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  1. :balloons Happy Birthday! :balloons
  2. feel old now, always used to get his autograph as a Portland Sea Dog when he came to play the Reading Phillies I think I still have his signature on a 1997 Sea Dogs ticket stub as well, and he threw a foul ball to me when he was playing left field at Hadlock Field. Good times... I'm glad he had a long productive career!
  3. sounding like Redmond's the frontrunner, if that wasn't obvious already. What did you hear? I actually see Price as the favorite considering the front office wants to go back to pitching and defense. It looks like Price just withdrew his name from consideration.
  4. MarlinsMY


    We didn't get the full effects of it here in Maine, but over 88,000 people lost power. Despite being right on the coast (and being told the coast would be the most dangerous), I never lost power for more than 4 or 5 seconds, and that only happened a few times. The downside is that it seems one of those brief outages might have damaged my (2 month old!) desktop - it isn't recognizing that a hard drive exists 100% of the time. At least it's under warranty, and after seeing the damage the storm caused elsewhere, I shouldn't be complaining.
  5. I can see what items were ordered but not who ordered them. It could make for a fun guessing game... and yes I was very impressed with the person who bought it. I guess I spoiled it for you in my previous post then.
  6. Percentage of each item. Nice - I've been looking at some Adobe software recently. If I decide to go ahead with it, I'll be sure to use the link. :thumbup
  7. I forget - when somebody orders something through the link, does the site get a flat commission or is it based on the amount of the order?
  8. Shame it happend, not too upset since he's on the Stankees. Got to wonder if this speeds up Pettite's time table for return? Apparently not: "If I lost every starter in the Yankees rotation, I still wouldn't slot Andy in there." Source: MLB.com That would be good for me - there's a chance Andy will pitch in Portland next week, although the Yankees have said they don't want him to pitch on the road in the minors...
  9. We don't have too many of those restaurants here in Maine (except for McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's, of course). A Five Guys opened in Portland about 11 months ago (and only a 5 minute walk from work too!), but I had previously had tried them while visiting my grandmother in Ohio a few years ago. They are great, and I enjoy how generous they are with the amount of fries you get. (I once saw them put in two additional scoops of fries into the bag, which already contained a full cup of fries.) The customization of toppings is also a huge plus, so I would vote for them with the caveat
  10. We need a MODERATOR to change the name of this thread to the official GIANCARLO Stanton Man Crush... surprised it hasn't happened yet. Done. :thumbup
  11. Merry Christmas everyone! (Or, perhaps have a good RamaHanuKwanzMas!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCo5b-zZPaY
  12. Since the Marlins have 5 retired Pujols should wear $$ on the back of his uniform Yeah, that's true, what happens there? ... That's what all these meetings are for. Unretiring the number. I remember there was talk about management actually unretiring the number after the name change. Their explanation was that, as we all know, the Miami Marlins have no connections to that "other" team that was named after a state and so history resets itself... but I guess this was probably the real reason.
  13. As for how I like the new name and look, let's put it this way - I won't be changing my avatar anytime soon.
  14. FansEdge.com is having a promotion this weekend (expires 10/23) where you can get 20% off everything in your cart by using the promo code "FRNDFAM2." There isn't much (good) Marlins merchandise already on sale, but the coupon might help with some of the other items. (Although it's unreasonably expensive at $284.99, they're at least still selling the authentic road jersey with "Florida" on the front, which is no longer listed on the MLB shop.)
  15. Coca-Cola hands down... Dr. Pepper /thread ...but it can't win the Cola Wars because... http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8xHMhu39yM
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