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  1. For real my friend, what else is he supposed to do?
  2. Imo there should be a separate one, just so the fans can enjoy the experience.
  3. And Yamamoto & Garret are not even on the list...
  4. That ump was awesome too, it's all about the experience!!!!
  5. You should have known better.... A true stalker never walks away, DONT YOU WALK AWAY, AGAIN!!!!
  6. How has Alcantara pitched today guys? I havent watch the game.
  7. Lol nah been doing business.
  8. Sup guys!!!! Im here, now we'll win!
  9. not yet, they play today at 1:10 pm
  10. We are not bad news bears anymore guys! Great win, on to the next one!
  11. Professional hit by Prado lol
  12. Lol you guys! Always going at it gmac vs el gringo loco
  13. Yeah no doubt, Clemente is a legend. After him I'd say it's gotta be Pudge imo but there are lots of them.
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