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  1. He decided to sell his soul to the people who won the White House for Bush in 2000 and 2004, and he's paying for it. It seems clear to me that he is obsessed with winning the Presidency at all costs. I'm sure he realizes that this is his last chance. you must not have noticed the unpopular positions he takes that are killing his candidacy for the nomination.
  2. At the very least, this President has done more to damage free speech and Constitutional rights than the last 42 before him combined. amazing.
  3. Clinton's questioning was on stuff not even remotely germane to the case on hand and led to the death of no one. Libby's, on the other hand, was, and the original crime probably led to the deaths of some of our best CIA NOCs who probably would be REALLY important in Iran right now (probably b/c they were there at the time Brewster Jennings was unmasked by our own government). and good lord that's a lot of obfuscating.
  4. scooter f***ing libby doesn't have to go to jail for two and a half years. BFD.
  5. I thought Virginia was widely known already for being a huge pain when it comes to tickets. I mean, when you drive through there on 95 there are signs everywhere that say "Speed Controlled By Aircraft" or something like that. I've definitely heard my share of stories. And I mean, it works pretty well because it's pretty much the only place I'm super careful not to speed based on reputation alone... It's also the only state (unless DC counts) that outright bans the use of radar detectors. It's official: Virginia sucks.
  6. I really think he came home and found his family dead and killed himself.....just a theory though. that's never ever how it works. a family (including kids) found dead in the home = murder suicide. rarely mass homicide. but never "OMG they've been murdered /end self."
  7. she's fine as hell of course, but her "teeth" gross me out.
  8. who's to say that this "injury" isn't just to save face? Didn't they say jorge julio was injured when they sent him down? Doesn't Willis throw warm up tosses? Don't the trainers look at him prior to starting? Just an old fashoned woopin if you ask me. they pulled him after *one* inning. it's clearly injury-related.
  9. Two years isn't enough time to evaluate a new GM's performance. I don't think a GM can really do his job well if he's fighting to not be fired in four months. If anything, that the extension was only one year suggests that he's on his way out if things don't improve
  10. UPS almost always beats the sh*t out of my packages. It's like they kick them around in transit, just to make sure they're in bad shape when they get to your door. This has been the case with UPS deliveries to everywhere I've lived since HS. My friends complain about it, too.
  11. I'll rephrase that from "Cookie cutter conservative" to "I regurgitate whatever our fearless leader, President Bush says" :thumbup The basis of my statement was to point out the irony of what I hear so often from the Administration and those who are suckers for it. Those are honestly the type of things I would've expected jimmyjack to post. And I don't think there have been too many administrations in recent times that have actually been at odds with their political base as much as this one.
  12. "It annoys everybody, but errors are part of the game, and really, you've got to keep working at it," manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "It's one of those things. I think it will get better. It's got to get better." he doesnt think about how to fix things...he thinks things will just f***in fix themselves.....Joe went out of his way last year to address problems. What he says to reporters doesn't necessary reflect what he does in the clubhouse to address the issue. You can't scare players into not making errors by yelling at them in the press.
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