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  1. ​That's how it should be. I know he caused the rain delay yesterday too ​Yup
  2. TheU gets blamed for everything, like the weather. Everything is always his fault.
  3. ​WELCOME BACK TO MB! Now get @MiRi to chime in too ​I'm just here so I don't get fined.
  4. I will be there with Maxx and Miri as well. You're taking us to D.C.? Bad ass. Woohoo!
  5. I'd rather just get a plain white tee shirt and write "Stanton" on the back. How fashionable. lol
  6. If you want to venture to Hialeah, go to Champs Outlet on 49th street. Lots of Marlins t-shirts for $4.99! I got a LoMo shirt. They also have Reyes, Stanton, Guillen, Buehrle, and Bell (ugh) shirts.
  7. Buehrle does have a reputation as a very honest person, so if he says that someone in the Marlins FO verbally "promised" him he wouldn't be traded, it may very well be true. However ... unless we hear a recorded conversation between them or a stenographer happened to be in the negotiations, we can't confirm this. I wouldn't put it past Samson or Loria to do that, though, in order to get what they wanted in Buehrle signing. Yea, he doesn't seem like the type to talk crap for the heck of it. I don't blame him for being upset.
  8. All that stuff is just way too sweet anyways. #debbiedowner More like Little Debbie Downer, amirite? Ha!!!
  9. All that stuff is just way too sweet anyways. #debbiedowner
  10. Juan C. Rodriguez �@JCRMarlinsbeat Beinfest: "We think we brought in championship quality talent." #marlins I just saw that. The guy is delusional.
  11. He had to move to Broward so he could keep his dog. They don't ban pit bulls, in fact, they encourage people to adopt them. http://www.humanebroward.com/php/pitbull.php
  12. Max is cooking up some burgers right now. They smell good too.
  13. Yes! The garlic rolls are to die for! I usually sit in the Gio Gonzalez booth (it's next to a signed picture of him) and cry into my pizza because I wish he was a Marlin.
  14. MiRi

    Pet Pictures

    Yes, I am liking every post with a pet pic in it. And what?
  15. MiRi

    Favorite cereal

    Froot Loops and Apple Jacks
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