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  1. On Tuesday, Miami Commissioners rejected the proposal to have a soccer stadium at the Port of Miami. The new plan calls for Beckham's group to pledge $250 Million for a 20,000 seat stadium on Biscayne Bay. I feel 20,000 is a little too small, I would really like to see 30,000-35,000 seats in the new stadium. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/19/us-usa-soccer-beckham-idUSKBN0DZ1Y620140519
  2. I think we are discussing this in every thread, so you're just looking for attention here. Plus, your post is so full of badly-used information and absurd extrapolations that I don't even know where to go with it. 60 home wins? Lololololololol. I said the Marlins are currently on pace for 60 home wins. I never said anything about actually getting 60 home wins. And all the numbers I used are stats from ESPN, so I'm not sure of the badly-used information that you are refering. Also, I realize we can't get anything for Marmol, I just said trade him. In addition, I was asking what relief pitcher the Marlins should trade for, even if they don't trade Marmol for said relivier. Honestly, we could cut Marmol, it really doesn't matter, as long as we get rid of him.
  3. The Marlins are currently the hottest team in baseball, winning 9 of their last 10, including five in a row and owning the best home record in baseball. We have the second highest run differential in the National League and most importantly, players that are performing at or above their potential. Let's start with our hottest hitter: Giancarlo Stanton. His home run and RBI total topps the National League, in addition to having an OPS of .995, only trailing Tulo in the NL. Did I mention he is 5th in runs and top ten in walks? Let's not forget Casey Mcgehee, our free agent 3B signing that is currently top ten in RBI's in addition to Stanton. Yelich is also coming along well, currently sitting tied for 8th for runs scored. As for the pitching, the starting rotation has been phenomenal. Fernandez and Koehler have been the two best pitchers, as they are both top ten among NL Pitchers for ERA and WHIP. 4 of the Marlins Starting Rotation has a sub 3.00 ERA. The Marlins were able to get a good outing out of Turner today as well. There have been strong points on defense as well. Mcgehee, among 3B with 300 or more innings, has the third highest fieldign percentage (7th overall in NL). Adeiny, as usual, looks to appear to be a gold glove candidate. Finally, the bullpen. Yes, it has had it's problems, but Cishek is fitting in pretty well as closer and the majority of the bullpen seems fine. The question I want to ask you all is if this success is sustainable: yes or no? The Marlins are 20-15 overall, 17-5 at home and 3-10 on the road. Right now, we are on pace for about 60 wins, which by the way is four short of the NL Record (1961 Cincinnati Reds). That mean's if we could get a measly 30-35 wins (last year we had 26), which is under .500 for the road, the team would finish with 95 wins and a good shot at winning the division for first time in franchise history and the most wins in a single season in franchise history. So what could the Marlins do to see themselves winning the division later in the season and making the playoffs? What moves would the Marlins need to make in order to compete for the rest of the season? In my opinion, I feel they need to trade Marmol and get a quality set-up man and another middle reliever. Who would be likely candidates? Tell me what you guys think....
  4. I love the idea of Pudge, but could he still play?
  5. Yes. Why do you think so? We would have lost what we have left of our fanbase.
  6. I'd say no, but the deal Pittsburgh supposedly offered is huge. They offered us Cole or Tallison (#1 and #2 in system, respectably) plus Greg Polanco, Alen Hanson, Josh Bell, and Luis Heredia. All top prospects. http://pittsburgh.pirates.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130724&content_id=54603724&c_id=pit http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/07/31/report-pirates-made-serious-offer-for-giancarlo-stanton/ Overall, I'm happy we did not make this trade b/c now, we can build around Stanton.
  7. Fernandez needs to be signed Stanton needs to be signed Cishek needs to be signed Period.
  8. If not, what would be a reasonable trade for Trout? Imagine Trout and Stanton in the same outfield. Omg.
  9. Sucks Strikers are off to a poor start. Eventually, I hope MLS Soccer returns to South FLA (Miami and Tampa), as well as the NY Cosmos.
  10. Great Pick for the Fish. ACC Player of the Year. 86 RBI's is a UNC Single Season Record. .478 OBP ranks 23rd in the Nation. The only thing I wish he had was more Power. But this should solve our problem at 3rd base. I'm intrigued to see what the 2014 Marlins will look like. How will Yelich do? Will Stanton still be here? Will Moran be on the Opening Day Roster? Will the Marlins get a new catcher? What about Ricky and Lomo, will they be traded? Needless to say, I'm intrigued to see how the Marlins will look like in 2014.
  11. Marlins Baseball Members, do not fight. We must stick together and watch our hometown team. If you can't do that, the NBA Finals is on tonight. Let's go Heat!
  12. I am a very huge Jets fan. I know I know, I grew up in South FLA but I hate the Fins, partly b/c of the way they have treated the Marlins in the past. Anyways, today, the Jets only star player, Darrelle Revis, was traded. I was very P/O about the trade, I believe the Jets got swindled, but you know what, even though I'm furious, I'll still be a Jet Fan. The reason why I bring this up is to ask you people (marlinsbaseball.com) two questions. Does this remind you of a trade the Marlins could possibly make soon? and two, if Stanton were to be traded, would you still be a Marlins fan? I would. Panthers, Marlins, Heat, and Jets FTW! Feel Free to comment.
  13. My top 12 moments: July 5th, 1991: MLB approves of Florida Marlins Franchise April 5th, 1993: Charlie Hough throws 1st pitch in Franchise History October 12th, 1997: Livan Hernandez w/ 15 K's October 26th, 1997: Renteria's single wins the World Series June 23rd, 2002: Luis Castill 35 Game Hitting Streak October 3rd, 2003: Pudge's Game Winning Single October 4th, 2003: Pudge holds on to the ball October 14th, 2003: The Bartman Game October 25th, 2003: Beckett tags Posada September 6th, 2006: Anibal Sanchez's no hitter April 4th, 2012: Marlins Park opening day May 21st, 2012: Giancarlo Stanton Kills Scoreboard Even though I was born in 1994, July 5th and April 5th should be on any Marlin's fans top 12 moments in franchise history. What is everyone else's top 12 moments?
  14. Single: Juan Pierre Double: Giancarlo Stanton Triple: Adeiny Hechaverria Home Run: Rob Brantly RBI: Giancarlo Stanton Run Scored: Juan Pierre Stolen Base: Juan Pierre Caught Stealing: Donovan Solano Error: Casey Kotchman Win: Nolasco
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