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  1. This was a dumb post that I almost remember, but the replies are giving me some hope. WE CAN DO THIS MARLINS FAM. // FISH WORLD SERIES CHAMPS 2020 // yeah ok maybe I've had a few adult beverages tonight too, sue me
  2. So Brinson still sucks huh, Shame but the clock is ticking buddy
  3. I don't know the logistics -- obviously the deadline passed, But what kind of package could we offer this offseason Pitching depth but they have that too. I'm kinda drunk and thinking in pipe dreams, but is there any somewhat realistic way to make something like this happen?
  4. Tanaka gave up 12 runs to the Red Sox like a week ago
  5. Padres really got the raw end of this deal considering he's been retired for 23 years
  6. Why do you seem to be using a camera from 2006?
  7. Look closely at the sign at the bottom of the Marlins locker, it states that #16 and #42 are retired but 16 never was officially retired by the team.
  8. No idea why so many players are visiting Illinois this time of year
  9. I read this as "get 3-6 outs an inning" and was about to say the catcher either needs to stop dropping so many 3rd strikes or Richards needs to become the highest paid pitcher in history
  10. What a dumb article. You can't say a team is "on pace" for zero intentional walks when they haven't issued one yet. Zero times any number is zero. There's still virtually half a season left, the Astros will give someone a free pass at some point. Stupid. #GetOffMyLawn
  11. Whoa, Geff posted here that's awesome!
  12. None of the guys Jeter has traded away to other teams have been sent down, this clearly concludes that Loria > Jeter #FuckJeter
  13. He was definitely out there throwing gas (even though it more closely resembled baseballs)
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