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  1. Loving it from section 19
  2. Woooo! He threw that thing everywhere but thankfully they were swinging
  3. If the team scored runs, you could flip his win-loss around. I appreciate his peripherals making us worried about regression, but I have no problem with that every team gets somebody due to tradition.
  4. Probably move Walker to some team that needs bench depth, or if somebody has injury problems. We could get something back for Castro if we pick up some of his money. Conley has no value right now. Nobody's going to want Granderson. The Urena injury puts him out of the equation. Somebody should trade for Rojas, he is exactly the kind of valuable bench asset a contender requires
  5. Well, at least it seems likely we will exceed a negative 1 million expectation
  6. So what's the limit on downvotes? Should have just gone back to old Billy in the new fucking uniform
  7. This just in, the Marlins have a history of trading Talent. In related news, sky, blue.
  8. If he doesn't play really well, he's not going to end up with that season in 21
  9. If he plays really well, he becomes tradable.
  10. Pretty good return, definitely better than some of the stuff we got last year.
  11. Personally, I like having a third base coach whose nickname would be windmill
  12. The 2005 team was better than last year's team, particularly in pitching, and the farm system was better. As far as this batch of trades, there are too many people with 2019 and later ETAs to judge anything.
  13. Not the managing owner. Loria was the owner, in the way people mean when they say owner, not those guys in Montreal with 5%. Jeter is the CEO, that is a role where he can be out there talking, along with hill. Just like Epstein and Hoyer are (to use the Cubs example). Instead, the Herald, which will always hate the Marlins, doubly so due to Sherman, defines the story.
  14. Not fair, with all 4 pitching to their potential it could be as high as 26th.
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