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  1. Who knew Bristol, Connecticuit had gangs? ESPN be living that thuglife.
  2. StantonisKing


    I was in the car with my mom when she hit a dog once. 8 or 9 at night on a pitchblack road in NM. I guess it was smelling something and managed to look up at the car right before it happened. Horrible feeling. My mom's second husband, who is a disgrace of a human being, asked her if she "said a prayer.. after all, she did kill something." What a dick.
  3. For a guy who is under investigation for murder and allegedly shot another man in the face, he is doing everything right. Destroy home security system? Check. Hand over a smashed cell phone to the authorities? Check. Hire house keepers to scrub your mansion? Check. Even Rae Carruth would think this guy is a moron.
  4. See? Not everyone walked out early. Seeing them running back towards the arena and the door being slammed shut on them was hilarious.
  5. Wilbon/Magic: Spurs choked. Bayless on Twitter: Refs gave Heat the game. How is he considered an analysts? Dude is nothing more than a homer/troll. Skip Bayless has a sad life. I compare him to Nancy Grace. Both of them try to make themselves bigger than the show by acting ridiculous.
  6. Wilbon/Magic: Spurs choked. Bayless on Twitter: Refs gave Heat the game. How is he considered an analysts? Dude is nothing more than a homer/troll.
  7. I didn't know Mookie Wilson was his stepfather and uncle. That's some complicated s**t.
  8. I'm sick of Danny f**king Green. And if not even LeBron can stop Parker, we're screwed Don't know why Spoelstra hasn't tried zone defense yet. They can't beat us with the three anymore than they already are. Chalmers and Cole havn't done squat lately, Miller hasn't done squat since being named a starter. Wouldn't mind if Spoelstra gave Allen a chance to start with the way he played tonight. This is Skip Bayless' wet dream.
  9. Went to the FSL All-Star game on Saturday. The one guy of ours I was really impressed with was Nick Wittgren, he came in to pitch in the 9th inning up 8-1 and struck out his first two batters(one of whom was Javier Baez of the Cubs, who is going to be a monster). The third batter made good contact but Galloway tracked the ball and made the final out just short of the warning track. I was disappointed by Nicolino. He was pretty wild. In his 1 inning he allowed a double by Yankee prospect Gary Sanchez, who eventually scored, had a wild pitch, and threw 1 or 2 pitches in the dirt for balls that the catcher was able to block. No radar in the stadium so no way of telling how hard he was throwing. Barnes only caught. I didn't even know he was in until I heard "defensive replacement for Austin Barnes..." I was pretty bummed, wanted to see what he could do at the plate. DeSclafani had a K and allowed a double to Baez in his 1 inning. Did I mention how much of a freak Baez is? My mom and brother don't watch baseball and even they were saying how they want to follow him. Galloway went 1-5 with a K. He singled and reached on an error when the infielder tried to barehand a bouncing grounder and dropped it. A couple of times he made solid contact.
  10. With the new bats they use in college, I've heard announcers say guys with 6 homeruns have solid power. For Moran to hit 13 is actually pretty good. The 31 by Bryant is just freakish.
  11. Yelich, Stanton, Moran, Ozuna in the same lineup sometime next year. *drools*
  12. C: Brantly/Barnes 1B: Morrison 2B: Dietrich SS: Hechevarria 3B: Moran LF: Ozuna CF: Yelich RF: Stanton That looks like a really nice core (minus Hechavarria). 3B through RF is dirty.
  13. 8-year old getting $100 for hitting a homerun. lol sad. Our grandma paid us if we hit one. $100 though? I could see $5 or $10, but a $100? That's a little over the top when you're 8.
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