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  1. I mean I’m pretty sure Realmuto is a major bait during the trade deadline.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not here by the end of July..
  2. At least Brinson has a positive attitude ?
  3. Crazy game. But ultimately this was blown by the bullpen. Not going to pin this on Cashner, game should have been over with a 4 run lead.
  4. Mattingly decides to spare JT and McGowan's lives. What a softy.
  5. I keep zoning in and out of consciousness
  6. Well one came up on the screen and I got scared.
  7. Fun fact, I have achondroplasiaphobia
  8. Stanton monster dong to center, me too.
  9. I almost want to cry. I'm so happy.
  10. Crawford isn't going to score. Calling it!
  11. I have tickets for Tuesday's game maybe they'll let me in?
  12. I'm not gonna lie. I almost don't care anymore. I just want to go to bed.
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