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  1. Yes, it was nice to get some actual emotion.
  2. Saw this posted on reddit and didn’t think it was possible for me to want the Marlins to go to the World Series more than I did. But I’d feel so happy for Donnie if we could do it for him... “If Don Mattingly is part of your team, you do not make it to the World Series. The Yankees got to the World Series in 1981. Don Mattingly joined the team in 1982, and played for the team until 1995. They never made the World Series during that time period. The year after Mattingly retired, the Yankees went to the World Series. In fact, they went 6 times in the next 8 seasons, ending wit
  3. Jeter needs to hire Bartman right now and have him sit down the line.
  4. I love all you fellow die hards so much right now.
  5. I just remembered I have $100 in fanatics gift cards! Woohoo!
  6. I wish I had money. Guess I’ll wait for the World Series cap.
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