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  1. Nice job, and great of RVH to take the time to discuss things with you. Sorry to see him in a different uniform, but I certainly wish him success with the Orioles.
  2. Welcome. Always nice to get different points of view. (and I follow the Rays quite a bit.)
  3. While several of you actually predicted the two teams to make it to the big game, not a single person picked the Saints to win it. Congratulations to DTrainFan, very good job.
  4. Happy Birthday Dodge
  5. Final Point Standings 16..DTrainFan 15..Rabbethan 15..Benched 14..ultimopain 12..Admin 9...Dr.Beinfest 8...Dodge 7...JetsMania 7...EricWiener 5...Dim0615 5...Schnellders 5...Das Texan 3...jmp 3...Fish4Life 2...fluxuation
  6. Please verify that this is correct That is the correct approach.
  7. Pick the 4 winners for the Wild-card weekend games. The winners you pick in round 1 will go with you into round 2 divisional games to take on the teams that had week 1 byes. 1 point for each correct choice. Pick 4 winners for week 2 divisional games. The winners you pick in round 2 go with you into the round three championship games to oppose each other. 2 points are awarded for each correct pick. Pick the 2 winners of the week 3 championship games. Those winners will obviously be the two teams you get to pick from to win the Super Bowl (round 4.) The correct choices are worth 4 points each. Pick the winner of the Super Bowl. 8 points awarded for the correct answer. The top score you can get is 28. Thread will be locked at the time of the first kickoff. If the team you pick to win it all is knocked out early, it will be an uphill battle. Here is the playoff scenerio: AFC Wild-card Weekend Jan. 9-10 5. New York Jets 24-14 at 4. Cincinnati Bengals Paul Brown Stadium, Jan. 9, 4:30 p.m. ET, NBC 6. Baltimore Ravens 33-14 at 3. New England Patriots Gillette Stadium, Jan. 10, 1 p.m. ET, CBS Divisional Round Jan. 16-17 5. New York Jets 17-14 at 2. San Diego Chargers Qualcomm Stadium 6. Baltimore Ravens at 1. Indianapolis Colts 20-3 Lucas Oil Stadium Conference Championship Jan. 24 3 P.M., CBS 5. New York Jets at 1. Indianapolis Colts 30-17 NFC Wild-card Weekend Jan. 9-10 6. Philadelphia Eagles at 3. Dallas Cowboys 34-14 Cowboys Stadium, Jan. 9, 8 p.m. ET, NBC 5. Green Bay Packers at 4. Arizona Cardinals 51-45 Univ. of Phoenix Stadium, Jan. 10, 4:40 p.m. ET, Fox Divisional Round Jan. 16-17 3. Dallas Cowboys at 2. Minnesota Vikings 34-3 Metrodome 4. Arizona Cardinals at 1. New Orleans Saints 45-14 Louisiana Superdome Conference Championship Jan. 24 6:40 pm, FOX 2. Minnesota Vikings at 1. New Orleans Saints 31-28 Super Bowl XLIV Feb. 7 1. Indianapolis Colts vs. 1. New Orleans Saints 31-17 Land Shark Stadium, Miami, 6 p.m. ET, CBS GOOD LUCK!!!
  8. I tried going back week by week to come up with tie breakers, but no matter which head to head comparison I use there is always a tie between at least 2 (if not all 3) players at the top. So, I declare a 3-way tie for the new NFL Pick 'em Champs: DTrainFan, JetsMania, and ultimopain Congratulations, it was the by far the most competitive season I remember. I now ask our 3 top players to send a PM to the Head Fish (Admin in case you forgot,) with your shirt size and shipping address. Admin will get the MB.com shirts sent out to you. To all the players, thanks for playing!
  9. 11 hearty souls for the last week of the season, and here is how you picked as a group: New England 6 at Houston 5 Indianapolis 8 at Buffalo 3 Cincinnati 4 at N.Y. Jets 7 New Orleans 4 at Carolina 7 Philadelphia 5 at Dallas 6 San Francisco 10 at St. Louis 1 Pittsburgh 6 at Miami 5 Jacksonville 7 at Cleveland 4 Atlanta 6 at Tampa Bay 5 Chicago 10 at Detroit 1 N.Y. Giants 3 at Minnesota 8 Baltimore 8 at Oakland 3 Washington 0 at San Diego 11 Green Bay 5 at Arizona 6 Kansas City 3 at Denver 8 Tennessee 9 at Seattle 2 Wins = 108 Losses = 68 % = .614
  10. cgator, I just want to make sure that this week is the final week, right? Postseason won't count for the Pick 'Em game? Correct.
  11. The top record for week 16 was 12-4 by JetsMania. Updated totals are now posted in the running totals thread. There is only a 2 game difference amoung the top 4 contenders. It all comes down to week 17 (as it should.)
  12. And here is the final schedule of the season. Your week 17 match ups: Sunday, January 3 New England at Houston 34-27 Indianapolis at Buffalo 30-7 Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets 37-0 New Orleans at Carolina 23-10 Philadelphia at Dallas 24-0 San Francisco at St. Louis 28-6 Pittsburgh at Miami 30-24 Jacksonville at Cleveland 23-17 Atlanta at Tampa Bay 20-10 Chicago at Detroit 37-23 N.Y. Giants at Minnesota 44-7 Baltimore at Oakland 21-13 Washington at San Diego 23-20 Green Bay at Arizona 33-7 Kansas City at Denver 44-24 Tennessee at Seattle 17-13 GOOD LUCK!!
  13. There are 13 players for week 16, and this is how you picked as a group: San Diego 9 at Tennessee 4 Houston 1 at Miami 12 Seattle 1 at Green Bay 12 Oakland 6 at Cleveland 7 Tampa Bay 0 at New Orleans 13 Baltimore 2 at Pittsburgh 11 Jacksonville 0 at New England 13 Kansas City 0 at Cincinnati 13 Carolina 0 at N.Y. Giants 13 Buffalo 0 at Atlanta 13 Detroit 0 at San Francisco 13 St. Louis 0 at Arizona 13 N.Y. Jets 1 at Indianapolis 12 Denver 1 at Philadelphia 12 Dallas 12 at Washington 1 Minnesota 12 at Chicago 1 Wins = 131 Losses = 77 % = .630
  14. Week 15 was a pretty tough one, producing a top record of only 10-6. Four players matched that score: DTrainFan Schnellders Marlins Phenom ultimopain
  15. Can I get an explanation as to why I am 1 week behind? No. Mainly because I do not know what you are referring to. Your record includes all 208 games played in the NFL through Week 14. If you are talking about something else, please let me know.
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