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  1. Harold Ramirez with the PH Single... .345avg.... Nothing else to say
  2. Harold 3-4.... .337avg
  3. Yes thats good but's its like for me that he ends up getting HBP whenever he comes up from an injury lol I mean poor guy, its just unfortunate.
  4. So... Cooper got hit on his hand tonight???? OMG... This can't be real.... The guy is a injury magnet machine like for real... On the day he comes back from an injury he leaves the game on a HBP????? Smh
  5. Harold keeps hitting, dude's a machine. Nola's lone hit in the game tonight, 2-1 .321avg.
  6. Yo... Jupiter is about to lose their 11 or 12 game in a row....
  7. This offense is the WOAT!!!! Also I think Gallen is just bored in AAA.... He dominated again today, this is getting ridiculous....
  8. They should call up: Dean,Monte,Harold. Send down, Lew and Galloway. Dfa Herrera... Grandy to the bench, it's not that difficult....
  9. Honestly I wouldn't be against an Dean/Monte/Harold OF. Also.... Gallen continues to get bored in AAA... 8IP 2H (2HR) 2R 2ER 1BB 7SO .81 ERA 3-0 Record.
  10. This team is so clever. Yeah let's not call up: Monte .310avg 1.023ops, Harold .342avg .931ops because Lew is killing it!!!! #DumbosMiami
  11. Lol nah it has nothing to do with that. You want Mattingly to stay??????
  12. Just Monte being Monte but let's not call him up! Also Jose Devers may be on his way to AA soon, dude is hitting .333avg (2-4 1Rbi)
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