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  1. Explosions heard at Manchester Arena

    I am disgusted
  2. Dave Hyde Flys With Loaded Handgun

    I love how I continue to live rent free in your head
  3. Dave Hyde Flys With Loaded Handgun

    Piazza? Yes he is. Like all liberals.
  4. Dave Hyde Flys With Loaded Handgun

    Correct. And he's done this with multiple posts lately. He's purposely implying that I am gay which shows he thinks it is an insult to call someone gay.
  5. Dave Hyde Flys With Loaded Handgun

    Your consistent homophobia says a lot about you. I'm not gay but I have no problem with those that are. You apparently are closeted and hate yourself for it.
  6. Liberals have to stop being offended so easily. He didn't mean anything by it, the word can have more than one use. Even some LGBQTIDJEIND+ people said they weren't offended and they knew it wasn't his intent.
  7. Right, we're the sheep. Not the liberals.
  8. Interesting findings here. https://shorensteincenter.org/news-coverage-donald-trumps-first-100-days/?utm_source=POLITICO.EU&utm_campaign=ab6d830a9d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_05_19&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_10959edeb5-ab6d830a9d-189799085 80 percent negative coverage from the media and that includes Fox News. 92% from CNN.
  9. You have to admit I'm being the decent mature one here and that should say a lot. Piazza can't stop making lude jokes. He must be a child or at least has the brain of one.
  10. Is that today's narrative?
  11. If it quacks a duck and looks like a duck, it is a duck. Deny what you are if you wish. Das Texan did the same at one point before openly embracing the fact he is a liberal.
  12. First: "He won't get the nomination" Second: "He won't win the election" Third: "He'll resign" LOL you democrats are hilariously sad, You keep being wrong and then setting yourselves up for more letdowns. He will not quit. You get your way when colleges cave to your "demands". The President will not cave and he has no reason to when there has been ZERO evidence despite years now of investigations and spying on him and his campaign.