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  1. Kevin Pillar suspended 2 games for homophobic slur

    Liberals have to stop being offended so easily. He didn't mean anything by it, the word can have more than one use. Even some LGBQTIDJEIND+ people said they weren't offended and they knew it wasn't his intent.
  2. So I get shit if I post only in that forum and I get shit if I post elsewhere. What do you pansies want?
  3. You getting fired up about what he said tells me you're the one that needs to lighten up.
  4. Marlins Sale Rumors

    He's married to an immigrant
  5. Every time someone posts that term, you reply asking what it means. Just look it up already, cuck.
  6. Offensive of MLB to assume the gender of these players. I thought we are not supposed to tag genders on people? Maybe these players were identifying as women on that day.
  7. Cuck moments

    Next up, every post by this guy - http://www.marlinsbaseball.com/profile/5-das-texan/
  8. Cuck moments

    This will be the place to find any and all cuck related stories. Let me kick this baby off with this piece - http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/11/03/harvard-cancels-mens-soccer-season-over-sexually-explicit-scouting-reports.html Yes folks, men behaved like men so the cuck administrators couldn't allow it
  9. Miami Dade Commission Approves Jose Fernandez Ave

    People like him are incapable of being funny. it has been proven that the liberal cucks lack a sense of humor
  10. Miami Dade Commission Approves Jose Fernandez Ave

    You parade yourself around as a wonderful lover of all people and then you make a joke about the death of a young man and two of his young friends.
  11. Miami Dade Commission Approves Jose Fernandez Ave

    Wow that is pretty low brow humor, you should be ashamed.
  12. PC Cancer

    http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/26/living/halloween-costume-ideas-flowchart-trnd/?iid=ob_homepage_deskrecommended_pool this is fucking sad
  13. 2016 Playoffs

    I have been triggered
  14. Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller

    Good grief. @el penguino you see this shit?
  15. Steve Bartman

    Another liberal who wants to seem "smarter than the room". Do you all get a handbook? FYI you forgot to say "literally" in there. You may lose a cuck point or two.