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    Can Russ Mormon pitch?
  2. Well, they do acknowledge the farm system is drastically better than what it was - and correctly point out it's at the cost of fielding a non-competitive MLB roster. They're 100% accurate also in stating that the Marlins have always ended up trading away their stars for prospects and/or cash savings. The Marlins have also periodically had good farm systems in years past only to see the fruits of those systems be traded away once again for more prospects and/or savings. It's really not a stretch to see why the Marlins would be ranked so low on the list when this new group has only traded away the marketable players once again for monetary savings and prospects. Also, the article claims by 2022 they could be back in the playoffs so how far off is that really from what the expectations were when all the trades went down? I understand that everyone is ga-ga over having a better farm system by quite a bit but how different has that been from previous tear downs? The new regime will have a chance to prove they are different and thus, finally dispel the whole "hopeless" theme once it comes time to spend in FA and also when extensions are needed for the guys who end up becoming the every day starters.
  3. because your GM traded him for an aging reliever at the deadline?
  4. maybe the "only 2 pitchers away" thing meant they needed to insert 2 pitchers like Noesi in the starting rotation for a few seasons to consistently get #1 overall picks and thus create a superfarm?
  5. He started out like that this year for Miami too didn't he before he hit a bit of a rocky stretch? I'm still not going to hate on moving Anderson for a position player prospect.
  6. minor league rosters are certainly more entertaining than the big league roster this year for sure
  7. If signing a Castellanos means they can't afford to sign a "bigger" guy later (especially when the last toxic contracts on the team will be going away) then they shouldn't really even own a ballclub. Also, not a fan of holding off just because they might be planning to make an attempt at a future FA when one could be signed now that helps the team immediately. I'm also not saying they SHOULD sign someone like Castellanos this offseason, I'm just saying it's not a bad idea at all. I'd be fine either way as there are pluses and minuses to both sides - both real and hypothetical.
  8. Article says the Marlins have literally split their HR total down the middle between home/away. That tells me it doesn't really matter where they play - they don't hit HRs, which to me, means if they move the fences in the other teams will benefit more than the Marlins would.
  9. I certainly understand the whole "they're not gonna win next year either so why bother" argument but signing a decent MLB player to fix a glaring weakness (OFFENSE), even when paying a bit over value (most FA signings are overpriced) isn't that bad of an idea a year in advance either. It should improve the quality of the product on the field and thus the "experience" (jokes about who's playing aside) . If they have the money, why not at this point? Would he cost them a pick to sign? That would be my other question I guess. Would it generate more fans immediately? lol no. But it should, in theory, improve the quality of the product on the field a little bit faster than if they don't and getting a better product sooner than later certainly will help a bit later in luring fans in. Side note - my response was in regard to signing Castellanos, not Rendon. I'm still holding out hope they nab Lindor if he does test the FA waters.
  10. i always categorized that deal as one of those where an undisclosed reason led to the trade. it made zero sense then and zero sense today.
  11. #fuckjeter for making people disagree on a mb
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