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  2. I'm going to be following this game on my phone from the Phillies/Nats game (I'm staying with my gf in Philly). I'm tailgating in the parking lot and I gotta say...the stereotypes are true. I'm surrounded with the baldest, fattest, most white-trashy, miller lite guzzling, loud, and obnoxious group of people I've ever been exposed to. Pray for me Marlins fans. And hopefully somehow both of these teams lose tonight.
  3. Anyone got a distance estimate on the walk off?
  4. Hahaha I know the girl on the right of the most recent picture. She was a Mermaid a few years ago.
  5. Hahaha Ozzie is great. Look at the comments by "furious fat man" on the video: murder animals? drink & drive? beat your white girlfriend? IT'S OK! YOU PLAY SPORTS! YOU'RE A HERO! GET BACK ON THE FIELD! Since its okay to beat your black or hispanic girlfriend...and then the kicker: f*** you Ozzie. you and those like you are the reason i stopped watching baseball. cant stand spoiled hispanic children that would be f***ing goats & selling sunglasses if America didnt pay for them to come play sports for our mentally deficient turds w/ money in this country :suspect
  6. I'm feeling another Giancarlo tater today :sax I probably don't deserve any credit for this call considering how hes played this last week
  7. Yeah he was out. Dodged the tag but Infante still put it on him riiight before he got to the bag
  8. Looks like a bad call, lets see the replay edit: oh man, great slide
  9. God I love watching Buehrle play defense
  10. By the way I'm loving these grey uniforms...they really make the colors in the logo jump out at you
  11. I'm feeling another Giancarlo tater today :sax
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