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  1. Got to see them wearing it in play, to get a feel for how they really look.
  2. Anything that doesn't remind me of the Loria era when I look at the Marlins is a good thing.
  3. Moving the statue AND changing the outfield wall colors. That's been the biggest problem with the Marlins franchise, the owners don't take the baseball seriously. They don't treat it like a baseball franchise, it's a toy. Too much focus on everything but baseball. The Marlins need to move away from that mentality as much as possible. That's why the Marlins need to avoid the "novelty" mentality more than most teams.
  4. It will be refreshing getting a good redo, if it's good. It stinks being stuck with:
  5. It was be good if we could pick someone like that in the draft.
  6. Yeah, I can see that. Sounds good to me. And like someone said, bonus, gives a middle finger to Loria.
  7. All in all, I got no complaints about the new ownership. I knew things weren't going to be perfect, never will be (unrealistic expectation), but they seem to be serious about the baseball side of things. That's all I ask. It's a work in progress, so I'm not expecting them to be any good on the field any time soon. But I think they're on the right track.
  8. I'm more confident in the FO taking the draft more serious than the previous regime.
  9. I hope it's it looks like a legit MLB uniform. Enough with the side shows.
  10. I wish. It's been a while.
  11. Yes, please do this. Been a long time comin.
  12. Yeah, DC is losing this fight with Marvel in the movie category. They need to just start from scratch. Bring in the right people to make their films.
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