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  1. hovertical

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    I wonder how many fewer people watched the games on TV this year?
  2. hovertical

    Will the Marlins be worse in 2019?

    I expect about the same give or take 3-5 W/L.
  3. hovertical

    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    New unis in 2020 would be in line with a new manager as well since The Don's contract is up after 2019 right? Would I be out of line by suggesting a new GM as well?
  4. Sounds like he'd prefer to get someone else but doesn't want to be paying 2 managerial salaries.
  5. hovertical

    Elegy for '18 - Miami Marlins

    third time's a charm maybe?
  6. hovertical

    Is the 2018 team worse than the 1998 team?

    they're both pretty equal. it's hard to compare the two because we KNOW how a bunch of guys from that season turned out when we don't know what will happen with this season. I went back and took a peek at the stats from that year though and the offense certainly seemed as it was a bit more entertaining to watch than this singles-built juggernaut they've assembled. Again though, both seasons were garbage fires. I don't "favor" one over the other really.
  7. hovertical

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    101 losses
  8. hovertical

    Henry Cavill will leave Warner' DC Universe

    I believe Wonder Woman was aided by having Wonder Woman be an impossibly hot chick. Just my 0.02 Sir. Their movies just don't have an "edge" I guess? There's very little humor and the characters just seem so wooden and stoic for the most part - not a recipe for success in the modern world of movie cinema.
  9. hovertical

    Henry Cavill will leave Warner' DC Universe

    this is so true. DC (outside of Nolan's Batman) is hot trash.
  10. hovertical


    i full expect claw to announce TJ surgery is needed or some other horrendous injury considering his utter collapse. Maybe he can take some tips from Chen and avoid TJ surgery.
  11. hovertical

    *Far Out* Draft Talk

    Twiner or Twinner?
  12. hovertical

    Marlins clinch October baseball

    Somehow playing a game in October would truly be the cherry on the season.
  13. hovertical

    Comunidad 305

    It's no worse than you thinking it's always a good idea to just keep trying something new for the sake of trying something new. Part of me believes that had Loria done the same thing you wouldn't have been so open to the idea because it wasn't Jeter and Co. I also said that I didn't think it was a horrible idea for the most part (aside from the country segregation - this ain't the WBC), but you wanted instead decided to hone in on a "negative" comment and just say it's stupid.
  14. hovertical

    Marlins Man signing one day contract with team

    I give props to this dude. That's the perfect way to eff with the people that made you mad and they can't do a damned thing about it. This is hilarious. Imagine having your worst enemy having to smile and put on a show knowing that they're boiling mad over it (or at least seriously irritated) inside - and all for your benefit. Ha. Great stuff!

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