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  1. Damn even more than I thought.
  2. Confirmed he’s also doing the score bug.
  3. BALLY641 is now working guys.
  4. Just tried again and it worked. Thanks man.
  5. How long until we get underground power lines?
  6. That’s how you play small ball. Love it.
  7. I guess I couldn’t be surprised.
  8. Did dude really just try to frame that pitch in the dirt?
  9. Lol I just tried to email through the ballpark app to see what’s up with the code and the email came back undeliverable saying the address doesn’t exist 🤔
  10. I guess the score bug guy is drunk again.
  11. I just tried and it didn’t work for me either hmm.
  12. 4/15 BALLY641 hmm it doesn’t appear to be working for some reason even though they are still showing it on the broadcast.
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