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  1. Sale is done; votes are in

    Most overrated player in the history of mankind he makes a couple of great plays and all of a sudden he's the best. No, its just he played for the Yankees. I can name million other just as good if not better 3rd basemen / shortstop players.
  2. Stanton: "I don't want to rebuild... I've lost for seven years"

    Loria is a mistake, the uniforms were a mistake. Changing the name to Miami was a mistake, tear down the stadium and rebuild in Barrow Alaska , probably have more success there
  3. Stanton: "I don't want to rebuild... I've lost for seven years"

    Stanton wasted his Talent with the Marlins. He deserves to be on a contending team, because right now the Marlins are a joke and a fail. Even with the new Owner not much will change for the better, 2 steps forward 5 steps back
  4. Should the new owners change the look of the team?

    Yes, back to the old uniforms, not exactly the same but keeping with old school Marlins look
  5. Sherman-Jeter ownership close to being approved

    Cant be any worse then the clowns we have now. Im hoping Jeter turns the Marlins into a proper baseball team , give them abit of class they deserve. Because right now its a joke.
  6. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    What ever it takes to make the Marlins exciting again.
  7. 9/12 Post Game

    one word to solve the Marlins problem....CONTRACTION
  8. Stanton chasing history

    In my books ,McGuire, Sosa, those records are void. RESET everything. The record is 61 by Maris. I think Stanton will get to 59 this year. So close. He will start a slump very soon unfortunately
  9. Hurricane Irma

    Look at the line going up to Michigan then making a sharp left south west turn almost into Chicago , hahaha what are the chances of that? hmmmm, about the same chances of the Marlins finishing the season above .500?
  10. 9/6 Marlins vs. Nats

    Hurry up Oct, hurry up, lets get this BS over with asap
  11. Favorite vacation spot

    1. Philippines 2. Florida (My home town of Sarasota)
  12. How will you react to the firesale?

    Who cares what we have right now has proven to be subpar in terms of performance, If Yeli, Gordon, Stanton Ozuna would have been on any other team, that team would have be in the playoffs by now. But as of yet we have not even had a winning season since freaking 2009. The Marlins cant be fixed, and are hopeless, we are a lemon team. Maybe in 10 years we will be better
  13. 9/2 Phillies at Marlins

    This might have been a win, but in my books this was also a lost. 5 runs in the 8th??? To a crap team? And we think the Marlins have any chance in post season play? Im surprised we finish the season with a winning record, pathetic losers
  14. Sept 1

    I feel sorry for the fans that goes to the stadium who pay $20 bucks for a hotdog and coke, just sitting there waiting for good things to happen,knowing that in the end it will probably get fucked up.......and it does...
  15. Stanton films sex scene with Lexy Panterra NSFW

    She has an ugly face but a nice ass, guess thats what a paper bag is for