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  1. If they pay Giancarlo, all will be forgiven lol No it won't, they need about 30 press conferences over 30 days to explain to me what their plan is for the future. I don't even care actually, I'll follow this team in 5 years when there is new management and the art sculpture is demolished.
  2. http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/story/20972787/marlins-owner-rips-team-and-city-apart-with-despicable-trade-and-must-be-stopped Giancarlo Stanton was pissed too. What a complete joke.
  3. Ozzie Guillen ‏@OzzieGuillen jays getting good players play hard whit fun good luck to my boys love thos guys they play hard for me and very profesional F all of this. Now there really is no sense in defending this team, I won't even do it. No reason or excuse for this to happen again.
  4. I don't think I've posted in about 4 years, but I've remained a fan over that time, and have been a fan since about 1995, when baseball returned from the strike. I can no longer be a fan of this team or spend another dime in support of this team as long as the current ownership remains in place. Miami is my home, and I will leave the door open to return when these guys get run out of town. But I'm not sure where I go next from here. This move is DISGUSTING. This goes way past the previous firesales. Way, way past. Those firesales may have felt like a slap in the face back then, but, frankly, the term "market correction" was not entirely inappropriate. Attendance was pretty low. Sure, the franchise made a butt load of money through profit sharing, but that was just the Marlins fleecing Major League Baseball. Now they've managed to fleece the city of Miami. During the worst economic slump in most of our lifetimes, they took $360 million from Miami taxpayers to build their stadium. We went along with this, in part, because they made us a lot of promises. They promised to field a competitive team. And then, in less than a year, they tore the team to shreds. If you are a citizen of Miami, if you have any municipal pride, I have no idea how you can continue to root for this team under this ownership. I mean, no offense, but they just played us all for a bunch of idiots. Look...they've already won. They played us for idiots, and they won. That money is gone, and we're not getting it back. This franchise is now worth three times what Loria payed for it, and much of that is because of this new stadium, which he tricked us into paying for. If you're OK with that, fine...continue to support this team. I will not go to another game and will not watch another game until this disgusting ownership is gone. And, as for Loria...how much money is enough? This man was ridiculously wealthy before he ever got into baseball, and now he's wealthier still. But at what cost? How much money is it worth to destroy your integrity and become a villain? I will never understand the motivation of such a man. Have another yacht, you doughy prick. I'm with ya too many fire sales this was the last straw.
  5. Matt Skole future Washington National starter.
  6. Good discussion, really. It's been fun.
  7. LeBlanc is a highly serviceable 3rd or 4th starter in my opinion... He certainly has shown that, no doubt.
  8. Sorry if I didn't explain what I meant, I re-read it and it sounded wrong. I'm not saying you can't be a good person without religion but for me it makes me a better person believing in Christ and believing in the Word of God and what it says.
  9. The fourth options is the best bet imo, it was tough considering Nolasco just through a complete game but I think his time has come and gone, let Eovaldi figure out the kinks and move on with the younger players. Johnson Buehrle Turner LeBlanc Eovaldi Looks good, don't know how long LeBlanc will have it or if Eovaldi will ever be a real true solid overall pitcher but he's had a few great games and no team is going to have all aces. Unless the FO which although is very doubtful tries to add another arm but I don't think its necessary at this point.
  10. Let him and Heath Bell battle it out in spring training. I'm not sold on Cishek or Bell for that matter but let em battle.
  11. Why would we move a guy who's been an ace most of his years and is improving every other start. The entire team doesn't suck there were just pieces.
  12. Really no reason to get rid of him at this point he's a proven veteran bat. Whether he's a starter of not is 50/50 on my table depends where LoMo is and what he does in a few months of play.
  13. It's been too long to consider him a fluke. Some players just take longer to figure things out. He should be a starter next year just by what he's done this year there is no reason to throw out someone unproven, assuming we fill one of the outfield spots (LF or CF). But if it is a fluke I hope he has at least 8 more years of fluke play.
  14. Those who give a sh*t about gay marriage who do not have a religious background are some of the worst people in the world. There's zero reason care what someone else is doing. People who have faith at least can justify their negativity towards the subject through their faith. Others who reject it without any faith or religious background have zero justifiable means (even if you're counting faith as justifiable...). Eh, I'm not sure that saying "I feel that it contributes to the tearing down of the fabric of society" or whatever is made any more valid by adding "because it's in this book." Sure it is, a lot of people who aren't Christians, have terrible lifestyles and don't care because heck it's who they are, why should they change. The Bible talks all about treating others with respect and being kind to people regardless of what they do to you. Why should I be nice outside of that, if the goal is to get a great job and make more money than you why the heck would I care about you or what happens to you, my goal is to get to the top faster than anyone. Outside of believing in Christ and the Word of God, only I matter in essence. But yea there are just "good" people, who chose to do the right thing, I understand that. To say it doesn't make it any more valid because it's in a book that people believe is the Word of God though is silly. It makes it more valid to me.
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