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  1. Bour got long and bailed out Hech there.
  2. ​Take that bag off your head.....
  3. I like Morse, and hope he can get it going, but Bour is every bit if not more of a power threat. I don't think Bour is a downgrade defensively either so far.
  4. popped him awww (am I allowed to say it like that?)
  5. ​Praise Him!! [ATTACH]263._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  6. doesn't he know all he needs is a slider away????
  7. Like me before the casserole, we look hungry!!
  8. I'm not saying Ubaldo looks shady, but if he lived in my neighborhood I'd ADT the shit outta my house.
  9. Guys, no worries. I made my special never fail slump-buster casserole. We got this one. Book it.
  10. ​uh huh, uh huh, I liiiike it uh huh, uh huh
  11. I'm smart as a horse and hung like Einstein!!!
  12. ​I'm on food stamps and have an average at best penis!! I'm perfect!!
  13. ​For the hot chick with the horse commercial.
  14. Phelps: "I forgot there was a guy on first, lol"
  15. Lead off walks grind my gear (I only have one)
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