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  1. I'm sure they'll bring back former Yankee Tino Martinez. With such low expectations this year the Marlins can't be accused of choking this time around.
  2. who has scored fewer runs than the Marlins? The next fewest I'm seeing is 58 for the Reds - who scored 21 in the 3 game sweep lol.
  3. Well, the Marlins run differential is higher than the number of runs they've scored now. From what I see they're the only team in baseball with that stat. At least they're excelling at something?
  4. I'm glad we won't ever see Yelich win the Triple Crown in a Marlins uniform. Imagine how disappointing it would be if he didn't win it the next season too. Fans would turn away for sure and the Marlins would be stuck with that albatross of a contract.
  5. not gonna lie - i'd rather watch an actual feed from ANY of our minor league teams than the MLB one.
  6. I never understood the complaint about the Rays stadium location. I lived in Tampa for years and would drive across either the Howard Frankland or Courtney Campbell (when i moved even further away) to catch games during the week and the traffic going INTO St. Pete was never that bad even during rush hour (traffic coming OUT of St Pete towards Tampa is gross). I could get to games super easy as the stadium is pretty much right off the interstate, well marked, and parking is super close. I would likely never have gone to any games had they moved it to Ybor or downtown Tampa. I've been to Lightning games, concerts, etc there and that shit is miserable as hell to get in and out with the traffic.
  7. hell, he'd be more of an owner than #cheapjeter at that point.
  8. losing 120 is REALLY tough...it's about as difficult as winning 120. so odds are they won't. But yeah, they do have that "look" of ineptitude about them. Scoring 2 runs a game is bad. REALLY bad. I think there's going to be quite a few moves this season with trying to find SOMEONE who can actually hit major league pitching on a consistent basis. 120 games? eehhhhh..history doesn't favor that result but I believe they're a good 60/40 bet for 110.
  9. 35rbis between the two of them or 73% of the total output of the Marlins offense this season.
  10. so we're not going to be Marlins fans by then or something?
  11. so over 1/3 of their runs have come in two games so far this season (the early win against COL and the recent win against the Phils). outside of those 2 they aren't even averaging 2 runs a game but they're giving up 5 a game. wow, just wow. watching tragic history unfold must be part of the "experience"
  12. Seems odd to be part of the fan experience. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.
  13. fire Don and let Chen manage the rest of the season. might as well see if he can be useful elsewhere since no other team will want him and they have to pay him regardless.
  14. you are correct sir. i wouldn't have minded those for every day uniforms even.
  15. those father's day hats have to be the ugliest iteration of any hat i've ever seen. i LOVED the father's day unis from 2 years ago. i still have Phelps' uniform he wore that day (MLB auctions lol)
  16. Maybe that first game from Dean was like Brinson's second game last season - and the rest will follow suit.
  17. I'd legit subscribed to the MLB extra innings package thing again if Tommy did 120 games. Wouldn't even hesitate. I'm temporarily back in Tampa right now so I can actually see the Marlins on regular tv stations here and it's akin to torture to watch that offense and Hollandsworth saying stupid shit over and over.
  18. he felt a lot better? is he still suffering a lingering injury from the first Marlins game he pitched in? It's just demoralizing to the team to have that guy on there any longer. This team can't score for shit so having a guy who continually and automatically gives up more runs in one inning or less than the entire team averages for games is stupid. Yeah, I'm not buying into the whole "they have to earn their spot on the roster" shit if Chen and Brinson are in this lineup any longer. Brinson didn't earn a spot based on his performance last year and he has only regressed even more this season.
  19. if the Marlins are serious about spots going to players that DESERVE it then the Chen experiment needs to come to an end. Now. Also, gtfo Brinson you piece of shit. Even his defense has regressed this year. He takes AWFUL routes and yeah, should have had that blast off Chen. I know someone mentioned we have nobody to replace him but really, can it get much worse? I mean you have a no-defense, no power, strikeout machine who will MAYBE hit .200 on the season. Worse case scenario you call someone else up and maybe improve the defense out there at least? I'm sick of his goddam act. He was a piece of shit when they acquired him and he's even worse now. He wouldn't even be a good choice as a defensive substitute in late innings.
  20. Yeah, I'd like to think they won't be THIS bad all season but realistically, it is quite possible. I know there was someone (no, i legit don't remember which regular it was) who claimed they didn't think the lineup was too bad this season. I feel for those of you who generally appreciate what Jeter and Sherman have tried to do but this utterly atrocious lineup is their Frankenstein's monster. Their defense is even awful this year - or at least it seems to be much worse using the ol' trusty "eye test". I feel Brinson is going to be locked away in AAA purgatory within a couple months. Just think of what they gave up to get a guy who may very be too shitty to even crack this lineup. I dunno, it's still early in the season, so there's that I suppose but it would not surprise me to see "crowds" of 1500 by mid season for a regular season MLB game in a nearly brand new stadium with dirt cheap concessions. That's just insane.
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