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  1. Nightengale: "The Mariners are expected to send only modest minor league prospects back in trade"
  2. What's new? Everyone just using us for bigger payday's. Some things never change.
  3. Jansen will end up with Washington... watch
  4. Typical Marlins, rumored to go after Chapman/Jansen and will end up settling for some cheap scrub
  5. Ken Rosenthal saying Hellickson is coming.
  6. You have to be kidding me right? We basically traded Capps Naylor etc for a half season of Cashner? WTF
  7. Cubs used 8 pitchers last night. Hopefully it gives us an edge going in.
  8. Prado could use a day off.
  9. Great day all around. good job TK. Good job batters even without JT and GS
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