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  1. It was halarious!!! There are 3 types of people in the world, Dicks, Pussies and a**holes...that was the greatest thing ever.
  2. Well, I went to a christian chool growing up and I was taught both theories of evolution and creation. Neither was taught as the truth and I think thats how it should be. I think thats how schools should do it. If a christian school can teach both why the hell can't public schools.
  3. BreakDown


    Bradcore...WHAT THE f*** DUDE????
  4. Oh and I was going off some results according to wrestlezone.com by the way. They tell you way mroe s*** than WWE.com..am I getting paid to promote this?
  5. Dude, I wasn't trying to get technical, I was just stating the facts of the wrestlers they are letting go. yes I had forgoten to add a few a bunghole wrestlers ( Accept Test and Stomboli. ) but hell dude. Get all obsessive ober it only to prove a wreslting fantic sypmtom.
  6. - Kevin Nash - Spanky - Zach Gowen - Ernest Miller - Bill Goldberg - Brock Lesnar - Farooq - Terri Runnels - Stone Cold Steve Austin - Brian Christopher - Scott Steiner - Chavo Guerrero Sr. - Jacqueline - Rue DeBona - Sakoda - Rikishi - Sable - Jamie Noble - Tom Prichard - Pat Patterson - A-Train - Billy Gunn - Test - Gail Kim - Nidia - Chuck Palumbo Thats a damn long list. So many talanted wrestlers up there. What is your opinion on all of these and who would you like to see return the most. Pick at least 3 if you can. For me, Stone Cold, Goldberg, Ernest Miller hehehe
  7. I voted for Bush, so I am really freakin happy he won. Kerry's whole campaign as spent making fun of Bush and not touching enough issues. He sucks. Viva la Bush!
  8. Just to throw in my 2 cents worth, not that anyone cares. I don't think it's anything we should worry about right now. America is still a country. Once america follows in the steps of other cultures and has it's great downfall, when we are a country divided thats when we should start watching out for the signs of the end. America is heading there though. We have become arrogant, relaxed and advanced in technology. All of the old sins from the bible, we are commiting and accepting on a daily basis. Just for one... The cities of Sodom and Gommorah were destroyed with fire and brimstone for their sins of homosexuality. Now I am not personally prejudice, but if we keep following in the steps we are going in now America will no longer be. We will end up like, Egypt, Rome and Babylonia. A shadow of what greatness we could have been.
  9. The best way I found to get over someone... I just tell myself that if it didn't work out then it wasn't meant to be. Go on with life because as time goes by, so will pain and tell yourself you could do better. Even if you can't Just to give yourself a little boost of confidence.
  10. BreakDown


    Unforuntaly I could only make one choice, but me and Mary are good friends
  11. I only go a few years younger than me. 17 is the youngest I'll go. I'm almost 20. I think thats fair.
  12. Ok dammit!!! Mine is the best and that is all there is to it!!! Viva la Breakdown... Oh and I have no idea what was going on with the trash talking and stuff at the begining, but that was pretty crazy you guys. And second to my sig...is Joe's!!! Cause he is the man!
  13. Mine is just my favorite video game sequel and my favorite movie. I used to do things with hidden meaning.
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