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  1. hovertical

    Pablo Lopez

    given up 1 ER in 32 IP and he's 0-2 lololol
  2. hovertical


    i wonder what term they'll come up for this if this ever catches on. it's not really a "start" since they don't go long enough to qualify for the W - and it's certainly not a Save either....."Romo had 37 Firsts this year" sounds idiotic but players are going to want something catchy to capture their specific contributions.
  3. hovertical

    Greg Cote challenges Jeter to spend on Realmuto and Machado

    yep, if Stanton didn't put people in there last year then Machado sure as shit ain't going to put more people in the seats. For all his faults, Stanton is a more "exciting" player for the casual fan to get hyped up over because there just aren't many who have ever been able to do what he does - (insert 5k's joke here) hit nearly 500ft blasts.
  4. hovertical

    Greg Cote challenges Jeter to spend on Realmuto and Machado

    frontload JT's contract - a player will sign if you offer an overpayment. They'd be foolish not to. I would like to see Machado just because I would consider actually watching games again as the offense would get a slight boost and it wouldn't be a flaming pile of shit night in and night out - but it makes no sense to go all-in on a stupidly expensive player at this point when it would do nothing except move you further down the draft board. Machado ain't putting any more fans in the stands.
  5. hovertical


    if they can put out mock drafts for 2019 then it's never too soon to make comparisons. Right now, a high level of success in AAA and being a useless POS in the bigs equates to a Hermida comparison. It's a fair comparison to make - also fair would be is that if he were hitting at Hermida's level we'd all be a lot happier because his defense is much better than Hermida's. I'm not saying he'll end up being a clone of Hermida but it's a viable comparison to make right now, the "AAAA" player.
  6. hovertical


    lazy staff can't be bothered to check the other boards apparently = )
  7. hovertical


    Hermida 2.0? actually, I think we'd all be overjoyed if he was playing at Hermida's level
  8. hovertical

    25th Anniversary Caps

    The teal one is ok. My head is too big for hats anyway - I've literally never found a single hat that fits my head in my lifetime. one size fits all, sized, etc. doesn't matter. I even went to Lids in the mall and they measured my head and said they don't go up that large so it wouldn't be able to be ordered even. Sigh. I probably have a good 20 hats laying around in the closet though from all those Pledge Packs.
  9. hovertical

    Bigger Bust?

    this is a thread I can get behind
  10. hovertical


    i just came on here to post the same thing. I took get the following message:
  11. hovertical

    Jose Fernandez's family upset with Jeter/Marlins

    yeah, enough has been done for Jose. People do seem to forget the circumstances surrounding his death too - I'm not taking some holier-than-thou stance here because i did monumentally stupid shit when I was young too and I can't even fathom having the kind of access and money at that age that Jose did - but it is what it is, and it was mostly his fault that multiple people died. I'm not going to ever argue that he was an amazing player and personality but enshrining his locker is a bit much. What purpose would that serve other than to remind the remaining players of that painful event? The Marlins have done way more than enough to immortalize Jose. Maybe his mom would like the HR Statue as compensation?
  12. hovertical

    Bigger Bust?

    i thought this would be about tits too - far more entertaining than anything 2018 Marlins related
  13. It's also easy to sit here and say "oh in 5 years when the kids have developed they'll be contenders" - that's not guaranteed either and when the 5 years is up and they're still shitty and still have a trash product with zero entertainment factor, as they do this year, are you going to then say "give them another 5 years? but hey, at least we have minor league depth!" Even if their roster reaches a level of competitiveness to where they are a couple pieces away from being legit contenders - do you HONESTLY believe that Sherman and Jeter are going to dole out whatever UFA's are set to make that year to try and obtain those pieces - especially with the insane prices they'll be sure to fetch 5 years from now? I sure as shit don't see them doing that when the already pathetic attendance continues to dwindle even more without a single reason to go to a game the next few seasons despite Derek's projections. That's what most people seem to keep pushing aside here - the Marlins biggest issue has been their inability to draw people to games which limits their ability to keep their own talent and continues this cycle of shit/mediocre seasons. Last year's team had an exciting and YOUNG offense. It's not the diehard idiots like us who blindly follow the team no matter how much they hurt us that funds the baseball team - it's the casual fan who knows little beyond what they see as a headline. Those are the people who like to have the big parties and bring their idiot friends who just spend half the game staring at their phones and posting they're at the game but nontheless drink like heathens and spend money because it's an "event". Sherman and Jeter took any hope away of the Marlins being something worth going to for a casual fan. Those casual fans? You know what they saw? They saw the NL MVP being traded away to our new owner's former team. They saw the best OF last season being swapped out for no-names. They saw a gold glove, speedy, batting champ being jettisoned. The casual fan doesn't know/care jack shit about prospects. The casual fan isn't going to say "oh i'm going to wait 5 years and then maybe they'll be decent again because I understand this is the proper way to go about it." The Marlins aren't like other teams such as the Cubs or Astroes with the extreme attendance woes with a completely distrustful community due to a shoddy ownership group. And if Jeter and Sherman truly did want to tear down the team then they could have at least taken some of the money on in order to get better effing prospects than the piles of shit that are out there now (and don't even get me started on leaving Brinson on the big league roster). I would have loved to have seen them come in, tear down the stupid HR statue, and invest in the team a bit to generate some goodwill in a community that has been waiting a long time for even a glimmer of hope. Nope. Just wait another 5 years. We might be worth watching by then. Maybe? If not, then just keep waiting. We'll get there eventually!
  14. "All they need is to gut the lineup and wait 5 years and magically the losing roster will turn into a winner!"
  15. i prefer to have a team I can actually enjoy watching and not have to wait years on the blind hope they'll ever get better. Moreso, I prefer to have an ownership group that would intelligent enough to actually come in and understand how fragile the fanbase was after Loria's clown show and not just do more of the same shit he did.