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  1. I dont get him for real... always kill ST then this happens... he has to go to AAA, I'd say if Monte proves himself bring him up and send Lew down.
  2. I get you, same here but let's be real... a team with HERRERA,RIDDLE,WALKER,GRANDY,DEAN,O'BRIEN,LEW(being the guy that K's a lot),CHEN,URE√ĎA.... LOL! You get the point, next year we won't have 90% of them.
  3. C'mon man!!!! LOl you know better
  4. No doubt about it, just not this year. I think next year will be very entertaining and a lot better than this... by far!
  5. Gonna be real close if they keep playing like this tbh
  6. post the daily, WE SUCK Gif, @miamibaseball
  7. And my buddy is pitching real good in AA 5IP 3H 2R 1BB 5SO 2.70ERA He LEGIT too!!!!
  8. I think eventually Sandy,Richards and Pablo end up in the bullpen with the pitching depth we got coming up soon.
  9. Edward Cabrera is LEGIT too!
  10. I really wanted him to be a special player for us but honestly I think that if he can't hit he will be gone soon. Mesa,Monte and?
  11. I don't even get mad anymore lol Im having fun following our prospects in the minors on gameday. So much talent man...
  12. Dont think so but they say he is Pedro 2.0 so he may be related to Martinez instead.
  13. Will Stewart is LEGIT!!!! Can't wait for Sixto to kill it in AA.
  14. Jose Devers 3-4 1Rbi .324avg, Mesa 2-4 1Run , Lazaro Alonzo 2-4 1Rbi
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