acquire in a trade by trading one of your “surplus” of pitchers, arguably traded too good of a surplus? Now, I do want to play devil’s advocate by saying the Marlins have a top five farm system with a lot of great pitching prospects (Meyer, Sanchez, Cabrera off top of my head) but some of our better pitching prospects are more injury prone I feel like. Maybe it’s the way pitchers are being used today compared to past in terms of how they bend their arm, velocity, etc. Regardless, I forget who here said it, but he said this off-season could be the proverbial “last straw” with even the most loyal fans. While I’m not necessarily convinced of that and while it could be argued many fans jumped ship way long before this, I do believe it is fair for some Marlins fans to have concern about the team in the short and long term. Low key we still don’t know how much TV deal was? Was it less than 80 million which Jeter could have gotten through Samson at the time of sale, but didn’t sign that TV Deal because he wanted to negotiate a “higher one”? Forgive me I’m going off a little on a tangent, but respectfully, I just want the best for the Marlins in the SHORT and LONG term, not just the next game, you know? I’m sure I’m not the only fan who feels some concern regarding these points.
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