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  1. hovertical

    Stottlemyre pleased with pitching staff

    Here's hoping
  2. hovertical

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Hill was probably told they'd also receive 250k in cash and was so excited he didn't pay attention to how that money was to be applied to the deal.
  3. Firesales are also not something the Orioles have done to their fans over and over again like the Marlins have done in the past, and possibly again in the future. So they're going to get the benefit of the doubt in instances like this. Also, the return from the trades last year was atrocious when you consider the talent that left the team in the process of doing those trades. Marlins deserve any dirt they get thrown at them until they can prove they can be trusted to not repeatedly blow up their teams. I know, we disagree, but that's how I see the logic behind the difference in these fake ratings.
  4. hovertical

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    cut off the arm and graft a cannon
  5. hovertical

    Future Marlins Offseason speculation thread

    Man I hope this actually drives the FA market down in the future (although Trout will basically get the GDP of a few nations in the process). Let the players union cry all they want. Getting really tired of the whole "super teams" trend in recent years (especially in the NBA..ugh).
  6. hovertical

    Sam Miller ESPN Article

    Yeah, it's definitely old news but it's still semi-relevant and makes a point that the new group didn't try anything different other than dump the bulk of the players to save money - and it was a dump, when Gordon, Yelich, Stanton, Ozuna are traded away and you don't get a single top 100 pick back from all of that? yeah, that's about as big of a dump as possible just to save money. They had a few other options such as keeping a couple of those guys on the team (since none of them were part of the same trade package) and invested in the International draft, they also could have agreed to at least take on some of the contracts in order to net better prospects and hasten the whole rebuild. A year+ later and they finally have a single top 100 prospect after adding Realmuto to that list of dudes that were sent packing. So yeah, the article ain't nothing new, but neither have are the results really, so I feel it's pretty fair at this point. But anyhoo, JT was the last name left on the team. Hopefully they manage to strike gold along the way and absolutely nail a couple drafts and luck out with their picks really shining. At least Sixto is a cool name.
  7. hovertical

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    can we just give Sixto his TJ surgery now and get it over with?
  8. hovertical

    Curtis Granderson signs

    I know nobody on this board thinks it's a good lineup, including yourself. And i'll give you that the lineup has MLB players in it - but it's like the bad news bears version of MLB players. There's several guys on there that will either be injured within the first few weeks or have zero business being in the bigs.
  9. hovertical

    Curtis Granderson signs

    I'm going to shockingly, but respectfully, disagree with you there. That lineup reeks of struggling to score even 3 runs a game.
  10. hovertical

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    so @SonOfJack and @SilverBullet, if they do end up moving JT for Barnhart, India and some throw-in - would either of you seriously begin to doubt the ability of the new group to run the franchise successfully? I'm not trying to be an ass and I'm not being snide or snarky - I'm genuinely interested how your perception would change, if at all. @Michael, if you'd like to chime in I'd welcome your thoughts too. You 3 have been the biggest supporters of the direction the team has taken since the new ownership group took the reigns so if they butcher this trade (coupled with the Yelich one) I'm honestly inquiring if you'd really sour on the new group or just be annoyed but still firm believers in the direction they're headed.
  11. hovertical

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    this is who we need to acquire. it says he's a STAR right there and so far I haven't heard any rumors about other teams trying to acquire him. totally undiscovered gem.
  12. hovertical

    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    sure..Tatis+ would get it done lol Tatis straight up would probably get it done sigh....i think i've lost my last few strands of hair
  13. hovertical

    Tayron doesn't understand 80s Night

    when your major exports are coffee and cocaine - they're probably still dressing like this down there.
  14. hovertical

    Jack Mckeon

    this is an awful lot of unprotected sex