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  1. What an awesome moment that was! Now I’m really gonna regret not picking up some Isan cards a couple months ago.
  2. Ok fuck it. Now I want to win.
  3. Puello is seriously a terminator.
  4. Actually I kinda prefer to lose. I hate to say it and have never felt like this before but at this point let’s get a better draft pick.
  5. There should be a Marlinsbaseball patch we can all wear so we know if we play each other.
  6. I can’t remember the last time if ever we didn’t play on a Friday. Anyone know why?
  7. I dunno. He’s obviously no Jose Fernandez but I was excited to watch every time Gallen started right NOW. With that said, I do get the trade I guess I’m just a little bummed too.
  8. So sick of losing games due to shitty umps. Please bring on the robots.
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