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  1. Pretty sure Coghlan renounced his faith and made a deal with the devil.
  2. No reason to move Reyes or Buehrle? Why would you keep either of them if you're not going to reasonably expect to contend in '13 and maybe not even in '14? They were signed to contend. We didn't. If you keep them you spend 21 million on them in '13, they get another year older and harder to move and then those two guys cost 34 million in '14 and 41 million in '15. The Marlins dumped 182 mill in '13-'18 contractual obligations in one trade: Reyes 10 16 22 22 22 22 Buehrle 11 18 19 Buck 6 JJ 13.75 Add maybe 3 mill for Boni in arb and it nearly equals and essentially undid the '12 FA spending spree. That Reyes or Buehrle were traded makes sense. My only disappointment in the whole deal is that they didn't manage to get Nolasco included. Yes, we get it, Loria and his cronies can do no wrong. Moving fan favorites like Reyes makes perfect sense except it doesn't.
  3. Dobbs and his bad fielding shenanigans.
  4. lol we got shut out by Capuano and Hamels. You guys acting like we got shut out by Scrubs.
  5. Who's telling Ruggiano that he's a good base stealer? He needs to stop that sh*t.
  6. I'd have to agree about Gorkys. Not only can he not hit but his fielding still needs work.
  7. Ruggiano needs to stop trying to steal bases. He's pretty sh*tty at it. What you talkin bout Willis? Ruggs is a good base stealer. One caught stealing does not make a bad base runner. Thats the thing tho, he's stolen 10 and has been caught 6 times. Thats pretty horrible.
  8. I think Zambrano wants Nolasco's spot in the rotation.
  9. Ruggiano needs to stop trying to steal bases. He's pretty sh*tty at it.
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