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  1. it would be kinda cool if Alfaro got in actually considering who they traded to get him and all the drama around that shitshow
  2. it's only illegal if you get caught and convicted - he'd probably have a chance to make that debut as the justice system moves slowly
  3. Keith Law apparently didn't care for the Marlins draft and called it a "little light". I'm sure Denbo would have agreed.
  4. trying to drive down the price when he's traded to your Astros? ......or is this what Hill was told when he approached the Brewers about Yelich?
  5. there goes our title hopes
  6. but he has that restraining order against me. this feels like entrapment.
  7. What I did truly appreciate about the draft is that they did take a nice blend of guys with high floors as the article suggested which means, in theory, they should be able to also contribute a lot faster as those guys are generally more a finished product. They know this team needs an infusion of talent on the offensive side of the ball especially and this helped really replenish the farm in terms of offensive talent (despite the 900 outfielders we now have). Obviously everything is still kinda a crapshoot, not entirely, but all prospects are still unknowns until they get to the higher levels. But we shouldn't have to wait as long to see what potential a lot of these guys have. Really hoping Nunez shocks some people and becomes at least average with the bat because his defense and speed combo are incredibly enticing. the signability side of the draft is important too - no, not going with a cheapjeter joke for once but it means they get to stick to their plan for the rebuild since their guys will likely sign. the drafting and scouting done by this new group has been hands down the best part of the regime - from international to amateur. still too early to really see returns but it sure does feel different than the loria regime. almost like a real ball club!
  8. i did eat a ton of spicy food last night. we'll see i guess
  9. MATTINGLY ACCEPTS YOUR CHALLENGE...and immediately brings Brinson in to pitch with a 3-2 lead in the 8th OBrien has no business ever being on an MLB team again.
  10. on a side note since the last time either Brinson or O'Brien received an actual at bat for the Marlins.... runs per game w/ Brinson and Pete: 2.75 without: 4.68 that is some serious addition by subtraction
  11. i didn't like his swing before Reynolds mentioned it. I would have taken Bleday in that slot though too as BPA - he just looks like he has a lot of moving parts in his swing which can lead to a lengthy swing which in turn usually leads to shitty performance that doesnt translate to the bigs. The giant power spike by using that exact same swing also concerns me as again, im not sold on how well he'll be able to adjust if he can't use it going forward. Not trying to argue the pick as again, I would have taken Bleday as well. I do find Nunez to be intriguing.
  12. wait until you see how they employ the shift across all levels of the org.
  13. MD Johnson - dude is 6"6 and only 185lbs. lanky - let the Chris Sale comparisons begin!
  14. true - but if he's allergic then I think this tribute would suffice.
  15. teams really enhance their prospect pool by finding those later round gems anyway. the MLB draft isn't like any of the other major sports where you have a handful of rounds and you're done. My only concern with Bleday would be that hitch he has in his swing - I think Harold Reynolds also pointed it out. I didn't go digging to find older video of him but I do wonder if that's the primary cause in his giant power spike and how that same hitch will translate to MLB. Overall though, he was the player the marlins should have taken at #4 so good job not screwing that up! The Mizener pick i knew nothing about but i cringe when i hear a guy is the best "toolsy" player. I know those guys just never seem to pan out for the Marlins. Here's hoping both of these guys really do pan out and the whole rebuild is accelerated that much faster. Arizona had an interesting night as they took a slew of high ceiling high school kids, who, if they do well will really boost their own mini-rebuild that much faster too. No, I'm not a dbacks fan but I do live out here in Phoenix so I kinda keep tabs on them to.
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