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  1. Nobody is spending big because of Covid uncertainty
  2. And may God have mercy on their ERA
  3. I think players from the kbo are interesting, there is so much breaking ball bullshit in that league, that if the guy can actually get a fastball he could be viable
  4. It was nice to see progress from Brinson. But let's not pretend he was lighting anything up.
  5. Caroline O'Connor, BTW, is an awesome executive as well. Was on a path that could end at Fortune 500 CEO when she joined the Marlins.
  6. A top starting arm, a top end of bullpen arm, and a hitter will add most of the $45 they are away. Arbitration and etc. will do the rest. That's assuming they plan to go that way
  7. I don't think Kintzler is their closer going forward with everything that has hit the market this week. So, if they wanted to keep him at $4m as a setup man, that'd be another thing
  8. It appears that this might not be going very well
  9. I like Mattingly, I don't think he is really all that bad in-game. He's decidedly average. But he appears to be a great teacher of the game, and a great leader for the team. He is sticking with the platoon a bit too much with Joyce, and I still don't know why Dickerson gets the most at-bats. But he's missing Marte, which puts a solid hole in the lineup.
  10. Every time Joyce gets a plate appearance, God kills a kitten.
  11. No mop up bullshit because of 22 straight games or something like that. No random filler starters because of double headers, none of it
  12. The Braves were 1 better than a season split with the Marlins. The fact that a few of the games got way out of hand means nothing,
  13. Here's hoping he looks bad all series and doesn't get another chance because we win
  14. Even if we don't get any runs here we have to make Darvish throw 20 pitches so we can be done with him
  15. We'll hear rather soon on Marte if it is a break, because the X-Ray machine will be fired up really quickly. If there were a post-game show, we might be watching them talk about it right now
  16. He has a chant, his last name has 2 syllables. Let's go Kintzler, clap, clap, clap clap clap
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