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  1. Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania to determine Top Scot? Good luck having a Hell in a Cell cage hoisted in the air at Sun Life. Didn't specifically say this Wrestlemania. This feud needs a full year to develop. Howsabout an Irn-Bru on stick deathmatch with guest ref Roddy Piper?
  2. It was good to see Sheamus get the push, Jericho will come back from this and challenge Punk at Mania. Shea v Bryan.
  3. Things heating up here in Scotland as the demise of Rangers FC looks imminent :dancehead
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. Dissapointed that it looks unlikely for tickets to the game, we wont be able to make the Monday game as we are heading to Raw at the AAA arena. How much do you reckon StubHub tickets would be? under $100?
  5. Hi guys, New to the forum, just looking for a little advice/info... There are 7 of us heading to Miami from Scotland and we plan to take in the first game of the MLB season at the new ballpark against the Cardinals. I was wondering what are chances are of getting tickets, with it being the opening day & the first game in the new stadium/rebrand - do you think we'll be ok for getting them? We are heading to WrestleMania a few days prior and have got tickets to watch the Heat too - so really looking forward to it Any ideas for nights out, places we should hit whilst in the area? Any help would be appreciated. :thumbup
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