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  1. Don't worry gringo loco, I didn't meant you but there are a couple guys that are always talking like we don't have LEGIT pitching prospects.
  2. Welp... but no the Debbie Downers say our pitching prospects are nothing special... LOL!!!!!!! Wait till Sixto pitches!
  3. LO L"el gringo loco!!!" Just saw that you put that under your user!
  5. At least they are making him work lol baby steps...
  6. Oh no doubt bro, you are the Realest stalker ever!!! We are not worthy! Lol
  7. Yes I'm stalking him via gameday like @rmc523 does lol
  8. "It seems to have worked" with just 1 hit!!!! Lol i hope so but for realz....
  9. Because we are such FAKE fans.... LET'S GO MARLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. That you should be paying more attention to Ozuna and your Cards and less than 0% to the Marlins.
  11. This is the type of hitter we need! I would trade Chen,Ureña and Sweet Lew for him in a heartbeat! LOL but for real if we could trade 2 Pitching prospects and someone else for him..... I'm not saying it would be easy... I'm just hoping for something great to happen to us.
  12. Don't tell me that Gallen is gonna do worse than Ureña....
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