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  1. Brinson needs to be sent to AAA! Bring up Harold!
  2. #KeepDoubting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Isan doubles in 2 runs! OMA 3 NO 2
  4. Alfaron has such a bad luck man... can't catch a break!
  5. Let's hope Alfaro is not injured......
  6. he's out... but amazing at bat by him. He's been playing great recently.
  7. Man Starlin is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. He always does, that's our Captain.
  9. tbh I dont want the Marlins to lose this game lol
  10. btw Jerar has an OPS of 1.211
  11. Hey @miamibaseball we are winning!!!!!!! Also @taiwanmarlin!!!!
  12. ARE THESE OUR MAHLINS?????????????? OMG!!!!!
  13. Miggy Ro is a beast!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Riddle
  14. Is it safe to put Chen now?
  15. Guys, I gotta confess... I'm a REAL fan!!! Not even watching the Marlins right now. I'm watching a pretty good team beat Scherzer out there.
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