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  1. What are the most darkest depressing years in Marlins history?

    1998-99 is king amongst all of them - first to worst hard to top. When Brian Meadows is your ace your team blows. At least they had a competent GM at that point though. It was also a shame because they still had somewhat of a fanbase at that point and Huizenga torched it to the point where it's never recovered since. post 2015 season and then 2016-18 is 2nd for me (even though 2018 hasn't happened yet). 2015 ends and T-Hut gets canned leading to a parade of bums trying to pick up the slack. 2016 featured the tragic death of hands-down the most exciting Marlin on the team and literally the ONLY player on the team people would actually show up to specifically watch. This year did have some excitement. we got to see a legit WS caliber offense (once fully healthy) that was really fun to watch - only to see it gone in the blink of an eye in the offseason, ironically at the hands of a brand new ownership group. The light at the end of the tunnel ending being an oncoming train afterall. Worst of all, Jeter trades the reigning NL MVP to the fucking Yankees of all teams thus losing any sliver of credibility he had left with the remaining people in Miami. There have just been so many cruel plot twists it's almost morphed into a modern day Grimm's Fairy tale. The more recent seasons do seem worse because well, the past is the past and they eventally did win another title after 1997 which kinda washed away the stench but that firesale was what torpedoed this fanbase to a point it has never recovered and one could argue that that's why we've lost guys like Cabrera and Stanton since then.
  2. Mets open to trading starting pitchers

    harvey for chen straight up. lulz
  3. so sad. i HATE the Giants - mostly because I work with an incredibly obnoxious Giant fan. I do occasionally plaster her desk with printed pictures of Cousins trucking Posey though. Yeah, Fish ain't getting any of the Giants top prospects if they're eating all his salary. What a fucking cheap organization and way to show your withered fan base you're any different than the previous regime.
  4. i don't think he will either and I also think if he goes somewhere where there's a LOT more media/fan scrutiny he might just wilt under pressure. That said, there's no telling how ridiculous contracts are going to get as those big FA's or pending FA's prepare to hit the market and his contract might be considered "fair" - doubtful, but within the realm of possibility.
  5. Fox Sports dumps Waltz, Preston, Conine

    If Tommy and Rich teamed up again and started up some streaming service for us to listen to them call games I know i'd be down to pay whatever fee they requested. Someone buy them a suite at MP and let them do their thing = )
  6. Fox Sports dumps Waltz, Preston, Conine

    when this story broke, the wife and I made the mutual decision to not pay for the MLB Season pass next season so we can watch the Fish way out here in Phoenix. As someone else mentioned, the best things about the Marlins were Rich & Tommy, Jose, and G (100% he's gone). Both of us certainly appreciated and enjoyed watching other players (my wife is in love with Bour, who will also likely be gone unfortunately) but those 4 were what made this team watchable day in and day out. None of the idiots they ran out there came close to replacing T-Hut. I wondered how well Rich would hold up not having his sidekick with him and although the spark wasn't there with any of the people over these last two seasons he showed that he is a damn fine analyst and can carry a game on his own. Jose's death brought the team closer together than ever. I don't know if I'll ever see another player like him. Talent-wise of course there will be others but not that combination of talent and just electric personality and such a joy of the game. When G was on his gigantic MVP tear this year my heart hurt from wanting to see Jose going nuts in the dugout with each bomb. You KNOW he would have practically been doing cartwheels along with Dee. Generational talent. 110%. So G finally puts it all together for a season and becomes an absolute monster. I was a little surprised to see the vote THAT close actually. His trade will be devastating from a PR standpoint. It is such a shame that the marlins basically had shit luck on nearly every pitching FA they brought in because they have a WS caliber offense now and made games so much fun to watch once our MVP got rolling finally. Jose, Chen (had he continued his career norms), Urena, Straily, and (insert journeyman here) would have been a competitive starting rotation to go with this offense. There has been so much "classic Marlins" with this new regime so far - dark cloud of the impending firesale, ditching a beloved analyst (don't give 2 shits what FSN said in a release, this is 100% new ownership), whining about finances (shouldn't have bought the fucking team, assholes), dumping the international money via trade, Mike Hill remaining (the one guy that should have been shown the door ASAP), and just the general constant reminder that once again (and seemingly always after some positive strides made during the season) we aren't going to be players in FA and are generally going to be worse off again next season. So yeah, i will be following them via boxscore and I'll watch them when they play the Diamondbacks since they'll be on locally but I am not shelling out one cent to them any longer. MLB fucks this team over time and time again by allowing garbage owners to take the reigns. If Jeter hadn't been attached to Sherman there is no way in hell he'd have been the winning group (yes, I know..Loria's yankee obsession) or the finances been approved. Blah. Letting Rich go was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Only sport to watch now is hockey. P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone lol
  7. Fox Sports dumps Waltz, Preston, Conine

    negotiating his contract with FSN to be the next analyst
  8. Were Sherman/Jeter happy Stanton won MVP or

    Nightmare all the way. Regardless of MVP or not, other GM's know what they'd be getting. Winning the MVP does little in terms of what Stanton will cost to other teams. MVP is purely a thing the casual fan will cry over when he gets jettisoned off for 40 cents on the dollar.
  9. Jeter's Payroll Trimming Plan? Trade Stanton, Gordon, and Prado

    prospects just need to pass Jeter's "eye test"
  10. Marlins decline option on Ichiro

    for this team he makes sense and yet doesn't make sense. He's versatile for the OF role, especially with the impeding departure and utter destruction of the best OF in baseball this past season and with what will likely be a youthful roster, the veteran leadership would be nice - plus he'd likely be able to be signed at less than 2 mil if he really wants to keep playing. All of that said, as much as I have a man crush on Ichiro his bat leaves much to be desired at this point in his career and they might as well start throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks once they blow up the roster instead of running a nearly 50yr old singles hitter out there. It won't be much of a loss aside from the handful of hardcore Ichiro fans that went to see him all the time and some of the moronic casual "fans" that just see the name Ichiro and think it's some massive blow to the team.
  11. Lorenzo Bundy and Jeff Urgelles sent packing

    Catch our moves
  12. Mike Maddux

    i'm also in the camp that the coaches don't usually make much difference. There are a few exceptions - I'd totally argue for Perry Hill (who you just watch, Jeter will get rid of) being a defensive whiz in terms of coaching. By and large though, it's 98% talent, with the rest being a mixture of luck, coaching, and not being associated with Mike Hill.
  13. 2017 MLB Postseason

    At least it wasn't the damn Yankees in there again - although I'm sure MLB was salivating over a NY-LA WS. Here's hoping the Astros get their first WS win - i'm just hoping the "city in recovery" angle isn't played to death. Also of note, the Astros were built with pretty much exactly the opposite approach Jeter has indicated he believes in - he, of the "eye test" analytics.
  14. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    yet there are folks on here who seem to think JT sucks and should be traded.