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  1. Marlins hire Gary Denbo

    No so he'll fit right in start in right.
  2. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    I've been away for a few days but just finished reading through all 8 pages. Along the way there were probably a good 5-6 posts I wanted to quote, but I'll save everyone the annoyance and just say a couple things. First off, I'm 100% convinced Stanton will be moved. If they were planning on keeping him they would have flat out said, "the 2017 NL MVP is not going anywhere. We have zero interest in moving him." Financially, it makes no sense to keep him on with the team but I'm also convinced that Jeter and Sherman are idiots and don't understand how fragile the remaining fanbase really is in Miami. They've seen literally every big name player in his prime shipped off either in his prime or just before his prime. Nobody else on the team is a fan draw. And although Stanton is only 1/3 of that insanely talented outfield, nobody is showing up to games to see Yelich or Ozuna. So yeah, they either already have it in their heads that Stanton will be gone or they're going to be shady and make the team around him so miserable that he wants to go and they'll basically force him into demanding a trade. I don't blame G one bit if he ends up wanting to go. I'd be tired of losing too and to start all over in my prime years? yeah, no thanks. Second, I have zero confidence in people that only hire from what they know and don't bother asking around and doing some actual research. Sorry, but the Yankees front office is not the end-all be-all of existence. Pilfering almost exclusively from there is like trading only with the Padres all season and will net you about the same level of success. If you have no experience and you truly want to make your mark you need to be a bit more bold with your choices. BUST YOUR ASS. Do the dirt digging, find some real diamonds in the rough. Look towards the future. I don't want a whole scouting department filled with people that would've voted for Jeter to win all those gold gloves because "he's a gamer who passes the eye test". There's usually a reason why the retreads are always available. They know how to operate a machine but they couldn't tell you how it really works. Finally, someone made a post about how they don't understand why we'd stop being fans now if we stayed through the Loria years but the new group came and dumped salaries to give it a shot doing it their way. To this I say that we've stayed fans through the Loria years because we inherently believed that almost anyone would be better than Loria. For the longest time now people were correctly assuming he'd sell after the ASG was in Miami this year - and those people were correct. We believed that better days were coming. We'd get a new owner with a real passion - certainly MLB wouldn't allow another team to be sold to a person with shallow pockets (relatively speaking), right? Then this comes along and MLB goes ga-ga over having Jeter in the front office as if he's in his prime and somehow because he always won at life he'll win at this too. There have been literally zero things said by this group that doesn't scream of nickel and dime, whether it's wrapped in thinly veiled fluff, or outright ominous, that makes the longtime fan truly believe things are going to get better. Our light at the end of that long dark tunnel does indeed to appear to have been an oncoming subway car. For some of us, I'm sure that means we're just going to stand there and let it run us over and finally kill whatever thin sliver of hope we once held. 14 years since we got to see a playoff team and from the sound of it, that is going to stretch to at least 20 years, with the next 2 -3 years being utterly miserable. "Starting in RF and leading off for your 2018 Marlins, Ichiro....."
  3. Ozuna in Taiwan

    That's cool, from everything I've ever read or heard about "The Big Bear", he's a class act and super friendly guy.
  4. it'll likely be a lot of fluff and "we're going to really assess our group of guys and start planning for sustainable success going forward. Currently the financial structure is unsustainable so there will be some tough decisions that will have to be made. (insert some buzz words here). Now, lets look at Jeter as he poses for the camera and makes fans forget all about the massive firesale coming. The firesale will be run by none other than legendary Padres GM, Michael Hill so we can then fire him and make him take the blame as the 14 remaining fans bring pitchforks and torches to the park. In other news, Stanton and Ozuna have been traded to the Yankees for a new 5th ave. condo for Mr. Jeter."
  5. Don wants to stay even if there's a firesale

    well, good to know they won't be using those overpriced Keurig machines then with their wasteful plastic pods and shitty stale coffee.
  6. 2017-2018 Miami Dolphins Thread

    Cutler is garbage. I would have rather had Moore under center this season. waste of $$ to have Jay in there. that defense is atrocious.
  7. the offense doesn't suck. this offense is playoff-caliber - only the Cubs, Dbacks, Rockies, and Nats have score more runs i the NL. i'd have zero issues going into a playoff series with their lineup. When, as a team you average nearly 5 runs a game over the course of the season (4.8 per game) and you still can't crack .500 - that speaks volumes to how atrocious the pitching is on this team. as much as I would want to, i couldn't start supporting a different team if they did another firesale. i just can't rewire myself like that. I'd so desperately want to finally latch onto a GOOD team that is a contender year-to-year but yeah...just couldn't do it. my heart wouldn't be in it at all. I will likely watch far fewer games next year though if they blow up the whole roster.
  8. Who's gone before Opening Day 2018?

    It wouldn't be because they want to keep him, they'd still have to find a trade partner who would take on that monster of a contract. Stanton, finally having a season that semi-justifies that contract should help in that regard but it's still a ton of owed $$$. They'd get pennies on the dollar in return value too because they sure as shit don't sound like the type to send money in order to get better prospects. Red Sox maybe would pull that trigger? Dunno. Stanton's only issue is the contract because there just aren't that many teams that can take it on (including the one he plays for).
  9. Chen Done for 2017 and 2018?

    yeah this shit should have been done a LONG time ago. I'm pretty sure everyone here knew surgery was the only option on the table. What a POS.
  10. Sherman-Jeter ownership close to being approved

    i could see Jeter blowing shit up (Sherman listening because he has zero baseball experience and since Jeter played he must know everything) and then saying, "wow, this job is hard and this sucks" then cutting his losses and leaving the team even worse off. I dunno, it's really hard to be optimistic because of the red flags everywhere - that, combined with a history of flat out shitty luck and bad management have most Marlins fans jaded and leaning towards hardline pessimism at every turn. We're a hyper-sensitive lot with all the shit we've dealt with by being fans of this team throughout the years. Easier to see the bad than any good I guess.
  11. 9/24 - Marlins at Snakes

    Rodney looking like a 2016 Padre
  12. Guys who I believe the new group will jettison via shit trades to shed salary and will not be in uniform for the Fish on opening day: Ozuna Dietrich Gordon Yelich - I'm thinking he'll be included in a deal to dump one of the horrid contracts they're saddled with. Prado - This won't hurt as much as we thought it would at the start of the season Realmuto - see:Yelich I'm actually thinking they'll convince Ichiro to come back and he'll be leading off once Gordon is shipped off.
  13. 9/24 - Marlins at Snakes

    i'm here but it's not much fun when the threads aren't active. Also, I hate Ziegler.
  14. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    Jeter is waiting to see what the Padres would offer for Hill.
  15. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    on one hand it's darkly funny that we're bitching about some guys that did nothing to contribute to the team's day to day operations - that said, the part where he made Samson do it is shitty because that's just a flat-out dick move. I get the whole wanting to clean house (although he must love Michael Hill for some reason). I'm more concerned here that they cut these guys to save whatever $$ they could, even if it's only enough to pay the per diems for a single road trip. I'm picturing Jeter sitting on an iron throne replica in his office once he finally moves in for good. Sigh...how sad is it that Huizenga was the best owner we've had?