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  1. Dolphins had a Gators Night when Tim Tebow and the Broncos were in town. I don't see a problem with this. The problem is that both the Marlins and Dolphins are terribly run organizations
  2. @jason_kint: Marlins lose again now losing 75% of games. On pace for 122 - worst season since Cleveland Spiders in 1899. http://t.co/JPjrqK5ElN Naw you're right. Things are looking up!
  3. How did we lose if Jose Fernandez pitched a perfect game
  4. I can't see Hechevarria ever being solid at the plate Ever? He's a little young to give up on. You're right. I actually didn't realize he's as young as he is.
  5. The Rays are our little brother? Well I guess their franchise is technically younger but f*** me if their organization isn't 10 time more competent than ours.
  6. I don't understand why he's so enamored with Hechavarria. Is this guy legit
  7. They keep saying that we shouldn't trust their ability to acquire the right players for the team, so why the f*** did they keep this same FO?
  8. Everyone knows Selig is going to approve. Enough with that crap
  9. Just kill baseball in this town so I can become a Rays fan
  10. Not watching a single pitch until Loria is gone. This is f***ing BULLS***
  11. time for the commish to step in and dole out the franchise to everyone on this board Would love for this to happen.
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