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  1. If only we could get Chen’s contract back once we saw the writing on the wall. Why the double standard?
  2. Maybe he shouldn’t have signed a 6 year contract then So sick of hearing this.
  3. Hmm, do you know how big the file size is?
  4. Is there anything more annoying in baseball than the Braves chant? Jesus
  5. BTW, if you still have your Xbox you should check out Microsoft rewards. I haven’t paid for Xbox live in years.
  6. Add me for The Show then!
  7. Someone needs to photoshop Grandy in Willy Wonka’s outfit. That would be epic.
  8. I play on Xbox. Add me. Same name.
  9. I like the color of our new walls more in the game than IRL.
  10. Is this kid related to Antonio Alfonseca??
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