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  1. Hooray! The Marlins are boring af to watch but they sure know how to grind day in and day out. Three cheers for team that's not going to sniff the playoffs but isn't bad enough to get a top 3 pick either and still has a shitty farm system.
  2. hovertical

    2020 or 2022

    no one is rooting for them to lose and nobody is tanking the season (except ownership) on purpose.
  3. hovertical

    2020 or 2022

    winning THE series? yes. winning A series? no. they had a streak where they won a few series in a row earlier this season and nobody really cared too much - or at least showed much enthusiasm on here. People were pleased about the wins, and you should be, but excited? Nah. Nobody came across as being excited over winning some games. Just like nobody is on here getting all up in arms over losing 3 straight to the Natinals. It doesn't mean anything this season - it's expected they lose, and lose a lot.
  4. hovertical

    2020 or 2022

    I think "making a big deal of it" is a bit of hyperbole on your part. I haven't seen anyone making a big deal out of losing 3 straight. We all know this this team would have trouble beating the 1998 Marlins. Nobody is going to be excited about winning a series either because we know they aren't doing a damn thing this season so it literally means nothing except giving us worse draft position next year.
  5. hovertical

    Marlins To Designate JB Shuck, Activate Garrett Cooper

    Dunno man, Shuck seems exactly like the kinda guys Jeter and co. seem to want to run out there every day! This clearly must be a misprint - a tanking team can never have too many guys who hit below .200.
  6. hovertical

    Sandy Alcantara being called up

    TJ on both arms. Out for 3 seasons.
  7. hovertical

    Marlins Trade News / Rumors

    Conley to close. They should 100% move Claw when the inevitable overpay offer rolls in at the deadline. GMs always overpay for quality shutdown arms at the deadline (see: Hill, Michael) and teams in contention can seemingly never have enough. Relievers are also perhaps the easiest holes to fill during the offseason so it makes sense to trade away Claw provided the return is decent. There will be plenty more like him later on down the line for the Fish.
  8. hovertical


    i'm sure it does take a toll on him. most athletes are competitive to an extreme which plays a large part in getting to the level they're at. Being a sub .200 batter is pretty bad this far into the season and although batting average isn't as highly regarded as it once was - being below .200 is still awful. I'd have been more encouraged if he didn't look so lost at the plate and wasn't swinging at stuff that even G wouldn't have swung at during that epic slump of his. That's my biggest concern and why I'm not sure his bat will ever make him worthy of an everyday role (outside our tanking it years). I still hope something finally clicks for him but man does he ever have a long, long, long way to go in terms of pitch recognition and putting up a quality at-bat.
  9. hovertical


    yeah, had to watch his sorry attempts to swing at pitches again when they played Arizona again last week. Even the moronic Dbacks announcers were wondering what he was swinging at on multiple attempts. I guess it doesn't make much sense to send him down at this point though. I don't see him ever being much more than a defensive sub for his career just based on how awful his swing is. There are guys that struggle when they come up but you can see something in their swing or at least a glimmer of pitch recognition but this dude just doesn't seem to have it. He's a poor man's Maybin - how cool is it we have both?! Before certain folks throw their rotten tomatoes at me for deigning to speak negatively about Brinson please let me remind you that I do want him to succeed as I still want the Fish to win consistently. I'm just floored at how awful he looks at the plate in the limited time I've seen him this year. He honestly doesn't look any better than most pitchers out there swinging at everything in hopes they make contact. Oh well, it's a completely lost season and it's not like they're going to get a do-over on that hose job with Milwaukee so here's hoping he can maybe eke over .200 by the end of July?
  10. hovertical

    Would you rather have a season like the Mets are having?

    I clearly asked when you were getting married because you seem very eager to please your soulmate. If you didn't agree all the time I would have assumed you were either just another dude flying solo on here or had been married for quite some time. And since you asked..... I've been with my woman since 2007 and married to the wench since 2013. I would've done it sooner had I known I get a lot more back during tax season filing jointly.
  11. hovertical

    Would you rather have a season like the Mets are having?

    so when are you and SilverBullet getting married anyway?
  12. hovertical

    New Director of Scouting DJ Svihlik

    can we just swap revenues with the Yankees?
  13. hovertical

    Sandy Alcantara being called up

    with that much movement on his pitches he should definitely make a ridiculously good closer as a max-effort type guy if this starting thing fails for him.
  14. ya'll get wound up over some silly shit. "How dare people wear shirts that match the outfield walls"
  15. hovertical

    Nationals Recently "Checked In" on J.T. Realmuto

    Harper is hurting them this year. I'd be really wary if I was the GM that was making an offer for him if they let him go to FA after this season. He is so up and down from season to season. I guess next year he should rebound once again? I sure as shit wouldn't be offering a 400mil contract like a lot of folks were predicting prior to this season. If I were a fan of the Nats i'd probably want to see them trade for JT - from a non-fan perspective I don't think it would be worth it as how many wins would JT really add to that team?

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