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  1. Well it's a tight race... People love Paquito,Javy, Correa,Yadi a lot... But I would say it's very close between him and Javy.
  2. You mean at the moment right?
  3. Well that was a very Mahlins-esque inning...
  4. @el_gmac Paquito is his nick name in , short for Francisco.
  5. Great hitting by Neil, let's keep putting runs on the board!
  6. Bummer.... And here I was so happy thinking I was special....
  7. Yessss Im following that game too lol our pitching is getting really deep.
  8. Love u Paquito.... But nice K by Pablito!
  9. Btw I got accepted to a 5 stars resort in the St. Simons Island, Georgia. So I'm planning to catch a game in jacksonville since it's only an hour from there. Eventually will go to a marlins game. Feeling really happy and blessed!
  10. Yes im at least 99% sure, its just Marlins are winning so one can never know when it's a dream or reality...
  11. Lol it's 7:30 pm here so I think so.
  12. Prado of this team! Hey y'all!
  13. 100% agree with everything you said, Michael ❤
  14. Yeah np with that as long as they release Chen.
  15. From bleacher report: Here, we have to choose one. In that case, the team should call up 23-year-old outfielder Monte Harrison. The Marlins’ No. 3 prospect, taken in the second round of the 2014 draft, projects to play centerfield eventually, and likely gets a great deal of playing time this year post call-up. He’s not a power guy, but he is batting .306 this year in AAA, his sixth year as a pro. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I think it's time for him. They better package Ureña with someone else asap!
  18. Was just kidding bro, God Bless you!
  19. After this game the transaction should be : Monte ⬆ Lew ⬇
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