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  1. My dad and I are so different about the roof. My dad is old school; he feels baseball should be played outside in its natural environment; I like when the roof is closed because when it is somewhat filled, it can get pretty loud. I also feel like it is cool to play baseball inside as not everyone gets a chance to experience that. Imo, The roof should only be open for certain night games; max 20 times a year.
  2. Lol I am a huge Marlins fan, but sports attendance in the state of Florida for pro sports with some exceptions (Heat) has been shaky at best sometimes. I think the Rays, Panthers, and Jaguars could be big candidates to relocate in the future. I think if the Marlins follow the Heat model, they’ll be a first class organization.
  3. I like their Merch alert thing they do now where the Marlins offer a discounted item. I got this really nice hat with Miami on the back and the fish on the front for $25 in the blue
  4. I am going. Wearing my “old school” Marlins teal clothes. I am very excited to see the ballpark. Some changes I like, other I don’t (pertaining to stadium/stadium entertainment). But I have an open mind about what I am going to see Thursday.
  5. While I agree with you that baseball fans are all over the country (and world for that matter), with all due respect , I disagree with you when you say taking shots. I don’t think people are taking shots at Tampa. They’re being realistic by asking whether Rays can survive in that Tampa/St. Pete area long term. I think sometimes when it comes to sports relocation, it can be a good thing. I’m not trying to trash the Rays; they are an innovative franchise that survives with what they have, even though they have no championships. However, I’m not going to say that relocating them would be a horrible idea. Each relocation is different. For example, I think moving the Hartford Whalers to carolina was horrible. You moved a hockey team from the NE with great fan support down south to carolina, where they still have attendance issues to this day, even with a Stanley Cup (one could argue that 1 trophy alone for Carolina justifies the move, and you may be right). I do think Montreal to Washington was a good move for baseball. Yes, the Expos were a historic franchise and should have had a legit chance to compete for the WS in 1994. However, you cannot argue that baseball, aka America’s pasttime, is better served in the nation’s capital than Montreal. You could have the Rays move to Montreal, than have the Nats and Expos switch leagues
  6. You brought up an interesting point though. Idk I love Grandy and Walker as guys who are positive veterans in the clubhouse, but I guess we’ll see.
  7. I’m just gunna play RTTS on the Marlins. I really hope the ballpark is updated in the game
  8. If that’s true, I think that’s stupid. What if some other OF performs well in ST?
  9. I don’t think so. I feel like someone like Sierra could start over Grandy and hit leadoff. If Sierra has a bad spring, Grandy should probably start.
  10. So I was talking with one of my friends who is a Marlin fan, and he thinks Grandy and Walker will both start on Opening Day. Personally, I love the acquisitions of Walker and Grandy because they are both positive veteran guys to have in the clubhouse. Grandy won the Roberto Clemente Award in 2016 as well. However, with that being said, there is no way in hell in my opinion both should be starting. They should be guys we keep on the bench and I think we should give 2 younger guys a chance to start. Thoughts?
  11. I wasn’t able to go to fanfest because I was working, but I’m curious as to were most people wearing the new logo or were there still more people with the older logos?
  12. I believe one positive of the logo change is that I can get old Marlins merchandise for really cheap. I can’t decide what to wear for opening day. I don’t have any Marlins merchandise with the new logo, but I’m just genuinely curious to see if a lot of people are wearing the new merchandise or just wearing their old Marlins merchandise.
  13. 6 teams per league like NFL is fine, too.
  14. I feel like the league should be 154 games like the old days, but have 8 playoff teams per league. Baseball needs to expand the postseason to combat 10 teams tanking. Make baseball more competitive. More teams have a chance.
  15. I’m very curious to see the starting rotation in 2-3 years.
  16. So you don’t think the article has any validity to it?
  17. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25557502/jt-realmuto-trade-continues-stunningly-sad-marlins-tradition “Of the Marlins' all-time top 25 players, by WAR -- Realmuto ranks 16th -- 23 have now been traded away, rather than held onto until they reached free agency. The other two truly are the exceptions that prove the rule: A.J. Burnett and the Marlins hated each other by the end, but Burnett made it to free agency because the "much-discussed" deal to send him to Baltimore "hit a snag" when the Marlins kept trying to throw more of their players into the swap. The other, Jose Fernandez, died in a boat crash before reaching free agency. The Marlins had tried to trade him too, according to former team president David Samson; it was the other team, Samson claimed recently, that stopped the deal. This is not normal. The Rockies, who debuted as a franchise the same year the Marlins did, have held onto nine of their all-time top 25 through free agency or retirement, and an additional four of those 25 are still on their roster. The expansion Diamondbacks have traded only 14 of their all-time 25, and even the notoriously proactive Rays have kept seven of their all-time top 25 through free agency. The Marlins are genuinely weird. They trade everybody. Every trade tells a story. But these 23 trades together tell three bigger stories. That's the first one: The Marlins are weird, all the time. In their own way they're the most stable franchise in baseball, because their weirdness is a permanent state. Each of these trades, on its own, could be justified for baseball or financial reasons, but none of these trades any longer stands on its own. They're all part of the ongoing story of the Marlins: Whoever owns them, whoever runs them, becomes, by definition, Florida Man.” Do you agree or disagree? I will die a Marlins fan. But good God ?
  18. I honestly think the Marlins did about as well as they could do. I hate the Phillies, but on paper, they had the best offer. Sixto is only 20. He has drawn some comparisons to Pedro. Stewart they say is a young Chris Sale, but idk we’ll see about him. I like that the Marlins got $250k in Intl Bonus $$ to possibly use. I think Alfaro will be a serviceable MLB catcher. I don’t see how people can trash the Marlins here ik I’m biased but this looks to be a good move. The only move I look back on that was bad that Jeter did was the Yelich deal. You could argue every other deal has been a W.
  19. Alfaro is a WC in this deal. 5 years of team control. Only 25. Some Plus Power and good defensively. Sixto Sanchez is only 20 y/o, but he has had injury concerns. I think Sixto could use a year of seasoning in minors before coming up next year. No sense in rushing him. Will Stewart is an intriguing piece. I like his stats. The International Bonus $$ could help Marlins sign Yolmer Sanchez. He was projected to be the starting SS for the Cuban National Team before he defected. ? Maybe the Marlins can convince the SS to sign if he can compete for the MLB right away. ? I honestly think Marlins did about as well as they could have done. I still cannot believe Machado and Harper haven’t signed, and it’s FEBRUARY! ? so many great FA’s still available. Dallas Kuechel, a Cy Young Winner, is still available.
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