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  1. Mr. Man

    New Logo Coming

    I wish. It's been a while.
  2. Mr. Man

    New Logo Coming

    Yes, please do this. Been a long time comin.
  3. Mr. Man

    Home Run Sculpture is going bye bye

    That...definitely had to go.
  4. Mr. Man

    Henry Cavill will leave Warner' DC Universe

    Yeah, DC is losing this fight with Marvel in the movie category. They need to just start from scratch. Bring in the right people to make their films.
  5. Mr. Man

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    I was totally prepared for a 100 loss or more team before the season. That said, I haven't been following closely enough to predict whether they will lose a 100 games or not, with the amount of games left.
  6. It's not like they're going for a championship next season. Let Mattingly go through all the growing pains, and save money paying an extra salary for a new manager.
  7. Mr. Man

    How do you feel about all this?

    The one thing there that's in the forefront of my mind right now is the rebranding.
  8. Mr. Man

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    If the right deal comes around, you trade him. It's not like he's 23, by the time this team is competitive he'll probably be in his 30s, and on the decline. You'll be building around a 30 + year old.
  9. Mr. Man

    Marlins team rankings in key NL stats

    The one that's most likely to improve is defense (fielding percentage).
  10. Guerrero is nice. But generally speaking, inside of a rebuild the real excitement comes from a position player or a starting pitcher with plus plus tools and/or stats. Plus the fact that he's already 27.
  11. Mr. Man

    04-21-2018 Marlins @ Brewers

    Still not in last place overall, amazingly.
  12. Yeah, exactly that.
  13. Mr. Man

    4-19 Marlins at Brewers

    Just securing that top draft slot.
  14. And that's why they should definitely trade Realmuto if the right offer comes along. They need a lot more talent.
  15. Well, they still haven't gone through their first draft yet, so, eh. That's the last element of bringing in talent to the organization that the new ownership group hasn't done yet. That's what some of these teams that we're trying to emulate did, like Houston and Washington. If they (the Marlins) can get some studs at the top of the draft, that could make an impact. And yes studs, because they will obviously need more than one, and they will most likely have a chance to get more than one considering they should be picking at the top of the draft for multiple drafts in a row, like what Houston and Washington did.

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