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  1. I think Don knows it doesn’t really matter who he puts in.
  2. That’s what I thought too but I just found this on some site... “Papa John’s Pizza has a great ongoing promotion at their Miami, Florida metro locations. When the Marlins win AND score 5 or more runs in a game, you get 50 percent off your entire order!”
  3. Wow Riley looking like caca.
  4. Can anyone confirm do the marlins really need to win AND score 5 runs for that papa johns deal to work? Obviously all I care about is pizza.
  5. Wow what a boner killer. I was so excited when the Marlins got that 5th run cuz I want to try that new bbq pizza at papa johns tmw at 50% off.
  6. How unbeecoming of you!
  7. Not even 2 pages. So sad.
  8. Of course Naylor hits his first HR against us. Future HOF’er.
  9. I thought you turned the game off.
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