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  1. Not a bad start overall to spring training. Wish I'd posted more over the last couple of seasons, but the performances and players coming in and out nearly every day was just frustrating to deal with. Fingers crossed this season there is an improvement.
  2. Another sound win. Keep it up Fish
  3. win a world cup than you'll be the best of all time that's my message to the Messiah He will always be top 3 best players of all time. One of only 3 players to win the balon d'or 3 times. Consistently achieving 50 goal seasons, and the first player to score 5 in a Champions League game. C. Ronaldo doesn't seem to have this 'Win a world cup' mentality on his shoulders. The only reason Messi does is because Maradona won a world cup near on single handedly.
  4. 3-1 Win. Another good game against the Cardinals.
  5. Not a very good situation. Port Vale also going into Admin. I've seen 2 players have left today, lets hope not many more decide to do the same. You wont see any big Prem club put into Admin, they seen to get away with mountains of debt.
  6. Stanton to 2nd on a 2nd throwing error in short time by Worth. Boni Scores 1-0 Marlins
  7. Giancarlo Stanton reaches on throwing error by third baseman Danny Worth. Emilio Bonifacio to 3rd.
  8. Sabathia keeps it 0 after 1. 2 hits given away though.
  9. The Hurricanes match is played at the new ballpark. Ill be listening in tonight.
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