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  1. Morosi: Yelich & Realmuto being shopped

    hahaha, True... :(
  2. Morosi: Yelich & Realmuto being shopped

    I actually think some Yankee fans will show up, just like when Mets fan show up more then Marlin fans when the Mets come to play, its pathetic
  3. Morosi: Yelich & Realmuto being shopped

    I meant 1,000 in a literal sense...I really think Fans are that pissed.
  4. Morosi: Yelich & Realmuto being shopped

    I cant wait when Jeter shows up to opening day and sees all 1,000 people in the seats.
  5. Morosi: Yelich & Realmuto being shopped

    I would be happy with the Marlins just having a winning record, iv been a marlins fan through the 97 and 03 WS. Im content for abit longer when it comes to post season hopes
  6. Herald: Marlins Man is upset with Jeter

    Marlins man has to get off his high horse, just because he is a season ticket holder and goes to every game doesn't mean he speaks for all of us. Im getting abit fed of of this guy, not because he is supporting the team, but he thinks he has the right to now be the Marlins spokesperson and throw his weight around just to make a name for himself
  7. Will Stanton hit more HR than the entire marlins team next year?

    The answer is we dont know.. He could have an injury right out of the gates next season, he could have a terrible slump. Baseball is very unpredictable sport and alot of the time cruel
  8. Frisaro has a point here

    Proves baseball really doesn't suit South Florida or maybe Florida in general , too many transit residents. When I lived there id see most people wearing Atlanta, NY,and Cubs caps, from the inaugural 1993 year to 2005 when I moved I never saw anyone wear a Marlins cap outside of Miami, not once.
  9. Longtime fans...

    Marlin fans have been protesting since 1998
  10. JT Realmuto Requests Trade

    Yelich wants out too Good going Jeter, you lost the fan base and now the whole team is going against you. I always said they should have kept Ozuna no matter what
  11. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    What I dont understand is Jeter and company got rid of literally almost everyone at the marlins other then the worst of them all MIKE HILL once again the Marlins not making any sense, surprise..
  12. Derek Jeter's Full Winter Meetings Conference Call

    And there is no need for me to be apart of this negative forum anymore, mate. If it makes you feel very mighty, proud and important to remove my account and gives you a mini power trip , then be my guest. I dont care. This forum is for wanna be GMs who really dont have half a brain to run a bathtub
  13. Derek Jeter's Full Winter Meetings Conference Call

    Loria imo was the problem, he put all his eggs in one basket with Stanton, while neglecting one of the most important things in baseball when it comes to winning, and thats pitching. I know Silverbullet will disagree because he's that person that always disagrees no matter what. Makes him feel important. Makes him feel like just for a few min he owns the universe.
  14. Stanton traded to Yankees for Castro, Guzman and Devers

    That 1% is good enough for me, guess what, he hated the uniforms and the Home run sculpture. End of story
  15. Stanton traded to Yankees for Castro, Guzman and Devers

    I like how you manage to think your a know it all. funny So are you saying he was happy with the branding of the Marlins? Yes the uniforms and sculpture makes the Marlins a circus act. I believe he was talking about a wide array of issues when he said ''circus''