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  1. The center of Milwaukee and the center of Chicago are only 90 miles apart. And the Cubs have a ton of fans in the northern suburbs, as well as southern Wisconsin and even Milwakee, so it was a bunch of Cub fans there. For a lot of Cub fans, driving to Milwaukee is the eqivlent of driving from Miami to Palm Beach, so it's not all that far, especially considering it's a rare chance for a lot of them to see the Cubs in person since Wrigley is sold out everyday. Back on topic, even as a Sox fan and Cub hater, I don't mind Zambrano and issue congrats to him on his no hitter.
  2. He'll be a good one if he can keep his mechanics in order on a consistent basis. The White Sox may regret that trade one day in the near future, and if that day comes, it'll be because Gio is very good.
  3. Admittely, I'm not an expert on DD's days in Miami, but I would have to go with Beinfest here. He consistently keeps you guys in contention with almost no payroll, helped shape up key parts of the 2003 team, and avoids the dark ages that you had at times under DD. Dave is a guy that can't compete without payroll backing him up, and the same can't be said for Admin Beinfest, and nothing says "great GM" like competing without a lot of money IMO.
  4. Craig


    Ned Yost has to be the worst manager in baseball. This is the second year in a row they have just suddenly began to fall apart once August began. Are you kidding me? It's been 4 games (terrible sample size)...and they are 2-2 in August. Ahh that is right, the Cubs series was technically late July, my bad. My point still stands though, he has to be the worst manager in baseball. He will get the rest of the season to try and prove me wrong though, but I wouldn't be surprised if they miss the playoffs somehow.
  5. The media is in the tank for McCain. :lol :lol :lol I am just going to assume this is an attempt at humor. The media should be wearing a skirt and have pom poms when they talk about Barack Obama. Without the media, Miss Clinton would be McCain's opponent in the first place.
  6. Craig


    Ned Yost has to be the worst manager in baseball. This is the second year in a row they have just suddenly began to fall apart once August began. They should fire him now, but probably won't until it's too late (ie, the playoffs begin and they aren't in them).
  7. Obama is awful without the teleprompter, and he leads in the polls. He'd be stupid to debate McCain at this point.
  8. It's not about his political views, it's about the fact that he ran over a guy and kept going without stopping. He has then proceeded to deny that he did it. You clearly don't know much about brain tumors.
  9. It's not about his political views, it's about the fact that he ran over a guy and kept going without stopping. He has then proceeded to deny that he did it. You clearly don't know much about brain tumors.
  10. Wouldn't surprise me if Obama wanted this to get out there, however I think the logic behind that would not be to make himself look like some humble man. Rather, the logic would be use this to quell the neverending rumors that he's Muslim, which the stupid continue to believe for some reason. I hope that isn't the case though, that'd be low.
  11. It's for sure LF. The only reason you don't see ALL the bad fielders put out there is you have to at least be able to run a little bit to play OF, so if you can't, you go to 1B of course.
  12. Craig

    Manny Ramirez

    Article is pure ignorance and especially bitterness. They hadn't won in 86 years (well, it was 83 when he got there, but whatever), Manny produces there big time for just shy of 8 seasons, is maybe THE key guy for two world championships including winning a World Series MVP, and you say all that when he leaves? I know he left on bad terms and had been a pain in the ass the last month or so, but that doesn't change what he did for the Red Sox. I hate when people are like that when players leave, yeah he left on bad terms but he did great things in and for Boston.
  13. The Braves are staring a long term rebuilding project straight in the face now. Chipper, although talented, is still injury prone and getting old, Hudson is only signed through 2009 and he might not pitch again for them, Smoltz and Glavine very well may be done, and so on. The good news for them is they have A TON of money freeing up this off season and next, so they are well equipped to rebuild if they can get some production from their farm system and be prudent on the market.
  14. Well with the way it played out, we probably lose without Griffey tonight, so he paid dividends right away. He was 2 for 3 with both hits being 2 out, RBI singles. He also drew a walk and had a run scored, and even his only out of the night was a 400 foot flyout to right center that's a homer in almost any park in baseball (Kansas City's place is HUGE). He only had one ball hit to him in CF though, an easy popup, so we'll see there, but the Sox won 4-2 tonight so good start.
  15. lol my ex girlfriends cousin was traded for ken griffey junior. epic. have they released all the people yet? All we hear is griffey traded to chisox. Nick Masset and Danny Richar went to the Reds.
  16. It's good to see it looks like Anibal and Josh Johnson are both back for good and seem to have their stuff. I was worried Joe Girardi had ruined them forever for a while. If those two hold up, you guys have a great shot obviously with all that offense to go with it.
  17. I'm excited about this, but our pitching and defense have been pathetic lately. We'll go nowhere unless those things sure up, and this move doesn't address either at all obviously.
  18. Craig


    what are you talking about he is having a bad stretch, he has struggled all year w/ risp. he is not clutch at all. he can only bring in runs with an occasional homerun. but other than that he cant do crap. i think he puts too much pressure on himself cause after he signed that contract his batting average starting going down Well, first of all, he has a .300 batting average, .381 on base, and an OPS over .900, all in his realm of career norms, so it's not the contract messing with him because his numbers are on track. As for his RISP, that could be part bad luck, as well as part he doesn't bat a lot with RISP because he hits leadoff. I still don't think it's a big concern unless it becomes glaring down the stretch in August and September, I don't see Hanley as some sort of choker.
  19. Craig


    Hanley is the best all around player in the game, but everybody has bad stretches. He's not really a guy you should worry about too much.
  20. Starting Beckett doesn't affect the offense. Beckett would've won with 3 runs of support in the playoffs. He gave up 2 runs in 6 innings in game 1, so that's debateable. Not starting Beckett in game 4 was a horrid decision IF Beckett could have pitched, but to assume they'd have just won with those 3 runs if he pitched is not fair.
  21. People never seem to get that the basis and summary of Moneyball is the A's success with a low payroll in the early 2000's was based on developing their own pitching and finding everyday players with undervalued skills that they could afford. One of the undervalued skills in baseball, according to the book, is a big slow guy who get on base a ton (aka Beane's man crush on Youkilis) and an overvalued commodity in baseball is speed, and it's hard to argue either point. I firmly believe if the A's had a guy like Carlos Beltran in his prime who could go 40 for 45 in steals, they'd let him run at will since he basically never gets caught and would create better scoring chances. But the A's would never sign a guy like that on the FA market due to the price, and they haven't developed a guy like that, so they don't really steal much, and why would you steal if you are going to get caught a lot? It will only cost you offense. Billy Beane is a bit of an arrogrant prick, but his basic ideas in the book are very smart.
  22. Well I was going to rip on Tito for pitching Wakefield tonight, but if Beckett wasn't feeling well enough to go like Rosenthal implied, nevermind. But that is besides the point here, I think Cleveland just might be a superior team anyways. One more win, and the AL Central continues it's rightful strangehold on the AL Pennant, and with 3 different teams in 3 years to boot.
  23. Ron Zook for President, or Pope, or something. That's all I really have to say, what an amazing turnaround, and at least I have something now to help me survive the impending doom of Bruce Weber's basketball program.
  24. That ball might not land for a week, good God. Just Manny being Manny, and I'm sure the networks are THRILLED that all four series are 2-0.
  25. It baffles me that people think Matt Holliday should be MVP. I mean overall he shouldn't be as it is, but when you consider how Coors Field aided his numbers were, it becomes even more confusing why people think he deserves the award.
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