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  1. About 10 years after I was hoping for him to be here. But oh well. Welcome aboard.
  2. They should make the playoffs this year. It would be nice if they could win a round. They're history is almost the same as the Marlins history. Not much there except for a sparse few playoff appearances. The only difference is the Marlins have won a couple of championships. And most of both franchises' issues have been underwhelming ownership.
  3. That was disappointing yesterday. The bullpen needs to do a better job. Hopefully we get the win today.
  4. Alcantra gave a little stare there. Fuckin A brotha.
  5. I didn't even read the article yet. But one way he changed the culture was by making the situation not about him, but about the baseball and about the organization itself. Unlike some other owner I know.
  6. Ya. Probably the Reds. But the Braves don't do second rounds.
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