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  1. Sixto is the only good pitcher we have that knows how to pitch, Marlins will probably trade him next year
  2. when the Phils bat its like a 30 min show, when the Marlins bat its 123 inning. Been like that for years, this club is pathetic
  3. Oh look, we cant hit a 5.00 era pitcher in our own park, surprise surpsrise, seems like old times again
  4. If the Marlins can keep it 4 runs, we have a chance. But knowing our luck it will be a 20 run lead by the Phils.
  5. This Miami team has been inconsistent for years.....ever since I have been following the Marlins since 1995. In 97 they bought the WS win. The only good season they had was half of 2003, legit win.
  6. lol. figure of speech, they have a small chance but probably not, the Marlins make too many epic fails
  7. Maybe 3 out of 7, we dont play well at home, and now the pitching looks like its going down hill, so good luck. All this talk about getting to post season is a laugh
  8. I kinda had an idea this season would be delayed big time. Oh well. Right now the U.S. and many other countries are in crisis mode, its no time to be getting into large groups to watch a game, one good thing that has come out of the whole virus crisis, is how much the goverments and companies are helping everyone. Kinda gives you hope that in real bad times there is a safety-net after all, even in the U.S.
  9. yeah, ''at least'' two weeks. Like the airline trick of delaying flights 20 min at a time to soften the blow, I think half the season will be canceled.
  10. The pool was a stupid Gimmick created by those two tosspots loria and samson, glad its gone, use the space for a batting cage or something else. I wish they would get rid of that other stupid Gimmick behind homeplate, the fish tanks. Just bc our name is the Marlins doesnt mean we have to hang fish everywhere in the stadium.
  11. My impression of the Marlins has always been that its a team for players to use as a stepping stone to other real teams. This club is just a joke. In 1997 they bought a WS win, in 2003 they were only good for half the season. The Marlins have never really had a genuine good team that lasted the whole season. And I have been watching the Marlins since 1995, they are the most inconsistent bunch Iv ever seen.Last time we had a winning record was 2009! pathetic. You cant blame fans for not wanting to watch a AA team lose every night. This is not the cubs where people come out for the experience no matter what, Miami is NOT a baseball city.
  12. They look clean,classy and elegant, much prefer these over something a clown would wear.
  13. I think the new outfield design looks great. Gone is the lime green and at last some palm trees. The green ivy is natural and looks classy. Overall much better
  14. I think the new outfield design looks great. Gone is the lime green and at last some palm trees. The green ivy is natural and looks classy. Overall much better
  15. Home run thing out in Center field looked stupid, glad its gone, next , change the Uniforms and get rid of that lime green that makes the place look like a joke. They need to add a few more palm trees in left field, its too bare and cold.
  16. I actually think some Yankee fans will show up, just like when Mets fan show up more then Marlin fans when the Mets come to play, its pathetic
  17. I meant 1,000 in a literal sense...I really think Fans are that pissed.
  18. I cant wait when Jeter shows up to opening day and sees all 1,000 people in the seats.
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