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  1. None of the guys Jeter has traded away to other teams have been sent down, this clearly concludes that Loria > Jeter #FuckJeter
  2. He was definitely out there throwing gas (even though it more closely resembled baseballs)
  3. Crap, I just reread the post and saw where he said it was a Marlins-Cardinals game. He does remember who was playing, thus he had a lousy ballpark experience #FuckJeter
  4. You mean Austin Dean and Derek Dietrich aren't prototypical leadoff hitters?!
  5. Do you remember who won or lost? Or who even was playing?
  6. No silly, the ballpark only seats 37K so many of them will be turned away at the gates every night
  7. Classic Cheap Jeter signing 51 year-old former outfielders to pitch now, #FuckJeter
  8. Which is crazy because that team had Stanton, Yelich and Ozuna for most of the season
  9. Wow, you should be a professional scout because apparently you know exactly what to look for in a college player. We are not worthy.
  10. That is inappropriate sir, I can't say for sure but most people only have one.
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