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  1. Marlins practicing analytics?

    but will Maybin rip his shirt off if he makes a great play?
  2. Justin Nicolino: Trying to no longer suck

    nothing wrong with pitching to contact, except when that contact consistently yields high impact balls in play or over the fences. He'll be atrocious this year too, or, in other words, our #3
  3. The Wog's Bold Prediction

    I hope so, i never read he had to wear contacts or glasses.
  4. Maybin scratched with Achilles tightness

    Oddly enough, we have no chance of winning the World Series with him either.
  5. anyone want to see what the BABIP% was for that one stretch? I'm wondering if he just had a fluke stretch where hits just fell in at a much higher clip than usual. Regardless, lots of players just have that one stretch that tantalizes the fanbase and then mostly sucks thereafter. Lomo shocked me more than Hermida but he wasn't as hyped as Hermida was which is why Hermida will always be my #1 failure in terms of not reaching their potential.
  6. it was him and G in the minors and there was quite a bit of debate about who would end up being the better player overall because Lomo did have such an advanced approach at the plate for a young dude. That attempt at the power increase really wrecked his career because he was never the same after he started to swing for the fences. Hermida will always be the ultimate "AAAA" player though for the Marlins.
  7. Starting Shortstop

    I think they're a wash overall. Riddle has a better bat and Rojas has a better glove.
  8. Rays sign new TV Deal

    This is such a crock of shit - anyone who lives in the Tampa Bay area (whether you're on the Tampa or St. Pete side of the bay) is a moron if they think it's some horrendous measure to get to the ballpark. That ballpark is literally the easiest park to get to/from from anywhere in the bay area. There's virtually no traffic going towards the games in the evening because rush hour is headed the opposite way. You see the stadium and take the exit and boom, you're there. The stadium itself is an eyesore but in terms of location I'd gladly go there versus a downtown Tampa site. Plus, downtown St. Pete is WAAAAAAY more entertaining and filled with culture compared to Tampa which is an utter shithole. I lived in the Tampa Bay area for 25 years and people just like having an excuse why they aren't going. Same shit as with the Marlins stadium when all the people liked blaming it on Joe Robbie/Sun Life or whatever the eff it was last called.
  9. Tim Lincecum

    waste of time - he's not going to be a part of the future of this club that is in the midst of a rebuild so why spend money on someone who is likely to be trash when you could not spend money and still get the same result?
  10. Jeter on fan reaction so far

  11. Corey Dickerson

    Dickerson would almost make too much cents for the Marlins to acquire
  12. Mini Piazza

    He wasn't one of those people that stand up immediately and jockey for position (the first row kinda has that by default anyway) but i don't get why he'd wear headphones the entire flight and then decide it's best to not use them the moment he has the chance to talk to someone if he wants to do so via skype. On the flight over some asshole was playing some shitty card game and then slots game at full volume the ENTIRE flight outside of when he got up to take a leak/shit himself. Always kills me when someone in either the "Greatest Generation" or a member of the "Baby Boomer" generation acts like a prick but then has the gall to bitch and moan about how rude the "kids" are. In my experience, and I live right next to Sun City so I'm constantly around members of both of those generations, members of those generations are far more rude, discourteous, and display a strong sense of entitlement FAR more often than any of the generations since then.
  13. Captain's Camp

  14. Mini Piazza

    Sat next to Mike Piazza's nephew (also named Mike Piazza - currently an Angels prospect) on the plane ride into Phoenix yesterday. When the stewardess found out who he was she asked if the elder Mike Piazza was still playing and he said, "uhh no, he's in the HOF now". He's also one of those people that the second we landed and they said you could turn your cell phone back on he was on Skype with his wife on speaker phone with full volume going so we could all take part in the conversation. I decided to put this on the Marlins board since his uncle did hit that triple back in the day.
  15. 4 bobblehead games planned in 2018

    so there's no player bobbleheads this season eh? Guess that's smart considering anything of value will be jettisoned at some point = ) i would not be surprised to see the superhero bobblehead to be Jeter wearing a cape or something along those lines. where's hand sanitizer night?