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  1. hovertical

    2018-2019 Off-Season Thread

    cheap offense for the lineup. i'd gladly accept Bour back on the team - but I don't see him signing with Miami.
  2. hovertical

    Scott Boras being a jerk for no good reason

    i read between the lines
  3. hovertical

    Scott Boras being a jerk for no good reason

    those were kinda clever and amusing actually. 7 out of 10.
  4. hovertical

    Realmuto's agent says JT will not sign extension

    I don't see him playing another season in this anemic lineup as providing a "boost" to his value. I'm 100% confident his value will not be any higher than it is right now. Again - would prefer the offer him a frontloaded contract with some extra $$ tossed in there. I would call his bluff and say that if he received an offer that was clearly an overpayment then he'd sign with very little pushback and we'd hear all sorts of "JT's heart was always here - he was just frustrated, etc. blah blah blah" - any cliche you want to use.
  5. hovertical

    Realmuto's agent says JT will not sign extension

    When there were rumblings last season that JT wanted out I wish they had moved him instead of Yelich since the shelf life is generally shorter on that position and his value drops significantly at 1B. That said, I really hate the idea of Hill brokering another trade so I'd like to see an overpay for JT at this point. With revenue sharing and as cheap as they've been they have the money to do it and I call BS if JT wouldn't taken an overpayment on a deal. They snagged the #1 international free agent so make a statement and keep your lone "big name". I would want to see a front loaded deal though. I would absolutely LOVE to see a front loaded deal so that when he starts winding down and needing more days over at first a trade won't be nearly as hard because he'll be on the back end of that contract and a lower cost. Helps the team on the field and with the fan base by keeping him now - and helps the team later on down the road by possibly still being a trade chip to bring in his replacement, etc.
  6. hovertical

    "The Club": Diamond Club Renovations

    too cheap to keep the word "diamond" in there - amirite?
  7. hovertical

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    Salty was actually a pretty astute signing that offseason in terms of value - he just absolutely sucked once he started playing. I was pretty excited about bringing Chen on board too but he has really been an anchor (and not in a good way). I do believe I'm going to go with Heath Bell. I hated that signing then and it turned out exactly as i thought.
  8. hovertical

    Joe Girardi?

    I'm not saying he was like Chen at the plate. Jose was still a far superior batter is all I'm saying.
  9. hovertical

    Joe Girardi?

    I'd agree to the fact that pitching-wise they were both about the same in terms of peak performance. Jose was the more exciting player of the two simply because of his personality and love of the game - Jose could also actually bat. Pitching-wise though? Yeah 1a and 1b right there.
  10. hovertical

    Marlins officially sign Mesa brothers

    Claw was already traded bud.
  11. hovertical

    Press conference scheduled for Monday at 11 AM

    is there any money left over to sign some of the lower priced guys? Not complaining if there isn't - just wondering if there is. Thank God someone finally invested into the international draft. They still have a long way to go to make up for dumping Yelich though. Here's hoping that they don 't suck like Brinson does. At least VV is a bit younger (i think they said he just turned 22 sometime this Summer?) so he has a bit more time to prove himself.
  12. hovertical

    New Logo Coming

    I would have given you props for this but it's really Spector that needs the up vote. I am torn. In my great generosity I will give you a virtual fist bump as a compromise.
  13. hovertical

    New Logo Coming

    Really proud of you that you didn't make Samson announce this.
  14. Yes, please come back next month.
  15. hovertical

    New Logo Coming

    Since i'm going to bot bother reading all 32 pages of comments - I'm just going to say I really liked the Father's day unis they wore in 2017. I made it as far as the image of those fuggin' hideous mets blue Miami Marlins unis from the 50's and just jumped to the last page.

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