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  1. I guarantee at least 80% of casual Marlin fans have a new team after the trade. Yankees and Rays probably the two top choices. I am not going anywhere.
  2. maybe we use the money for Josh Hamilton, Greinke and David Wright. and maybe I have started using drugs, hallucinogenic Cocaine is a hell of a drug but not hallucinogenic LSD
  3. I am a fan of this team, not the ownership. It's like a marriage - for better or for worse
  4. fyi, I am watching the game tonight.
  5. The FO promised a good competitive team this year - what did we get? I team that is 10 games under .500 and trading away the most popular player on the Marlins (not the most liked, but most popular). What do you expect? A sell out? The FO did not keep their promise.
  6. I LOVE Greg Colbrunn - that shows how long I have been a fan .
  7. I am fine with LoMo's opinion about the subject, but taking a picture was way over the top. Just say this man followed LoMo on twitter (never know) and saw this picture. Logan would be in deep do-do. Just shows how disrespectful Logan really is. Having an opinion about this subject is fine but sometimes he needs to tone it down. Not sure what Logan's girlfriend sees in him, oh wait - $$$$$$.
  8. I think Tommy was all for brining Brantly up. Can't be worse than Buck or Hayes - hit over .200 and he is a king.
  9. Who is this Hanley we are all talking about? He doesnt exist to me anymore.
  10. Is Brantly in New Orleans or jacksonville? NOLA
  11. I hate the feeling of seeing our players in other uniforms.
  12. He's also a recovering drug and alcohol addict. I'm not sure Miami would be the place for him. If he wanted to relapse, he would. Doesnt matter what team he plays for. I work with that population and if they want drugs/alcohol - they will find a way. Would not make a difference if he played for us.
  13. I just got home from work. What happen today?
  14. I can barely watch this, I am so nervous.
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