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  1. I don't understand O'Brien's nickname. O's hit the's truck out a gain?"
  2. I don't speak Spanish, how would I say #FuckJeter en español?
  3. He got 5 hits in 2 AB? Call that sorcerer up IMMEDIATELY
  4. Are you saying I should become a Marlins player so I can learn Spanish?
  5. Dammit, it was Chen that gave up quatro. Oh well, close enough
  6. How many home runs does Ureña allow tonight?
  7. I always thought it was T.O., but seeing the uncropped pic after all these years I feel like an idiot (still don't know who it is though)
  8. That was such a winnable game but then Chad Wallach exists so nah
  9. How he has a roster spot over Holaday is beyond my comprehension and paygrade
  10. I think she finally stopped shouting, someone must have finally bought some ICE COLD LEMONADE
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