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  1. Wow another guy calls it. This board is psychic. Thanks Punisher!
  2. Cishek kinda looks like the seed of chucky
  3. We need dirtyarcade to call another Stanton home run.
  4. So according to Rich and Tommy, Cishek is Rube Baker? I knew it was too good to be true. Hah
  5. If this game is not over in 20 minutes, I'm going to bed. I haven't slept in about 38 hours and I'm starting to see things. Being the nite owl that I am, I live for these late night games but I'll take a win now!
  6. so. who do we bring in once cishek's out of gas? My guess would have been Donnie Murphy but I think he's out of the game. Rich and Tommy said that Petersen has an inning under his belt. Scoreless at that.
  7. Cishek is the man. How did Ozzie not know this in the 9th??
  8. Holy crap that's a lot of different colored hats. I wish you could buy half the stuff they have at the stadium store online. Does anyone know if I can park for free in the garages if I wanna go to the stadium store on an off day?
  9. I'm guessing they are going to delay it until later in the season. There's a good chance that they've already been produced.
  10. Omg this looks amazing. Hope I'll be able to find it online somewhere cuz Showtime blows.
  11. Haha I'm not surprised the first base ump is Angel Hernandez. What a tool.
  12. I hate to make my first post so negative but what the hell. I'm really surprised with the reaction to this thing. I think it's hideous. I'm not sure we should really care too much, but this definitely isn't going to help our reputation at all.
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