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  1. Exactly. I think everyone is being a bit too hard on (giggity) P-Dog. He's not that bad. I listened to Scully in the past and fell asleep every time. Still miss Tommy doh. .
  2. Stanton can look so bad for like a week to the point where you're like "omg he sucks so bad. everybody knew it was gonna be a slider away and he still flailed at it. He'll never get another hit, he's done. He's terrible" Then he gets hot again and you're like "oh yeah. He's bae. I luhh you big G" .
  3. DolphinJohn

    Dee Gordon

    Some really stupid shit right here. You probably think saying a guy is throwing a no-hitter will jinx it too, right? .
  4. Eyelid? I think anyone would miss time if they lost an eyelid. I think you meant eyelash. Proofread, you fucking black cloud, mopey, doomsday motherfucker. You're like Shleprock and Eeyore had a fucking kid. Tired of your culture of douchebaggerry schtick. It's getting old. .
  5. Big G says shave this Mr. Loria This is from the Marlins' Facebook page today with the headline "Photo Day" [ATTACH]593._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  6. Compensation will be in the form of cuban sandwiches and Burger 305.
  7. Can't believe they thought it was the best decision to fire Tommy and not have an actual replacement in mind. Like, an actual experienced announcer/color guy. FP Santangelo was impossible to listen to. I don't know if it was just the shit he talked about the Marlins or his general douchery, but I wanted to punch him. I'm glad that fell through. If that guy was their only guy with experience on the list of possibilities..... so Loria. So damned Loria lol. Eat crow and ask Tommy back. Seriously. The freaking crybaby players complained he was overly critical of them? Give me a break!! Don't suck so bad and you won't be criticized. It's his damn job to be factual and call out players not doing there job, is it not??? Still pissed about this... .
  8. Another Bible boy. What's up with all the hardcore Christians? I mean, whatever you want to believe is cool but there seems to be a lot of it with the Marlins...
  9. I think Lincecum is the type of guy the Marlins love to sign. It's a recognizable name with a stellar past and a long shot to bounce back. I don't hate the idea, don't really love it either but if they can get him for a reasonable price, what the hell, why not. Maybe they're right about the surgery giving him a little velocity back and it's enough to make him effective again.
  10. I think McCready is a better guitarist but Stone's ok. [ATTACH]579._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  11. How many warning track or off-the-wall shots did Stanton hit? Is there a chart for how many more he would have had. I watch virtually every game and I don't think the number is that high. Maybe I'm wrong. Big whiny pussy. Suck it up, G!! .
  12. I'm curious why you chose an apostrophe instead of typing out the actual word addresses. I'm weird like that though. .
  13. Godzilla face palm this someone please!!
  14. Admin thinks Chris Johnson is dreamy. [ATTACH]562._xfImport[/ATTACH] He doesn't look douchey at all. Nawww. .
  15. So, is he really an asshole and bad for the clubhouse, or was it just the beef with Jose? Because, honestly, Jose can be pretty immature and overly excited which rubs some people the wrong way. Especially people not rooting for the Marlins and watching him dominate hitters and then hit his first major league home run and watch it go out and then showboat around the bases. Don't get me wrong, at the time I wanted someone to knock Johnson's teeth out and he was definitely doing the old "hold me back guys" thing, but I can forgive that and I'm sure Jose will too. .
  16. Oooh!! You a tough guy!! You going to tell Mr. Puig he's a little bitch to his face? I don't think so lol .
  17. Still can't believe they fucking fired Tommy. .
  18. The Marlins with Jose at the winter meetings is like me at the club on a Saturday night... I'm the badass dude all the chicks want but I just keep holding out for that hot dime piece, and end up going home alone and masturbating... so much that I end up needing elbow surgery again. .
  19. Guys, Brad Hand just had a baby, named him Vince.
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