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  1. sorry Nate Field...we needed the lefty more
  2. too many one inning specialists made it over guys like Uggla, Snell, etc
  3. in regards to Olsen's outing it seems like people didnt even watch the game. the box score doesnt tell all. it was a successful outing for him.
  4. Benitez was such an awesome move...he could net a lot near the deadline if he keeps pitching well
  5. same team that Jeff Weaver just shut-out...piss-poor
  6. when you dont miss many bats and have iffy control these things happen
  7. shouldve had more as usual and a terrible at bat by hammer...i just hope the ump gives willis those low strikes yeah...we should score 5-6 runs every inning. what a miserable inning
  8. nice little run there.... cant explain how the hell hammer is murdering RHP and flailing against LHP
  9. we're facing a lefty...Olivo has murdered LHP this season
  10. Raynor and Coghlan have nothing left to prove...both are college players and should be promoted soon. Erasmo Ramirez was a nice pickup. A's chose Ruddy Lugo over him for some reason
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