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  1. Most frustrating game I’ve seen in a long time.
  2. Someone needs to check our bats for holes.
  3. Put Andy in right and get Joyce the fuck out of here. Who can play 3rd?
  4. Give Yelich away for 3 guys who suck ass and another who doesn’t even want to play. What a joke.
  5. That Yelich trade is looking even worse now.
  6. Monte please for the love of god get a hit.
  7. This guys swings look absolutely pathetic.
  8. Pretty sure it’s the stadium speakers.
  9. Nice! Thank god the home plate ump wasn’t making that call.
  10. Looks kinda out to me but they won’t overturn it.
  11. Offense needs to wake the fuck up. Let’s go!
  12. The ump sucks ass but you can’t put this all on him.
  13. We bad news bear - “miamibaseball”
  14. Mattingly is finally getting pissed.
  15. Yea please put the mask on. I don’t even want to look at your face.
  16. I’d almost rather have Binson in over Joyce.
  17. That kid should pop out every time we hit a home run a la the Mets Apple.
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