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  1. MAN YOUR FUCKING BATTLESTATIONS! MAN YOUR FUCKING BATTLESTATIONS. The time is upon us men (and women). If you have been grabbing that left nut (or ovary) already as a true fan and as a part of this NO LIMIT Army of Marlin fans, I thank you for your loyalty and service. I need you to keep grabbing that left nut (or ovary), just a little harder now. You see, its do or die time. It's the time that will determine if we have a chance to take this battle field or if we will go down fighting like a champion! If you have not been all aboard, this is just about the last stop on this train to
  2. The fact there are only 6 likes to my post is embarrassing and pathetic. The final battle will not go our way with maggots like so many of you around here refusing to go NO LIMIT in the pursuit of this war. Its time to nut up and show everyone what side of the tracks you are on. The train is leaving the station and you need to get your ass on the train and you need to get on it NOW. Damn maggots go hang with the swine if you refuse to stand behind and rise up for battle.
  3. Do I really need to answer that question or are you too obtuse?
  4. Gentlemen (and Ladies), The battle has not stopped, the field is not cleared yet and our flag is not the one flying high (yet). I implore all of you to saddle up and be prepared for this long and courageous fight. We must continue to go No Limit, your support on this quest for the playoffs is needed and appreciated. Look at what going No Limit has done, our spot in the tournament looks secure, but by no means is it safe! We must continue to pursue the enemy, cheer on this young, scrappy, hungry team and push them into the playoffs! In times like these, we have to look
  5. Surely this is not all the troops I have to lead this army into battle to take this crown is it? Its time to nut up boys (and girls). It's time to fight for what you desire. Its time to put all your heart and soul into a unified mission. The time is now. No Limit Boys (and girls). No Limit.
  6. No. This is battle where we are the aggressor.. This is saddling up and heading into town looking for that pennant. Not a defense of anything, instead we are the aggressor. We are coming into town and taking what we seek. We are ripping the hopes and dreams from the armies we conquer along the way until we are left on the battlefield, waving our flag proudly over our vanquished opponents.
  7. Sounds like you have an issue following direction. You will just have to grab that left nut and hope for the best son. Times like these call for our soldiers to be unified in battle. Cannot have any that do not follow direction as that will lead us down a path of failure. Grab that left nut son and give it a big ole squeeze.
  8. Its been a long time coming gentlemen and ladies. It is September and we are in the playoff race. I know some of you are unaware of how things work, but let me give you a primer: It is nearly playoff season. The Marlins are in the thick of the hunt. The time is upon us to go No Limit for the Marlins in our quest for Pennant #3, World Series trophy #3. It's time to put aside all our differences, put aside all the bullshit and the infighting and unite for a common cause. You MUST go NO LIMIT in your support of the Marlins basball team. Grab your good luck c
  9. Alright Maggots! The 2016 season is upon us. I demand all loyal Marlin fans to unite. It appears new leadership is here. New leadership on this site and in the Marlins dugout. Its time for us all to grab our right nut, scream in pleasure as we pledge our allegiance to this team. Give our everything as we embark on this season. There is only one goal, that is to win. Anything less is unacceptable. I need you, no I demand you to grab your right nut, scream ugggh! It's not pain you are feeling. You are feeling the pleasure from devotion to your team and to your cause. Here is t
  10. 1) Grab your left nut and say Marlins. 2) No Limit Marlins Army = Victory 3) 2009 = The Return to October.
  11. People are down. People are saying its over. What is it that is over? What is done? Our playoff chances? Hardly. I stand before you today, telling you people one thing. The war is just beginning. The skirmishes to this point have been minor. They have been small campaigns. The major campaigns are still to come. The time is approaching. Its time for the real fans to stand up. Push the bandwagon to the side, and carry this train. Is this race run? No. If you are a fan, a real fan, a true believing fan, I need you now. I need you to show your force. We have to
  12. Man your battlestations. The enemy is upon us. The ENEMY IS UPON US NOW!!!! Here we sit, 1 game over .500 and we are in a precarious position. We are right there in this playoff hunt, we are on the cusp of history, but we cannot do it alone. We cannot do it by ourselves, we need this army to help lead us once more to the promised land. We have a rich history, we have a glorious history. This army has helped lead this team to the top of the mountain and conquor the other armies before and we will do it again. I urge you people to man your battlestations, hop on board for the hoar
  13. The basic premise of this post is fine... But this wannabe gangsta Masta P "No Limit" stuff is kind of sickening and makes me think that you are perhaps Randy Messenger trying to make us all forget about how terrible you are at throwing strikes. If I was a Master P wannabe, I wouldnt be talking in the tone I am, and wouldnt have the history around here that I do. This isnt about some type of hip hop crap or whatever it is, its about manning your battle stations for the war that is the quest for the playoffs.
  14. heh... he appears after we go on a run typical What do you want kid? My first appearance of the year in June? Its August, its time to prepare for the stretch run. Why rally my troops earlier? But I don't have left nut. *feels left out* Grab your left ovary then.
  15. Now that August is upon us its time to look at reality in the mirror. Before this season started, we were left for dead. All of the baseball world laughed at us from the casual fan to a great majority of analysts. We proved all of these doubters right in the very beginning, justifying the lack of attendance in our stadium. But something funny happened along the way. We realized that we can compete and win. We are one of the better teams in all of baseball recently, call it a 'typical Marlin rally' But now its time to look at things as they are. Its time to stand up strong and let every
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