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  1. My impression of the Marlins has always been that its a team for players to use as a stepping stone to other real teams. This club is just a joke. In 1997 they bought a WS win, in 2003 they were only good for half the season. The Marlins have never really had a genuine good team that lasted the whole season. And I have been watching the Marlins since 1995, they are the most inconsistent bunch Iv ever seen.Last time we had a winning record was 2009! pathetic. You cant blame fans for not wanting to watch a AA team lose every night. This is not the cubs where people come out for the experience no matter what, Miami is NOT a baseball city.
  2. They look clean,classy and elegant, much prefer these over something a clown would wear.
  3. I think the new outfield design looks great. Gone is the lime green and at last some palm trees. The green ivy is natural and looks classy. Overall much better
  4. Home run thing out in Center field looked stupid, glad its gone, next , change the Uniforms and get rid of that lime green that makes the place look like a joke. They need to add a few more palm trees in left field, its too bare and cold.
  5. I actually think some Yankee fans will show up, just like when Mets fan show up more then Marlin fans when the Mets come to play, its pathetic
  6. I meant 1,000 in a literal sense...I really think Fans are that pissed.
  7. I cant wait when Jeter shows up to opening day and sees all 1,000 people in the seats.
  8. I would be happy with the Marlins just having a winning record, iv been a marlins fan through the 97 and 03 WS. Im content for abit longer when it comes to post season hopes
  9. Marlins man has to get off his high horse, just because he is a season ticket holder and goes to every game doesn't mean he speaks for all of us. Im getting abit fed of of this guy, not because he is supporting the team, but he thinks he has the right to now be the Marlins spokesperson and throw his weight around just to make a name for himself
  10. The answer is we dont know.. He could have an injury right out of the gates next season, he could have a terrible slump. Baseball is very unpredictable sport and alot of the time cruel
  11. Marlin fans have been protesting since 1998
  12. Yelich wants out too Good going Jeter, you lost the fan base and now the whole team is going against you. I always said they should have kept Ozuna no matter what
  13. What I dont understand is Jeter and company got rid of literally almost everyone at the marlins other then the worst of them all MIKE HILL once again the Marlins not making any sense, surprise..
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